hockey goaltender


I stand apart from the rest.

I stand as the last line of defence.

I stand in the way of what every player wants most.

I am a dream wrecked. A momentum killer. A goal robber.

In my world every puck is a threat, every puck carrier, an accomplice.

I defend my net on the principle that it is my home and that nothing comes in uninvited. Every save I make fuels the next and every crease I protect is my own. I am satisfied only after I stop everything.


Omg. Fucking stop saying Fleury deserves this. I'm all for playing Murray if it's what is best for the team, but that doesn't mean Fleury is shit or deserves this treatment. I'm not defending Fleury's feelings. I'm defending a fucking great goalie who has been treated like absolute shit every since Sullivan took over. Sullivan has showed so much favoritism toward Murray ever since he took over. Again, I am all for playing the goalie that’s going to win you the cup, but so far? That goalie has been Fleury. Forget his save percentage (which was fantastic until the game when he was pulled), Fleury is the only reason why the Pens are still in the playoffs. He stood on his head EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. dragging the rest of the team kicking and screaming. And then after doing that for 14 FUCKING GAMES he has one bad game and his season and time with the Penguins is over. Those of you defending Sullivan for this decision ... I don’t think you have ever played goalie. Or if you have, I don’t know how you can sit there and say that Fleury doesn’t deserve to play. Playing goaltender in hockey is literally one of the hardest positions in all of sports to play, and goalies are the last line of defense, not the first. Fleury had absolutely no help from the defense the game he was pulled, but somehow it’s his fault, right? I just don’t think some of you understand how mentally and physically exhausting playing this position is and then when you see your hard work that has gotten the team this far being punished?? That sure as hell does not help. So before you start blinding defending Murray because he is the future of this franchise, why don’t you look at who actually got us this far into the playoffs. What does Fleury have to do to prove he is a fantastic goaltender to you guys (as if being a franchise starting goalie for 11 or 12 seasons isn’t enough?)??? Have 16 shutouts in a row and score every single goal scored in the playoffs? Damn.