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  • player: *posts something on instagram not related to training during the off season*
  • some middle - aged man in the comment section that has not played hockey professionally: shouldn't you be training?? i can't believe you aren't training?? tRAIN

#TBT to that time Sharpy chirped Tazer through Kaner (because Jonny still doesn’t have his own Twitter account…)


Connor McDavid and Aaron Ekblad signing for fans before the 8th Annual Hockey Night In Barrie (◕‿◕✿)

Sometimes I see posts that make me roll my eyes so hard I give myself a headache. Like, I get it. You hate the Blackhawks for whatever reason (and I’ve yet to hear an actual reason that isn’t hypocritical btw), so you go out of your way to make sure everyone knows it. Especially Blackhawks fans. But no Blackhawks fans care -seriously, if you think any of us give a fuck beyond being annoyed, you’re completely wrong.

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I mean living in Canada where all the hockey boys are definitely has its perks... talk to pretty much any girl with a lot of instagram followers from Toronto and she has probably hooked up with at least one OHL or NHL player. And all the young NHL boys all party at the same places in Toronto (cause the legal drinking age is 19!!) More reasons why Canada is #blessed

Seriously… like… Im gonna move to Canada


Jonathan Toews receives his Order of Manitoba, August 2015 (x)

for @starafar, who also kindly provided me with the video!

Funny Auston Matthews Moment

This is back when Auston was in Ann Arbor and played on for the NTDP. The coach of the NTDP (granato, former coach) and my dad play in an adult beer league together and were talking about the league after one of the USA games. Matthews walked in office, hearing the conversation and asked “Hockey? Hey can I play?” They explained it was a beer, over 50 league but he still insisted to get in on the hockey that was going on with out him. He’s this 1st overall super star but all he really wants to do is play hockey, no matter where it is.

It’s totally unrealistic to assume that anyone on the hockey team exclusively associates with people related to the team. 

Like they have to have friends outside of athletics???

We know that Whiskey has the LAX bros. And Ransom and Holster and Chowder all chill with the volleyball team a lot. But where are Jack’s history nerd friends he’s had at least 10 classes with? Or Bitty’s foodie friends who swap recipes with him and get some extra goodies at events they know he can’t make. 
And they have to at least be on good terms with some of the people from the swallow if 90% of them make their most attractive list year after year, AND all of their parties are reported. 
Tango makes a friend with the cashier at the murder stop and shop and the rest of the team is like No??????