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“Fuck off.” Louis leans into this boy’s personal space just to show how unaffected he is, even if it is technically a bluff. “My team’s winning.”

The boy crowds right back into him with a smug look, and that turns out to be their downfall—a large man to his left nudges his arm and gestures to the jumbotron, where Louis and fucking Newsboy are currently encased in a cartoon heart with the words KISS CAM burning brightly above them.

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This might just be one of the funniest hockey videos I’ve ever seen


The other benefit of being at the Combine has been meeting Hischier, who played with Halifax in the QMJHL this season. “I got to know him pretty good here,” said Patrick. “He’s obviously ranked where he is for a reason.”

Ditto, says Hischier.

“Obviously Nolan Patrick is a really good player,” Hischier said.