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We Are Young: Chapter 12

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Aelin didn’t really think twice when Rowan messaged her a few weeks later, one Sunday morning, telling her to dress comfortably for their date. She also didn’t put much thought into it when she asked him what, exactly, his definition of “comfortably” was, and he responded with leggings and a sweater. But she was slightly disappointed she didn’t have to dress up for the evening.

She did, however, raise an eyebrow later that day when Rowan messaged her again, just moments after she’d gotten dressed.

Be there in 5. And make sure you have your skates.

At first, she thought it was a joke. He couldn’t seriously be taking her skating on her day off. The only day off she’d have for a long time.

Practice had been … rough lately. With Nationals coming up in just over a month, and with Aelin still yet to land her triple-triple, she normally left practice in a sour mood. Uncle Weylan said she needed all the practice she could get. So over Christmas break, they were having practice for hours on end every day. If she didn’t land her triple-triple by New Years, they were taking it out of her program.

But sure enough, when Aelin messaged Rowan “seriously buzzard?” he came back with “seriously fireheart.

So despite the fact that Aelin really wasn’t in the mood for skating at the moment, she made sure to have her skates with her.

“The rink?” She questioned as she climbed out of Rowan’s car. “I figured you’d be taking me to the pond when you told me to bring my skates.”

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Ransom Week Day One - Celebration

You knew this was coming.

You’d been preparing for this since you stepped foot on the campus that was designated to help you catch up to the dreams you had been chasing. You knew when you did this for the first time four years ago that you would have to do it again, do it twice. You knew when his fist touched yours that you would have to watch him do this too.

And yet, nothing prepared you.

Not the hours spent in the library clutching your knees to your chest under tables, nor the quiet minutes gliding around the ice just to feel the cold air on your skin. Even the hours spent with him winding down with beers and Mario Kart, the cuddling in bed watching his skin turn pink everywhere you touched weren’t enough.

Not even momma telling you at dinner after the first time you did it: “You’re going to do this again baby, and I’m going to be just as proud of you then as I am now.”

As you look into the crowd at your momma clinging to your dad’s arm watching you walk, at your dad’s bright proud grin, at your sisters’ incessant screaming before they’ve even called your name, you wonder if you’re ready. People have done this time and time again, hell, you watched two of them the year before and you’re still watching them, as they barrel head first into success. That doesn’t quite satisfy the monster in your stomach clawing its way up to sit heavily in your chest.

But still, you walk.

You’re seated now and he’s coming up on stage, larger than everyone who shakes his hand, larger than life itself. You’re on your feet clapping before they even finish his name, Adam Birkholtz, and he slides a wink your way, knowing it will make you blush. God, you love him. Larissa is next, a dwarf in equal measure to Adam’s giant, and you scream for her too, make a vow for her sake to never mention the tears in her eyes. Finally, finally, you’re up next, sound muffled as they call your name: “Justin Oluransi, our valedictorian, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Biology!” The crowd is booming and you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people congratulating you, celebrating you. You’re not sure where you’re going next, but you know, with all the people who have your back, now and forever…

You’re ready.

The 34-year-old Rinne has been housing the 21-year-old Saros, who was recalled by the Predators from Milwaukee just over a week ago and doesn’t have a permanent place to live in Nashville. 
“Pekka has taken great care of me,” Saros said. “He didn’t have to do that, but it just shows what a great guy he is.”
Adds Rinne: “He’s a great kid. We’ve become really good friends off the ice, and we spend a lot of time together. It’s fun to have him around.”
So just what do a couple of Finnish goalie roommates do with their free time?
Rinne is an avid outdoorsman, one who regularly makes offseason fishing trips to the far northern reaches of Scandinavia. So he’s been working on getting Saros closer to Nashville nature, taking him on hiking trips to Radnor Lake and Percy Warner Park.
“I’m not sure he’s a big outdoors guy quite yet,” Rinne said with a smile. “Even when we go to the parks here, he’s walking around in his jeans and his Converse.”
The two do have at least a couple of things in common off the ice.
One is watching Finnish television, which, thanks to today’s technology, the two can stream through Apple TV.
The other is Rinne’s cooking, as the veteran netminder is apparently as comfortable in the heat of the kitchen as he is on the cool of the ice. Rinne’s specialties are lamb chops - served with a side of couscous (and plenty of spices) - and Thai food, featuring beef tenderloin, a red curry sauce and rice.
“That’s one of Juuse’s favorites,” Rinne said.
Added Saros: “Pretty much anything he does is good. He has a lot of skills in the kitchen. I think he should write a cooking book.”
Sidney Crosby #5

**read the rest of the parts for this imagine here**

Anonymous said:Can you do a Sydney crosby imagine the way you did your Andre buravosky. Maybe it can begin where they meet at a teammates house then another part: he proposes at the Stanley cup final and then another part: the wedding and then another part: where they start having a family and then it skips to where they have 3 kids and you’re watching your husband teach your kids how to play hockey in the backyard.

A/N: this request if going to take me a long time to get through and i wanna apologize now.. also yes i completely switched up how they met, simply cause i’ve had this idea in my head for a while and thought it’d go well with this request too cause i can keep the story going :))) there will be general dates at the beginning of each part !!!!

Word Count: 3,046

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Summer 2016

Cole Harbour was abuzz as you drove through the downtown street. A smile tugged on your lips. You knew very well it wasn’t just the vacationing families, a familiar face caused the sudden uproar of the small town. A face you really wouldn’t mind seeing again.

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Approval - William Nylander

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Here you guys go this is something I wrote over the summer when I had free time enjoy!

Y/N smiled as she took a sip of her hot chocolate her little brother was playing NHL 18 on the Xbox. Y/N had told her mom and dad she would watch her brother Nate when they went away for the weekend. Her little brother being ten was just getting to the age where it was no longer cool to spend time with his older sister. Y/N was upset that he thought that way but he wanted to be cool in front of his friends so that meant no hugging your older sister when she picks you up from school. Y/N knew that when he got a little older he wouldn’t be like that anymore well she hoped anyway. Y/N put her mug in the sink and walked into the living and laughed a bit when she saw her brother playing as her boyfriend. Y/N has been going out with Number 29 of the Toronto Maple Leafs for about a year and a half now. They met when Y/N was jogging and her headphones in she went to cross the road and didn’t see a car coming at her. She would have been hit if William didn’t grab the back of her jacket and pull her into his chest. She ended up repaying him with a trip to Tim Hortons the rest of history.

“Hey Nate how about we go skating today?”

Nate turned to look to his sister after he paused his video game and bit his lip before shrugging his shoulders

“Sure why not.”

Y/N smiled before messing up his hair and laughed as he tried to hit her. Y/N walked into her childhood bedroom and opened up her bag she packed for the weekend. She but on some track pants and a hoodie she made sure to grab her Toronto Maple Leafs hat and put it on her head. When she walked into the living she thought for sure Nate would still be playing his game. But when she heard the sound of the shower on she laughed a bit. Y/N but on her winter boots before letting Marty there german shepard out. when Y/N heard her phone go off from her back pocket she pulled out her phone and smiled when she saw a text from Willy.

Willy: Hey beautiful hows spending time with your little bro?

Y/N: Pretty good we are going to go skating today :P

Willy: Sounds like fun where you guys skating at

Y/N: Just going to go to my uncle’s you know to the pond where you and me went skating the one time

Willy: Oh yeah I remember Miss you though boring here without you

Y/N laughed as she read the last text she heard MArty scratch the door so she let him back in. She set her phone on the counter in the kitchen as she went to feed her family’s dog. she could hear it going off but didn’t think about answering right away as she put the dog food away.

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5.08.2017 - Adelaide Adrenaline become the Avalanche for a game to honour South Australian hockey heritage and raise money for Camp Quality. The Avalanche defeat Perth Thunder in front of a home crowed 4 - 3  

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