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can i just say how goddamn proud i am of mitch marner. because you’ve got this kid from toronto and he’s a damn good hockey player but he’s small, and, you know, of course people are going to talk about that. so he plays his heart out in and he fucking wins, and he wins big, and then he gets drafted by his hometown team, which is like. the goddamn dream. but THEN. then this kid plays his first nhl game with auston fucking matthews and gets a little lost in the crowd for all of about a minute. because then, this too-small, toronto-grown kid–he starts to fucking play his game. and now he’s scoring goals and is probably going to break records with how many assists he’s getting and he is arguably toronto’s best playmaker and he has magic hands and everyone knows it and he is all of NINETEEN YEARS OLD. and now, when people think of the Toronto Maple Leafs, they don’t just think Oh My God Auston Matthews, they think Oh My God Mitch Marner, too. and holy fucking shit, i am so, so, so fucking proud of him for that.

My Champion - William Nylander

A/N: Just thought I’d write a tiny imagine to celebrate William Nylander, along with Team Sweden’s gold medal victory at the IIHF World Champtionships.

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: William Nylander (Brief Alex Nylander, Mention of Mitch Marner)

Words: 1,893

Warnings: None 

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Auston Matthews- Years Passed

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Anon: Can I request an Auston Matthews imagine where he meets his ex/love of his life (reader) from high school several years later and finds out he has a kid?? (Also smut maybe?) thanks!!

You Have no idea how happy I was when I saw this! And I don’t know why but i love this idea a lot so I hope this is what you wanted! I don’t write Smut I’m not comfortable writing it so there’s not any sorry about that.

Y/N smiled as she washed the last of the dishes from lunch with her four year old son Asher. She looked to him as he watched the hockey highlights from last night. When they switched to the Leafs Y/n smile disappeared he had no idea about his own son. She always wondered not telling him was the  best idea. As Asher’s father he had the right to know him and be in his life but she brushed the thought out of her head. He was away playing hockey when she found out she didn’t want him to worry about anything. So she moved out and to Alberta where a couple friends where.


Y/N looked to her son and met his eyes that he got from his father

“Yes buddy what’s up?”

“Can we go to an Oilers game some time?”

Y/N sent her little boy a smile he had been asking to go see an NHl game for the longest time. But she never really had the money to do but she had been trying to save money.

“Maybe soon buddy.”

he sighed “Okay.”

Later on in the day as Y/N was at the park with her son a some friends the talk of hockey came up.

“So Richard taking Liam to a Oilers Leaf game.”

“that sounds like fun, I know Asher’s been bugging me for months to go see a game.”

“Well I can’t go and neither can Liam friend why don’t you two join them, I know Liam would love to have a friend and Richard would like another adult to talk too and plus you know more hockey than any of us here!”

“No Molly I can’t I don’t know.”

“Come on you said Ash wanted to go this is your chance to take him.”


“No but’s i just texted Richard so he knows it’s this Sunday night my two boys will pick you up and drop you off.”

Y/N smiled at her friend who gave her smile back Y/N looked to her little boy as he sat on the swing set’s with his friends. After finishing up at the park and in the car Y/N told Asher’s about the game.

“So Buddy you know how you wanted to go see a Oilers game?”

“Yeah! I want to go see Connor Mcdavid!”

“well Liam and mr. Andrews have invited us to go to a game this Sunday.”


Y/N laughed before nodding making Asher throw his arms up in the air and start talking about how he was going to see his favorite player. The whole car ride was him going on and on about hockey and the game not that Y/N minded. That night after she finally got asher’s to bed she sat in her own bed on her laptop. When she got a message on facebook she opened it and was surprised to see it was Auston Asher’s father.

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First Skate - Auston Matthews

I hope this is as fluffy as you wanted, I really tried to work the cuteness angle here!

Request from @memz-elizabeth- Hi! can I get an Auston Matthews imagine please? Can it be where he teaches his young daughter how to skate for the first time? just a whole lot of fluff and cuteness! thank you

Elise had been born two years ago with her daddy’s nose, thick dark hair, and, unsurprisingly, his determination. And she was the light of his life from that day forward. It was now his life goal to teach her everything he knew so there could be a new Matthews to take the hockey world by storm in the future. He would sit with her on his lap while he watched hockey highlights on TSN; her little feet would kick wildly as he told her about this player and that player. Then they would show Auston from the game earlier in the week and it was like she knew it was him because her little face would light up.

Once she could walk the house was always busy. She toddled around swinging the mini stick here and there much to the dog’s displeasure. Auston would laugh before leaning down to her and repositioning her hands on the stick whispering, “sticks on the ice, no silly penalties.”

You couldn’t wait to see her on the ice with him. Sure they’d skated around during family skates with the team but she was always tucked safely into Auston’s side. Over the last month Auston had been begging you to bring your daughter to the rink so he could finally teach her how to skate. Technically, he’d been begging every day since she had been born but it was a little more of a realistic request now that she could hold her head up on her own.  So today you finally decided it was the day. You traded in her normal pink backpack filled with toys for the little hockey bag she’d gotten from one of the guys for her birthday.

The minute you got the bag out her little eyes lit up and she was more than happy to help you pack the bag. Toddling back and forth from her closet to where you were sitting on the floor she handed you the three most important things a little hockey player would need. First, she brought you her little skates that she’d been wearing around the house for the last week. “Daddy’s” she smiled handing them to you.

You giggled, “Yes, like daddy’s!”

They were a little more pink than Auston’s but other than that they were exactly like his skates. Next was the tiny blue Toronto Maple Leafs jersey she wore to every home game, it looked just like Auston’s with the ‘Matthews’ stitched on the back.Then last, but certainly not least, she handed you her favorite stick and said “tape it, TAPE it.”

“I know El,” you smiled pulling her into your lap and kissing her chubby little cheeks. “We’ll have daddy help you tape it at the rink.”

After an hour of her trying to get you to pack everything in her closet you finally coaxed her out to the car and buckled her in her carseat. The drive to the rink was quick and familiar, Elise singing to herself as she kicked her feet happily in the backseat. You hitched the little girl up on your hip as you walked inside the cool rink, her little pigtails bouncing up and down

As you walked up to the glass Mitch and Brownie noticed the two of you and skated over quickly, tapping on the glass to get Elise’s attention. She turned to them and grinned wide before screaming ‘Mitchy’ at the top of her lungs. After that practice was over because none of the guys could keep themselves away from the glass where the two of you stood for longer than a couple minutes.

Especially Auston.

He skated to the bench and opened the gate to make his way out to the two of you. A massive grin on his face as he bent down to Elise’s level, in perfect hockey stance. Elise watched him intently for a second before mirroring what he was doing. You couldn’t help but smile at this, seeing the two people you loved more than anything bonding made you so happy. After she played around with Auston for a second you scooped Elise up and took her to the bench, sitting her on your lap so Auston could get her skates on her. He kneeled down in front of you and gently laced them up, tightening them to the little girl’s liking, “That feel okay, sweetheart?”

She nodded, “Skate daddy, SKATE.”

Gently he scooped her up and carried her out to the ice, a few of the guys hanging around to get some quality time in with their ‘niece’. He stood her up on the ice as she held tightly to his fingers with her tiny little hands. It was a little clumsy at first but soon enough her little legs were working right along with her daddy’s. You leaned over the boards at the bench and took a few pictures of the special moment before grabbing the tiny stick from her bag and handing it off to Mitch.

“Remember El,” Auston cooed. “Sticks on the ice.”

She nodded up at him before slapping her stick down on the ice. Auston leaned down and adjusted her hands until they were just right on the handle. The two of them skated together as he helped her juggle the puck with the stick. All you could hear in the rink right now was Elise’s excited giggle echoing all around.

“Watch out,” Mitch shouted as he skated over to you. “The REAL Matthew’s talent is making her debut!”

You laughed at him, “Don’t make her head any bigger than her dad already has.”

“First female NHL player,” Morgan cheered.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long to get a woman on the ice with you goons,” you chirped.

The guys skated around with Elise for a while as they taught her their special moves; Matt showed her how to grab onto someone’s jersey, Brownie showed her a one timer, and Mitch was holding her hands as he skated backwards guiding her along the ice. Just as they were trying to turn around the little girl’s skates fell out from underneath her and she fell right on her butt. You held your breathe waiting for her to cry but she didn’t. Instead she tried to get herself back up before Auston skated over and helped her to her feet. She took a deep breathe and started again. At that moment you felt so silly but there were tears starting to spring up in your eyes. You weren’t sure if it was because she was doing so well or because she looked so grown up out there on the ice.

“Look mommy,” she squealed.

Beaming at your daughter you laughed, “you’re doing so good, you’ll be faster than daddy soon!”

“Let’s shoot for faster than Uncle Mitch,” Auston laughed. “Give him some real competition!”

You could’ve watched this scene all day but after about an hour Elise started to get cranky and her little eyes could barely keep themselves open. After some coaxing Auston picked her up and skated over to you. By the time you got her in your lap and he started untying her skates she was fast asleep.

“Just like her dad,” Mitch teased.

Auston laughed, “Who wouldn’t need a nap after an hour with you?!”

He picked her up and held her close to his chest as he guided you back out of the rink, your hand safely in his. You walked behind him a little as you admired the two of them for a few seconds longer; her head was nestled in the crook of his neck as she let out an exhausted sigh in her sleep, he placed a soft kiss to her temple before gently maneuvering her into her carseat. The two of you quietly slid into the front seat and buckled in before making your way back through the familiar streets of Toronto. Auston laced his fingers with yours as he drove with the other hand, placing a soft kiss to your knuckles.

“Thank you,” he almost whispered.

Turning to him you gave him a questioning look, “For?”

“Her,” he smiled nodding back to the sleeping toddler in the backseat. “For everything, I don’t know what I’d do without the two of you.”

Everyone’s Gonna Know You’re Mine - Baron Corbin x Reader

Request by Anon - here you go love, hope you like it! 

Summary:- You and your boyfriend Baron Corbin barely get enough time together being on the road. You decide to make the most of the time tonight that you two have together, letting Baron discover some of your kinks too. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Tiniest bit of Fluff (Daddy Kink, aGAIN I AM SORRY) 

Word Count:- 1,404

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Just a Number- William Nylander

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Ok anon I hope this is something close to what you had in mind! Serious Willy is not a fun Willy XD Anyway! Hope you guys enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: You’re seriously my fav tumblr account ever💖💖 anyway could you write an imagine with William nylander where he is insecure about dating an older woman like thinking that he is not mature enough for her or something :)


              You had noticed a change in Willy recently but you didn’t know what was causing it.

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Together - Sidney Crosby

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Ok so I think I took this in a completely different direction then what you probably wanted but I actually love how this turned out!  If you don’t like it just let me know and I’ll rewrite it to be a little more meaningful haha.  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 944

Warnings: one swear word at the end lol but all fluff!!

Request: “Writing prompt 115 “we will finish this the way we started together .“For Sidney Crosby” - @pensphan4life

Prompt: #115 “We’ll finish it the same way we started it…together”

Up next: Auston Matthews


“Can we pleassseee go to Ikea? Pretty please Sidney?” you begged your boyfriend who was currently sitting on the couch watching hockey highlights.

“It’s so boring there!” Sidney complained as he slumped even further down on the couch.

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Team Picture- JVR

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Did you guys know JVR is the love of my life? And did you also know I’d give my life for the Toronto Maple Leafs? Cause… I totally would… It felt like I did a few times this season anyway… Ok! So JVR! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: hi could you do one where you are dating JVR and he invites you to the team/family photo but you don’t know why because you’re just dating and then he proposes? hopefully that makes sense!!


              “I want you to come, please” James said, giving you a puppy dog look.

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Mitch Marner

You were lying in bed with your boyfriend, Mitch Marner. You were playing around on your phone while he placed his head on your stomach and ran his fingers up and down your sides. You hear his breathing get a bit heavier and you realize he had fallen asleep. You run your hands through his hair and he wraps his arms around your body.

“I love you.” He whispers.

You smile and kiss the top of his head, “I love you, too.”

“Do you want me to make breakfast, my love?” He says softly.

“As long as you don’t burn the apartment down,” you tell him and let a giggle out. He gets out of bed, wearing nothing but basketball shorts, and heads out of the bedroom.

You stay in bed for a few extra minutes, but then finally decide to get up. You leave your phone on the bed and walk to the kitchen. When you get to the kitchen, you see Mitch’s back facing you. You walk up to him and wrap your arms around his body. You place a gentle kiss on his back and he turns around smiling. He puts his hands on your face and kisses you.

“Can I help you with anything?” You ask.

“Nope. Just place your cute ass on the couch and I will bring you your breakfast in a few minutes.” Mitch says and continues to cook.

You grab a blanket and place yourself on the couch. You turn the TV on and flip through the channels.

“Is it okay if I put hockey on?”

“Your asking the boy that plays hockey for a living.”

You laugh at Mitch’s response and click on hockey highlights. After a few minutes, Mitch brings the breakfast over.

“Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and your favorite drink of all time, chocolate milk,” he says while he places your plate and cup on the coffee table.

You giggle and thank Mitch for the breakfast. He leaves the living room and then returns a split second later with his breakfast. He joins you on the couch, and steals half the blanket from you.

The two of you watch hockey highlights and enjoy the breakfast. When your both finished, Mitch runs off to get ready for practice while you clean up the kitchen.

“Goodbye, beautiful, see you after practice.” You hear Mitch yell.

“See ya, hot stuff.” You yell back and laugh.

highlights of pippa and cooper gostisbehere’s live video (7-6-17)
  • pippa going ham on the ice cream
  • “shayne, stop swearing!”
  • gina getting excited about stolie joining and telling shayne
  • shayne getting stressed about equipment  (?)
  • “fucking dog pissed in the house” “SHAYNE!”
  • apparently pippa learned how to do tricks by watching cooper and that’s possibly the cutest thing i’ve ever heard
  • shayne wouldn’t stop saying “yeaahh buddy”
  • “i hope the dogs shit everywhere”
  • gina getting annoyed at the sounds pippa was making
  • scruffy shayne, hasn’t shaved in prly a month or more
  • he won’t stop swearing it’s so funny
  • shayne said “fucking” like 4 times in one sentence
  • gina keeps calling pippa “sis”
  • “gina they are done! fuck!”
  • “ghost be nice to the dogs” “oh my god i am nice to them!”
  • he just sounded generally stressed
Instagram Headcannons

Thanks all go to @puckitall because she’s awesome and hasn’t told me to go finish my ~important college homework~ instead of gabbling about my head-cannons to her and being generally annoying over chat.

Okay so Jack obviously sucks at social media, right? Like he has a facebook and Bitty made him a Twitter at one point and he probably has SnapChat but he doesn’t use it he just likes watching other people’s stories (And he watches the discover stories every day but mostly ESPN and NatGeo and FoodNetwork lets be honest here) but then Bitty shows him Instagram.

And oooooh boy. So Jack likes taking pictures and when Jack starts playing for the Falconers he starts to travel a lot more and his ENTIRE Insta is soon filled with pictures of hockey and his teammates and cool things he sees while on the road and pictures he reshares of fans in his jerseys etc etc. It’s like 90% hockey and the last 10% is his friends and family and fans and cool dogs and his favorite views when he runs and ~ARTSY~ photos of his PSL in the fall and he just loves it. He has full control over it so he’s able to use it to help his anxiety, he can edit and fidget with the filters and settings until he’s happy and it’s something he can focus on.

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anonymous asked:

So, I've seen you do fic search things before, and I've been trying to find this one for weeks now. The fic I'm thinking of is moderate length, 5-10k ish? SidGeno. And is a bit of an oblivious/pining thing. I THINK it's told from Sid's perspective, but it might have jumped back and forth? There's a scene where Sid tries to "get off like a normal person" by watching porn, but it just... Doesn't Work, and he ends up watching hockey highlights instead. Think it had podfic available too? Thank you!!

PS I’m also interested in ANY fic that has literal “hockeysexual” Sid (or Geno, or… whoever) so if someone knows a fic that doesn’t fit that exact description, but has characters turned on by hockey, I’d love to read them. Thank you again!! <3

I know I’ve definitely read the bit about Sid watching hockey highlights to get off, but can’t for the life of me remember which fic it was. Anyone else?

Itching- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by werenskiz

Look let me live my delusional fantasy that the Leafs make the playoffs in peace ok? It’s been a rough week! XD Anyway so I hope you guys like this! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: could you do an imagine with either mitch marner or johnny gaudreau where he’s dating a girl with eczema and he comforts her when she’s feeling insecure about her skin? thanks!


              This was not a great time for your eczema to start flaring up.

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