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Sometimes when I put a relatively obscure idiom in a story I wonder what my non-native-English speakers make of it, if it’s a phrase they’ve encountered before, or if they have trouble finding a translation, or if they end up trying to interpret it as the literal meaning of the words, and just in general it I end up so curious cause I know I’ve got a lot of mutuals for whom English isn’t their first language and I know how much idioms screw me up when I study other languages, so…

(this post brought to you by my double checking that “horse hockey” is spelled “horse hockey” and then wondering how many people I’d confuse by including “horse hockey” in a story.)


  • Almost never uses the past tense; he has his own construction for it. Seems to use “I’m” to denote instances of past tense, ie “I’m lost my gear too, you know,” to indicate something that has already happened, and then switching immediately to “I play with my all new gear” to indicate present. Which means that “But I know I’m score” or “I’m score” is Geno saying “But I knew I would score” and “I scored.” It’s Geno indicating a tense change in a really consistent way and is pretty ingenious because it means so much less conjugating; even now, when his English has gotten so good, he sticks with it, even when he DOES successfully conjugate all or part of the sentence.
  • Does in fact use “you” when he’s speaking to someone, rather than the third-person that shows up in fic all the time. I think that’s a bit of a misunderstanding. He does use names a lot, and because his sentence structure is so pared down they seem a little more noticeable, but he would say, “Sid! Look!” to ask someone to look at Sid, and he would say, “Sid, look,” to ask Sid to look at something, but he wouldn’t say “Sid look?” That comma is really important! He would say “You look?” instead.
  • Ignores articles and tenses in general (uses the I’m instead). “Exciting, long time not win.” “It’s little bit bad hands.” Goes for the simplest, most straight-forward construction possible, cutting out a lot of the difficult stuff that is not actually necessary to get his point across.
  • Favourite example of nearly everything: “Why you say I’m never backcheck?” Cuts out extraneous words, check; uses “you” rather than third-person name, check; uses “I’m” to indicate that he’s referring to past instances of being accused of supposedly failing to backcheck, even if it doesn’t map perfectly onto the way we would use tenses in the ‘proper’ English construction of the sentence.

(Text courtesy of pollyrepeat, who gave me permission to post.)

Howitzer by spacebuck

Rating: E

Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Words: 111K

Relationships: Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes

Tags: College Sport au, Hockey au, brief homophobic language, college hockey level violence, closeted character/relationship, mild descriptions of injury/medical attention.


Bucky Barnes, figure skating champion, is forced to switch his skates for hockey ones when he leaves for college. Problem is, he’s never played hockey before, and now he has to be good enough to get the scholarship he needs. Enter Steve Rogers, Carter University Men’s Hockey player, who’s decided that he’d do anything to get this boy on his team.

Cue five am runs, overwhelming classes, new friends, plenty of snow, and a sport that’s fast becoming a way of life.

Header by Jessie Lucid @lucidnancyboy

Art by Jessie Lucid @lucidnancyboy (on AO3)

Art by @ninjasherlock

[Prologue] [Freshman Year] [Sophomore Year] [Interlude] [Senior Year] [NHL]


Slovak hockey swear words

I heard that today is ‘speak your language day’, so it’s my honor to introduce you to some slovak swear words we use during hockey match

*only a few, since I’m drained today after match with Latvia… It was horrible anyway*

'Kurvaaaa!’ - it has the same meaning as in polish, we only write it with v (not w), and it’s our reaction when we get the goal. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

'Kokot rozhodca!’ - means that we don’t like referee’s verdict. But it’s the nicest way to put it. (Really, this is the nicest. Trust me.)

'Daj mu poriadnu!/Daj mu do držky!’ - we use this during the fight on ice. There are a lots of variations, but this is the most nice way to cheer for our men.

'Konečne to tam dali!/No hurá!’ - we use this terms when we (finally) shoot the goal. Again, this is the most nice way to put it. We like to randomly scream and jump around and pour our beer all over the person sitting in front of us too.

'Zas to henten posral!/Čo robiš zas padaj do brány/k bráne!/Dorážkuuuu jasné nechytil to ten krivý debil!/Prihraj!’ - etc. This random quotes mean just that we’re really skeptical nation, and we swear over every uncaptured pass. (Again, these are the nicest. We swear a lot during hockey.)

Being from Slovakia is really nice, since everyone thinks we’re pretty flegmatic… (And don’t know who or where we are or think we’re the same with Slovenia so our national anthem must be the same…hahahhaha to fakt nie)
But then you invite us to watch hockey match together and you’re confused when you find yourself in the hospital, because you said something we didn’t like much. Never insult our hockey team.
Only we could do that.

ID #74068

Name: Louise
Age: 16
Country: Canada 

Hi, my name is Louise. I’m a 16 year old girl, turning 17 in May, and I’m bisexual. My favourite things to do are reading (mostly classics and anything about history), listening to music, and watching hockey (my favourite teams are the Vancouver Canucks and the Dallas Stars). I like to watch movies, go camping, travel, and take pictures of everything (though I’m not very good at it).
I’m very introverted and have a hard time meeting new people where I’m from, so I would love to have a pen pal I could talk to and become friends with. I can’t talk to people well in person, but I find writing to people to be much easier for me. I can only speak English, but I would love to learn another language sometime, and it would be great to talk to people from all around the world.

Preferences:  I’d prefer to talk to people close to my age, 16-18. Any gender or sexuality is fine with me, although no one who is homophobic or sexist.I’d like to start talking through email and then start to send letters and packages.


Hey everybody! It’s time for everyone’s favorite post on their favorite day of the week on their favorite Scooby-Doo blog! (I’m sorry it’s a couple minutes after midnight!) Doo Central’s Fun Fact Fridays is always a fun post about some of the more interesting characteristics of the Scooby-Doo franchise and today we’re going to explore five facts about EACH member of the Mystery Inc. gang totaling to 25 fun facts! 

Because I couldn’t get a Fun Fact Friday post out last week, I’m going to make another post tomorrow to make up for it called Doo Central’s Super Stellar Subject Saturdays! Anyway, lets get started!


Fact #01: Everyone knows that Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane. That’s not news. However, what people may not know is that Scooby-Doo also has some Bloodhound in him as well! Scooby claims this in one of the Marvel Scooby-Doo comic books from the late 1970′s. 

Fact #02: Scooby is of course known for his love for food but he is actually known to not like clams. Check out “Foul Play in Funland” from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! to see this yourself. 

Fact #03: Not once but twice has Scooby-Doo fallen in love with an alien. The first being Amber, the alien in disguise as a Golden Retriever in Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders. The second alien was Nova, an Annunakian alien from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. In fact, Nova helped Scooby realize that he is a descendant of an alien!

Fact #04: Scooby-Doo has three full names that we know of. We’ve heard Scoobert Doo, but the other two full names revealed throughout the Scooby-Doo franchise are Scooby Doobus (”Homeward Hound” from Season 2 of What’s New Scooby-Doo?) and Scoobert von Dooenheimer (”Scooby-Doo! and the Beach Beastie”). 

Fact #05: Scooby used to have another owner before Shaggy. In Shaggy and Scooby-Doo! Get A Clue, it’s revealed that Scooby used to belong to a man named Groovy Don. Of course, there’s many different explanations on how Scooby came to be a member of Mystery Inc. but this one isn’t well known!


Fact #01: It should be well-known that Shaggy’s real first name is Norville. He used to go by a different name than Shaggy when he was a child however. Also being based on how his hair was cut, Shaggy used to go by the nickname Buzz. 

Fact #02: Shaggy has been shown to not have any real career aspirations. Aside from his extra-curricular activities shown in the new Crystal Cove timeline of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Shaggy didn’t really participate in anything in high school. He’s been shown to have jobs like airport security and dog training but he’s never explicitly stated following any specific career path. 

Fact #03: Shaggy has many talents and hobbies. He collects belt buckles, is a talented gymnast, plays tournament-level mini-golf, and can play guitar. He’s a skilled ventriloquist and voice impersonator. 

Fact #04: As a child, Shaggy used to be a newspaper boy. This didn’t last after he discovered his boss was the villain in one of Mystery Inc’s early mysteries. 

Fact #05: Out of the four human members of Mystery Inc, Shaggy has had the most relationships/girlfriends! 


Fact #01: Velma is of course the genius of the group. She’s been shown to have careers after school such as a bookstore owner, archaeologist, and a researcher at NASA. 

Fact #02: As a child, Velma knew martial arts. She also had a very big fear of clowns as a child. 

Fact #03: Velma has been shown twice in the entire franchise to be fascinated with the monsters/ghosts she’s faced. In Issue #9 of the Scooby-Doo! DC comics, it’s revealed Velma has a Monster Museum in her own home. Her family also runs a Monster Museum in the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated TV series. 

Fact #04: Velma has a variety of interests including studying other languages, ice hockey, graphic novels, chess, and of course, the Hex Girls. (She really loves the Hex Girls). 

Fact #05: It’s a rather new fact that has been learned about Velma in the new Scooby Apocalypse comic book series but Velma actually has an eidetic memory!


Fact #01: Daphne may not be Velma when it comes to genius-intelligence but she is a smart girl. She’s also very talented. Daphne is capable of flying helicopters, driving motorcycles, surfing, and also does karate. She can sing and play piano. 

Fact #02: Daphne’s family is very wealthy. This is revealed to be because of Blake’s Bubble Bath, a company that was started by Daphne’s father. It is unknown why the Blake family is so wealthy in the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated series, however the Blake’s Bubbles is a reason for her being wealthy in the Scooby Apocalypse comic book series. Interesting how that carried over!

Fact #03: The Blake family has some very cool blood-backgrounds. Daphne is Irish, French, and Scottish (yay Scotland!). 

Fact #04: In high school, Daphne was a cheerleader and an aspiring thespian, and also developed an interest in journalism after school. This is shown in both Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island and Scooby Apocalypse. 

Fact #05: Did you know that in the first issue of the Scooby-Doo DC comics, there was a story about Daphne’s aunt putting her in an asylum because she claimed that Scooby could talk? 


Fact #01: Fred has always been known to be athletic. He lifts weights and used to play both soccer and football in high school. 

Fact #02: Fred’s full name is Frederick Herman Jones. He goes by Freddie, Fred, and it is questionable if his name should technically be Frederick Herman Chiles. 

Fact #03: Similar to Daphne’s journalism interests, Fred has always aspired to be a novelist. This is expressed in both the Behind the Scenes Scooby-Doo specials and in the live action 2002 Scooby-Doo movie.

Fact #04:  A fun fact about him (and Daphne) is that they’ve been considered “engaged” twice in the franchise. The first time this happened was in the Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed novel. The first chapter introduced the two stating that they were newly engaged. The second time the two were stated to be engaged was after Fred proposed to her towards the end of Season 1 of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

Fact #05: Fred used to spend a lot of his time as a child at camps. He used to go to Camp Little Moose every summer (Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare) and would also attend trapping camps (which explains his absence in The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo series). 


I hope you guys enjoyed these fun facts about the Mystery Inc. gang! Check back here tomorrow for another post with more fun facts about the Scooby-Doo franchise! And of course, send me ideas that you may have and would love to see further researched!

Language Barrier - William Nylander

requested: yes | no

word count: 1179

warnings: lots of italian in this one, translations are at the bottom

a/n: this one is so short, i apologize. huge thank you and lots of love to @megsforbreakfast for helping me with the italian! also, requests are open again!

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“non so perché tu ti sia transferita così lontano, y/n, tu detesti il freddo,” your mother said.

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first lady, four.

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pairing: taehyung x reader.
word count: 4.5k
content: basically fluff because shit is about to go down real soon inappropriate language, ice hockey!au

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

TAEHYUNG [10:07] can we talk?
TAEHYUNG [10:09] i really think we should talk
TAEHYUNG [10:23] did you just run away from me?
TAEHYUNG [10:23] why are you doing this?
TAEHYUNG [11:56] at least tell me if you’re alright
TAEHYUNG [11:57] please

You have decided to stop reading his messages after lunch. Mainly because he wasn’t the only one that was trying to reach you with texts. Jungkook and Jimin joined their captain in trying get at least a single word from you, with no success if there’s any need to say. You didn’t even allow yourself to feel guilty for ignoring all of them and that included even your best friend and your brother.

The truth is you weren’t able to speak a word to anyone since the kiss happened; not just because of the kiss itself but by the amount of feelings you had to deal with.

The unstoppable rage from discovering the real reason for your parents’ divorce;

The unbearable pain of having your trust broken down like this;

The undeniable attraction towards Taehyung and the way he made you feel.

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first lady, three.

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pairing: taehyung x reader.
word count: 3.7k
content: angst, mention of physical violence, inappropriate language, ice hockey!au
a/n: i just wanna thank all the love you’ve been giving first lady and dedicate this chapter specially to @seoulscapes.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

His eyes landed on you the moment you walked in the cafeteria and by the way his eyes lit up, Jimin knew exactly what had happened to his best friend. He couldn’t hold back a chuckle, imagining the comments he’d hear from Taehyung about this lunch later on - also promising himself he’d never act this way in his whole life.

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first lady, six.

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pairing: taehyung x reader.
word count: 4.4k
content: angst, inappropriate language, ice hockey!au
a/n: first off, i’d like to dedicate this chapter to the amazing @jangjangboom7​ that has been dealing with my shitty self lately and still being so wonderful and i love her for that; also to the lovely @uberbabetae​ that’s my yelling partner at hockey matches and rival for the day, you’re the best and i love you; last but not least to the absolute angel that @seaseok​ is! i love you, beautiful being! i also wanna thank all of you for the love you’ve been given first lady, y’all have a special place in my heart!now prepare the tissues and enjoy.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Voices surrounded you the whole time and now that your eyes began to feel lighter, the voices finally seemed to carry a clear message with them. You felt Yoongi’s angst when he asked how could it be possible - you had no idea of what it was but for your brother to react just like that, it had to be something hell serious for sure. You felt you father’s concern when he asked why did you pass out if the whole problem was your knee and it didn’t take much effort to catch up with the nurse when she said that it was just too much pain for your body to process.

But, more than anything, you felt your mother’s sorrow as she requested silence.

You also felt how incredibly warm your left hand was compared to the right one and that’s when you knew you should try to break through the darkness and fight to open your eyes.

A painful grunt came from the back of your throat as your irises welcomed back the artificial lightening of your room and it all fell silent for a moment.

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↪ the captain and the rookie


“This fagg*t beat them 4-3″

Penn state defenseman, Voight Demeester, on facing homophobic language in hockey. 

Fire and Ice

A/N: So because I’m kind of done with Bad blood (only the drabbles to go) and that I’ll be publishing the last part of Flesh and bones at the end of the week, I’m starting a new one! This is not the AU I was talking few months ago—I’m still working on it—but it’s an AU. And please, don’t give me a hard time, I know nothing about hockey, I’m learning while writing it. :) Also it’s happening in Vancouver, just because I’m living there and used a lot of details of my own life because it was easy to put some in this character, but obviously a lot of things are made up too. Aesthetic made by myself (all the pictures are from google image except for the font).

Pairing:  Dean x Reader (french)

Words count: 3000 ish

Story: The reader just moved in her new apartment. While things aren’t going that well for her, she meets her new neighbour who happens to be a famous hockey player…

Warnings: languages and maybe some hatred against Ikea for no reason

“Of course.” you stated annoyed walking down the hallway. You had moved two days ago in your new apartment and had ordered some new furnitures from Ikea, asking for the delivery to arrive after 5pm.

It was exactly 4:54 pm and the large furnitures were seating inside their cardboards next to your door. You huffed annoyed. This place. This moving. Nothing had been like you had expected or wanted.

Your life was pretty much a mess right now. A huge one.

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they’re on this desert planet and they developed the culture on this tiny little world with so much detail, it’s so lovely. it’s a desert, endless sand dunes. they’ve got goats and they have Mediterranean-like dishes and these lovely flowing robes and they’ve got this game they play that’s like field hockey 

their language sounds russian and they’ve got persian rugs everywhere and these nice tattoos on their chins 

i adore the detail they put into this. 

A/N: I have many complicated feelings right now about the Blackhawks, but this fic snippet literally would not leave my head until I wrote it. started at 2 AM, finished at 3:30. unbeta’d.

Losing is always awful, and it’s worse when it’s an overtime loss. The only consolation is that at least it wasn’t a home game, but still: Jonny’s not going to be able to get Ryan Kesler’s sneer out of his head for a while now. Jonny wants nothing more than to go back to the hotel, rewatch the game tape, and dissect exactly what went wrong and where the team could have played better. Failing that, he’d like to maybe lie face down on his bed, pull the sheets over his head, and listen to the slightly muffled, soothing sounds of Patrick getting ready for bed in the room across. Instead, he’s sitting at a table in one of California’s shitty sports bars with the rest of the Hawks, minus Artemi and Patrick.

They’re both standing over at the bar, Patrick’s head tipped towards Artemi’s. They look scarily similar from the back—they’re both short, with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and golden curls. If it wasn’t for the fact that Jonny’s been playing with Patrick for eight years—and been his friend for nearly that long—he’d be hard-pressed to tell the two apart. Patrick though, has one arm draped casually over Artemi’s shoulders, and is gesturing animatedly with his other arm. He looks comfortable nestled into Artemi’s side.

Jonny watches with narrowed eyes, sipping his drink grimly. He’s not jealous. He’s not. It would be—it would be irrational to be jealous. The rookies, with the notable exception of Saad, have always tended to gravitate towards Patrick. Patrick’s really good at making them feel at ease, and it hardly takes him any effort to do so. Jonny, on the other hand, has to work at it. (He blames the “Captain Serious” rep.)

It makes perfect sense that Artemi especially would bond with Patrick, given their recent chemistry together. In fact, their hockey chemistry has dominated Blackhawks news lately, and sports writers have been effervescent in their praise, describing their on-ice relationship in terms that Jonny is well-familiar with. He’s reminded repeatedly of all the times reporters had referred to him and Patrick as “one hockey organism.” Except now, Artemi and Patrick “speak the language of hockey,” and apparently “have red-hot chemistry that can’t be matched.” Ugh.

Someone nudges him, and Jonny stops staring intensely over at where Patrick is draped(!) over Artemi only to meet Seabrook’s really judgmental gaze. “What?” he snaps.

“Really?” says Seabrook, lifting an eyebrow. Jonny hates that Seabrook can do that; he’s never been able to, no matter how many times he’s practised in front of a mirror. “You gonna make me say it?”

Jonny scowls at Seabrook, and when that doesn’t work, scowls down at his nearly empty glass instead. “I’m not jealous.”

“Sure,” says Seabrook, and Jonny’s sorely tempted to chuck his glass at Seabrook. This…is probably a sign that he should head home soon.  

Jonny looks over again at Patrick and Artemi, who are still stuck together hip-to-hip and apparently no closer to ordering drinks for the rest of the table, and makes his decision. “I’m heading out,” he says loudly, looking around the table. Everyone seems slightly cheerier than when they’d first arrived, and he feels that he’s discharged his captainly duty by showing up and staying for the first round of drinks. Seabrook can do the pep talk this time. He pretty much has to, now that he’s an A, Jonny thinks with slight vindictive satisfaction.  

Shawzy makes a token protest, but everyone else waves him off. Jonny leans around Seabrook to grab his jacket, avoiding eye contact, and then makes his way to the exit. He spares a glance at the bar right before he pushes the door open, but Patrick never turns around to see him leave.


They fly back to Chicago the next day, which means that Jonny gets to see the Patrick-Artemi lovefest continue on the plane. Artemi’s constantly talking in his broken English, and Patrick has the most ridiculous smile on his face, with both his dimples popping out. It doesn’t even make sense that Artemi is sitting with Patrick. If anything, he should be sitting with Tikhonov, who can actually help improve his English. Patrick is just…chirping Artemi, looking thrilled to be the center of Artemi’s attention.

It lasts throughout the whole four-hour flight. Or, well, it probably lasts for the whole four-hour flight, but Jonny takes a nap halfway through out of sheer desperation, and wakes up only when they land. He doesn’t bother trying to touch base with Patrick before they separate, even though they’d had plans to meet up this night for their weekly Game of Thrones episode watching. It’s a tradition they’ve tried to hang onto, as much as their road trips will allow.

But Patrick’s probably got something planned with Artemi, which is fine. Totally, perfectly, completely fine.


Jonny’s halfway through chopping up apples for his evening kale smoothie—the kale, celery, and flax seed are sitting off to the side in a bowl on the counter—when his apartment door bangs open. Jonny’s startled enough that he nearly drops the knife and cuts his finger. This doesn’t happen because he’s a trained professional athlete, but it was a fucking close call.

He looks up, and of course it’s Patrick, because (1) who else would have the key to Jonny’s apartment; and (2) be inconsiderate enough to just throw the door open like that.

“Christ, give me some warning.”

“I texted you,” says Patrick, unrepentant. “Not my fault you don’t check your phone.” He’s slipping out of his coat and scarf, shivering slightly. “It’s insanely cold out there.”

“You’re just a wimp when it comes to the cold,” says Jonny automatically. And then he does a double-take at Patrick, because, “What are you doing here?”

Patrick gives him a strange look. “Why wouldn’t I be here? We had plans to hang out tonight. Game of Thrones, hello? Cersei fucking Jamie? Daenerys visiting her dragons? This sound familiar to you?”

“Well, yeah,” says Jonny, and then barrels on. “I just thought, with Artemi, you maybe wanted to.” He sees Patrick’s confusion and tries, “You seem like you’re on a good, it’s good that you’re bonding, I mean, he’s all alone and, you’re, you fit together perfectly, you have,” and mercifully manages to stop himself before saying the words red-hot chemistry. Jesus. His face feels flushed and he has no idea how all those words fell out of his mouth without his permission.

“No,” says Patrick after a long pause. Jonny looks up from where he’d had his gaze trained diligently on the counter to see Patrick staring back with an uncharacteristically thoughtful look on his face. Patrick looks like maybe he’s trying to figure something out. Well, good luck with that, Jonny thinks uncharitably. Whatever, it’s not the worst uncharitable thought he’s ever had about Patrick Kane.

“I wouldn’t say that the Bread Man’s all alone anyways,” says Patrick. “He has Tikhonov. They’re practically best friends.”

“Right,” says Jonny. He’s hoping that they can drop it now, but Patrick’s still giving him that look. Whatever it means. Jonny feels caught by Patrick’s stare, and it’s irritating, because he has no idea why he feels caught. Fuck.

“And I wouldn’t say that I fit together with Panarin perfectly,” says Patrick. He starts moving closer, pulling off his stupid toque as he goes. His hair is a mess, as usual, and it falls all around his face.

Jonny clears his throat. “Oh?” He’s trying to sound casual while stemming down a rising tide of totally legitimate panic, because crap, Patrick looks like he knows. And. If he knows—

“Yeah,” says Patrick, coming to a halt right in front of him. Jonny’s breath catches. Patrick’s close enough to reach out and touch, but he doesn’t move closer right away, just stares steadily at Jonny and Jonny can’t look away. It means that he’s still looking into Patrick’s eyes when Patrick finally closes the distance, leaning up to kiss him. His lips are soft and warm against Jonny’s. The kiss only lasts for a brief instant, but it sends spirals of heat coiling lazily through Jonny’s stomach.

“Oh,” says Jonny again, this time somewhat dazedly.

Patrick’s smiling up at him, all smug and pleased. Jonny’s torn between intense irritation and equally intense attraction, which is a state that he’s long since resigned himself to when spending any amount of time around Patrick. “I can’t believe you made the Bread Man think you hated him just because you were jealous.”

“I wasn’t—” begins Jonny, and then gives up, hauling Patrick back in for another kiss. He bites down on Patrick’s lower lip and feels more than hears Patrick’s shuddery gasp. Jonny grins against Patrick’s mouth, and says, “I’m not jealous anymore.”