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As for Crosby’s habits on the road, Colby Armstrong Said his roomie likes to stretch a lot, usually goes to bed early–and talks in his sleep. ‘He does that quite a bit, talks about hockey,’ Armstrong said. 'The odd time he’ll spit something out, and I don’t even know what the heck it means. I try to keep it going, talking to him, but he doesn’t wake up.’
—  Colby Armstrong, as reported in Joe Starkey’s book “Tales from the Pittsburgh Penguins Locker Room”

astroquestions  asked:

hi, what would you say are the hobbies associated with the signs?

Check out your 5th House and rising sign too! 

Aries: Sports in general but there is an emphasis on boxing, wrestling, martial arts, paintball, laser tag, skydiving, scuba diving, and bungee jumping. Car collecting or auto work, gambling, hunting, fashion, traveling, and working out. 

Taurus: Associated with any sport that is team oriented and usually consist of a large team. Aesthetic arts like painting, interior design, or jewelry making. Cooking, homebrewing, soap, candle, or perfume making, gardening, singing, shopping, collecting items, and playing musical instruments. 

Gemini: Associated with sports like gymnastics, skiing, skating, throwing, tennis, and badminton. Writing, blogging, taking in a lot of media like video games and movies, debating, reading, chess, puzzle games, board games, and if socializing could be considered a hobby. 

Cancer: Is associated with team sports, is associated with ALL artistic hobbies especially drawing, photography, and painting. Cooking, scrapbooking, crafts of all kind/DIY activities, collecting items, sewing, knitting, crocheting, repair work around the house, and homebrewing. 

Leo: Dancing, drama, cheer leading,  gymnastics, fashion, painting, creative writing, movies, T.V. shows, reading, hunting, baton twirling, video games, traveling, gambling, celebrity watching, cosplay, LARPing, and working out. 

Virgo: Golf, skating, badminton, tennis, bird watching, collecting, working out, nutrition, couponing, reading, calligraphy, crafts, knitting, sewing, crocheting, gardening, chess, debating, puzzle games, and board games. 

Libra: Badminton, volleyball, tennis, figure skating, anything aesthetic such as painting or interior design. Fashion, drama, musical instruments, celebrity watching, and is loosely associated with poetry. 

Scorpio: Sailing, scuba diving, paintball, laser tag, flying, skydiving, bungee jumping, racing, para-sailing, swimming, anything artistic especially photography and poetry, fencing, chess, homebrewing, and ghost hunting or anything occult. 

Sagittarius: Hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, skateboarding, snowboarding, archery, horseback riding, geocaching, gambling, traveling, running, kayaking, billiards, darts, climbing, disc golf, and amateur astronomy. 

Capricorn: Hiking, mountain climbing/climbing, spelunking, hockey, fossil hunting, metal detecting, antique collecting/hunting, history driven hobbies, collecting items, genealogy, and is HIGHLY associated with working with their hands so hobbies such as pottery, sculpting, candle making, woodworking, jewelry making, metal work, origami, and Lego building. 

Aquarius: Surfing, snowboard, long board, skateboard, hockey, skiing, any “odd” sport, computer programming, amateur radio, amateur astronomy, debating, astrology, anything occult, dog breeding and shows, graffiti, parkour, cosplay, LARPing, yoga, and Tai Chi. 

Pisces: Swimming, surfing, fishing, scuba diving, diving, boating, water-skiing, amateur meteorology, anything artistic especially poetry, painting, and photography, whale watching, video games, movies, reading, and all types of gaming. 

WHAT did I just spend my morning on???

A world where “Goodbye for the Summer” never happens but Bitty’s 2015 Halloween costume does.

A fic where Jack/Bitty doesn’t reach fruition but Bitty/KENT PARSON? DOES.

AKA the one where Parse is a foodie and a fan of Bitty’s vlog.

OK sorry I don’t understand myself anymore, I’m going to go take a bath.

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one delightful odd thing about being the regular goalie for a skater class is the relationship with the instructors. because they don’t teach you and you’re not a paying customer, they feel comfortable just just skating up to you and telling you shit. like “i ripped a hole in my jacket pocket yesterday and im literally so pissed off about it” or “i have a mild stomach cramp and i might throw up” or “that other goalie’s fucking clueless” like ive become some sort of neutral presence always ready to field their strange comments and i love it

Jack is the kind of person who gets busy and forgets to buy presents until the last minute. He hasn’t missed a birthday or forgotten to buy someone Christmas presents, but several people, Bitty included, have received odd, usually hockey-themed gifts that are obviously panicked last minute purchase.

Then Jack and Bitty get together and Bitty makes sure to periodically remind Jack about getting presents. One year when Jack’s stressing out and completely focused on hockey dyring Christmas season, Bitty takes over gift-giving, joint presents to everyone who knows they’re to together and small presents for everyone else.

Jack snaps out of the hockey haze on Christmas Eve and panics because he doesn’t have presents for anyone and Christmas is tomorrow. Bitty gently leads him to closet where all the presents are wrapped and grouped up on a couple shelves. Jack calms down some, but he still doesn’t have a present for Bitty. By this point, Bitty can read his face like a book and pulls down a package to show Jack the tag.

In Jack’s handwriting is “To Bitty Eric From Jack.”

Jack is confused because he doesn’t remember buying Bitty a present and that is a much nicer wrapping job than Jack’s capable of. Bitty’s face is guileless, all wide innocence eyes, but his lip is twitching.

“You shouldn’t have to buy yourself presents,” Jack says.

Bitty teases, “I knew when we started dating that hockey is your true love.” Then he grins softly and adds, “You try to balance hockey and me, and every time I win out over hockey is worth a lifetime of presents.”

Jack doesn’t have anything to say to that.

Afterwards, Jack leaves the gift buying to Bitty, except he makes a point of always having presents for Bitty. He takes monthly trips to the local mall during the off-season while Bitty’s at work and buys anything that reminds him of Bitty and that Bitty might like, which includes a Falconer’s jersey for Señor Bun with Jack’s name and number on the back.

He raids the stockpile whenever he realizes Bitty’s had a bad day, and it always brightens Bitty’s day.

Alicia knows immediately that Bitty’s taken over gift duty but it takes Bob four years to figure out.