hockey hedgehog


In honour of @tiptoe39‘s upcoming birthday I found this video of a hedgehog playing hockey, saw that it was posted by someone in Russia, and immediately had the headcanon that this is Tater’s pet hedgie:

  • He shows this video to Jack at least once a week, like a proud father. 
  • “Jack! Look! He best! Best at play hockey." 
    "Maybe he should take your place on the team, eh?" 
    "Jack! You chip me! So proud!" 
  • *later that night*
    "Tater actually trained a hedgehog to play hockey and you CHIRPED him for it? Oh, honey, I love you so much.”
  • (But Bitty is so proud that Jack finally has the confidence to chirp his teammates. He also really, REALLY wants to meet the hedgie)
  • Tater names the hedgehog колючки (pronounced kolyuchki) which translates to prickles/thorns
  • колючки now has his own Instagram account
  • Sometimes Tater takes pictures like this and sends it to the whole team so that even those who don’t use social media (Jack) can see
  • (Which is better than some of the other weird pictures of Tater and animals that exist out there. The team knows now never to ask him about the incident with the lion)