hockey nights


Nina and Hazel spent at least two full minutes bickering about cherry blossem petals but in the end June convinced them both to just check out the festival. The girls walked around for a bit, exploring the stalls and looking at the painting that were for sale.. until Hazel caught sight the Romance Guru. She immediately grabbed June and Nina by the hand and dragged them to the little booth.

Romance Guru: “Hello.. If you want your love life predicted I will need your name, occupation, hobbies and 500 simoleons..”

Hazel pulled her wallet from her purse and happily pushed a 500 simoleon coin in the hands of the Guru.

Hazel: “I’m Hazel Bassett, high school student. I enjoy playing hockey, late night reading, yoga and hanging out with my dear friends over here.”
Romance Guru: “Oh yes, Hazel. You have a pretty face, and people just can’t resist you, can they?”
Hazel: “When will I meet The One?”
Romance Guru: “It’s not important when you’ll meet.. but more of when you’ll realize that you two have already met..”
Hazel: “And how can I recognize him?”
Romance Guru: “Dark hair, dark eyes. A sweet face. A good sense of fashion. Oh yes, you’ll be a great pair..”


Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)