hockey is ruining my life


I’m back!!  If you can’t tell, when I was on hiatus I got into ice hockey and it’s slightly ruined my life :)) There’s nothing school related in this spread at all but this week included me helping two (2) different people move house which is the worst since it’s the hottest bit of summer rn :/ NCEA results come out tomorrow which I’m partly shitting myself about but I’ll be fine :^)

deep thoughts about fictional hockey players

I am so torn on Jack Zimmermann. Did he grow from a fat kid to a hottie hot hockey player and bang all the ladies/dudes when he was young and doing hockey shit with Parse? Or did the anxiety/meds/ghost of being a fat kid keep him pretty low key with his sex life aka snuggles and awkward hand jobs with Kent were pretty much it? What I am asking is did Parse invent the idea of Zimmermann puck bunnies to protect Jack? Like, Jack was getting shit about never scoring off the ice (sorry) and it was ramping up his anxiety, so Kent started talking big at hotel breakfasts (”Goddamn, Jack, your next puck bunny better not be a screamer, if you’re gonna fuck in the shower while I’m trying to sleep at least be subtle, man”) to cover for his best friend?

(AKA how did this sweet comic about hockey nerds RUIN MY LIFE????)

my therapist: so how have u been
me: hoo boy okay first of all gay hockey is ruining my life the jackbittys are pure and wholesome dont get me started on my weird uncles justin oluransi and adam birkholtz theyre in love fuck theyre in love im in complete agony okay theyre married
my therapist: …okay


These guys have ruined my life while also making it 10x more exciting and amazing, and idk how I’m supposed to feel about this… Team photo day and last practice day is making me so emotional what am I supposed to do until next year…

I decided to do another Follow Forever bc you guys are super rad

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