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meet the kings: drew doughty

“i have so much more to learn, and so much more to experience. i know i haven’t reached my potential. i don’t know if i can ever reach that potential but i know i do have a lot more in me and a lot more improving to do and i can become a lot better hockey player.“

Eric Lindros highlights the Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2016.

Other inductees:
Sergei Makarov, Pat Quinn & Rogie Vachon. #HHOF

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Highlights from the WCHA Final Face-Off between the Badgers and Buldogs. 

flashback to october 2007: blackhawks vs avalanche

[commentators talking about Toews] “Oh my goodness! Man, oh man, wow! I don’t care if you’re an Avalanche fan, that was one of the greatest scores you’ll ever see all season long. This is just- look at it; we talked about it before the game, but this is the kind of talent that can bring a franchise back from dead. I mean, you look at that: this kid is 19.” [x]


RT @nhl: Elias’s great mid-air pass sets up Henrique


Some of the highlights from The Boston Pride v. Team Russia