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has anyone ever considered that mitch marner is always energetic and happy bc he’s playing for the fucking Toronto Maple Leafs? like it’s literally his childhood dream come true like he grew up watching and idolizing these guys and now he gets to skate around and make faces with Bozak and hug JVR and stuff like do you understand how happy that must make him he literally gets to play great hockey with these guys he’s always supported like wow


1. favourite hockey jersey number
2. favourite dressing (clothing) style of a player
3. favourite player voice
4. favourite hockey family/couple
5. favourite hockey best friends
6. favourite hockey video
7. favourite line
8. favourite off-ice bonding time
9. favourite hockey player baby
10. favourite hockey hair
11. favourite jersey style
12. favourite weird and rarely known fact about a hockey player
13. favourite player that’s dad af
14. favourite player that’s son af
15. favourite soft hockey player
16. favourite sexy hockey player
17. favourite underrated hockey player
18. favourite overrated hockey player
19. favourite hockey chirp of all time
20. funniest thing you’ve ever heard a hockey player say


Let me tell you all the story behind how I fell in love with a hockey player I never met in person. I was 12 years old and Morgan was 16, he was playing his rookie season in Moose Jaw in the WHL and I would stay up until 2am watching him play, year after year after year.

His draft year came and he tore his ACL and watching the Warriors play without him was one of the toughest things I ever went through as a hockey fan. I was in eighth grade at the time and stressed beyond belief that he wouldn’t be drafted at all. My priorities were out of whack.

The night of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft was also the night of my eighth grade graduation. I watched the Draft underneath the dinner table on my dad’s phone and when the Leafs drafted Morgan I started to cry, because that was my hometown team. I was so happy.

It was only because my favourite hockey player was drafted to the Leafs that I became the diehard Leafs fan that I am today. I’ve watched Morgan play at the World Juniors, in the WHL Playoffs, in the NHL, at the World Cup, at the World Championships (TWICE), and in two outdoor games. I’ve watched him play hockey, grow as a person and a professional athlete, for SEVEN years.

Morgan Frederick Rielly has no idea who I am. But his assent through the hockey ranks has helped me blossom into the person I am today: a sport lover, a sport media student, and a genuine student and lover of the game of hockey. He has been a part of my life for so long that I can’t remember what my life was like when I wasn’t watching him play hockey.

I’ve watched Morgan’s highest highs, and seen his lowest lows. I cannot believe how much time has passed, but I also can’t wait for what his future holds.

Thank you, Morgan. For everything. I’ll never be able to repay you for the joy you brought to my life. I hope your birthday is wicked awesome and you guys win tonight.


MARCH 9TH, 1994

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Friends:</b> Do you want to hang out tonight?<p/><b>Me, internally:</b> It is hockey season. My social calendar is filled with screaming at my favourite teams on a regular basis. I cannot leave the house.<p/><b>Me, externally:</b> Haha, sorry I've got stuff to do.<p/></p><p/></p>

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Hockey asks # 5, 7, 20

Thanks for playing!!! <3 

5. favourite hockey best friends
Right now Patrik Laine & Nikolaj Ehlers, but I just love all the besties: basically once they start referring to their friendship as a bromance, I’m all in.

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7. favourite line

This is a tough one. There’s two above all others:

1) The HBK line

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2) This one, full of wonder kids

20. funniest thing you’ve ever heard a hockey player say

“What are you? The bottle police?”


#30 Day NHL Challenge
#Day 12

My favourite bromance on and off the ice is Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher, or in other words, the Gallys.

They are just the best of friends on and off the ice and it’s great to watch. They will fool around and crack jokes whenever they’re together. You’ll see videos of these two arguing about random stuff which always manages to make me laugh. As you can see in one of the pics, Brendan seems to make it his life mission to prove to everyone that Alex is actually Russian and not American even if he was born in America.

What I also love about them is that they always have each other’s back. During a game, you will often see Alex get pissed off if someone starts a fight or hurts Gallagher which is exactly what happened in the last pic. I see it happen so many times when I watch their games and my family doesn’t understand why I think it’s cute. They do not see just how adorable they are together.

You can’t lie and say that they aren’t the best bromance/best friends in the whole world because they are. I love them so freaking much and they are perfect ❤️

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top 5 hats

1)the spock

2) the ‘bloodsausage? medieval dildos? don’t worry, I have the perfect self-storage opportunity’ - hennin

3) the ‘my favourite hockey team is tyler seguin’s abs on a zamboni’

4) the duckie (formative)

5) ahhhhhhhhhh I love all hats I will put them all on my head at once!! I want to be buried in the mcqueen birdcage hat, positioned in a fetal position, cradled by exquisite headgear, i will find peace

6) mention OF SHAME for the fashion monstrosity feanor commited. “[…] and made tall helms with plumes of red” - there’s being extra, and then there’s wearing a plucked chicked tucked into a party hat. I might not have believed in your chance to succeed, but I at least believed in your ability to fail in style. the real betrayal of the silm

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10, 11, 12, please

Thanks for playing :)))

10. favourite hockey hair 

Well, Kris Letang, obviously, haha! It’ just pretty much perfect:

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But my second choice would be Jakub Voráček. 

11. favourite jersey style

Ottawa’s third jersey.

12. favourite weird and rarely known fact about a hockey player: 

Leo Komarov speaks fluently four languages: Russian, Finnish, Swedish and English, which he has mentioned helps a lot with chirping on ice.

Another one I was just thinking about: Rasmus Ristolainen was one of the nominees to be our hometown’s Person of the Year.  He didn’t win, though: a horse did.

Mom It’s Auston Matthews-Auston Matthews

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Auston helps a little boy at a charity skate and meets his mom Y/N

Warnings: An Asthma Attack will take place 

This came to my head and if you guys want another part just message me telling me so I know and if you really want I might make it into a story so enjoy :)

Third Person

A young Women smiled as she watched her four year old son run to the building doors the little boy had been jumping up and down when he heard he could come here. The ACC where his favourite hockey team plays where his favourite player plays Auston Matthews the young boy had always been into to Hockey much like his mom. But when he started to watch the Leafs they became his favourite team much like anyone that lived in Toronto. The little boy picked his favourite player Number 34 because his first ever NHL game was that number Debut and he wanted to be with the player though out his whole career.

“Blake slow down okay we got to get are passes before putting our skates on okay.” Said the Little Boy’s Mother as she had his skates and his Helmet in her hands

“Come on mom I want to skate hurry uppppp.”

The mom smiled at him than walked up to a table that had people lined up and a signed that said Charity Skate tickets and passes when it was finally there turn the boy Blake was pulling at his mom jacket and was trying things to make her hurry up. When she finally gave the people at the table their two tickets and got there passes her and Blake fallowed other people to the dressing room. They found a spot in the locker room and started to put there skates on But Blake finished first and ran out to the ice his mom laughed as she finished her skates she put her Toronto Furies hat on and made her way to the Ice. She got on and looked around trying to find her son but with so many people it was going too hard to spot the little boy with a dark red helmet and hi Auston Matthews Jersey. Almost all the kids where the same height and wearing Leaf Jersey’s she let out a sigh as she started to skate around in hope to find her four year old.

Blake was skating around fast and was moving around people and laughing and smiling as he did so he was having a blast but soon he felt it was hard to breath but he brushed it off that he was just out of breath and kept skating. But soon Blake found himself sitting on the Ice in the far right corner trying to breath but it was too hard for him no one seemed to notice the four year old to buy having fun. But a young man skated by and noticed the little boy on the ground and skated over to him and noticed something was really really wrong.

“Hey hey buddy are you okay?”

but as the little boy tried to reply he only started to gasp for air the young man remember one of his teammates from when he was younger having an Asthma Attack and this had happen to him at a game before 

“Asthma Buddy.”

The boy nodded 

“DO you have a buffer?”

the boy shock his head which surprised the young man why would a kid with Asthma not have a buffer on him and he was really young to be by himself the young man tried to think of something he could to help him just as he was about to ask someone for help he heard someone stop skating and go on their knees on the ice

“Blake here.”

The young man looked over to see a women who looked no older than twenty pull out a blue Buffer and the little boy took two deep breaths from it and his breathing went back to normal.

“What did I say about pushing yourself and leaving without your Buffer?”

“To not to.”

“That’s right she said before letting out a sigh

she seemed to just see the man out of the corner of her eye and turned to him and gave a thankful smile if she had not seen the man on the ice and looked aback she would have never seen her son mid Asthma Attack.

The little boy looked to the man and he gasped and his eyes widen making both adults look to him 

“Mom its Auston Matthews!”

The women looked over and saw it was the leafs rookie and Blake’s favourite hockey player

“That it is now what do you say to him.”

“Thank you for stopping to check on me.”

“Don’t mention it buddy, now why don’t you skate some more before the skate over I don’t want to take all of your time.”

The boy nodded but his mom knew he wanted Auston to sigh his Jersey

“Hey Auston if you mind before we continue skating if I could get a picture of your two together?”

“Not at all.”

Blake smiled was so big he couldn’t even come close to hiding it soon he stood in front of Auston who was on one knee with one arm around Blake and smiling as Blake’s mom took the picture 

“Thank you Auston!” Blake said as his mom showed him he picture

“Do you want your jersey signed?” 

“Can I.”

“Sure Thing Buddy.”

Auston sighed Blake’s Jersey before his mom let him go skate off and turned to Auston

“Thank you he went on before I did and it doesn’t take much for his Asthma to act up.”

“It’s okay I saw him on the ground and I knew something was wrong.”

“Well thank you again Auston and taking that Picture and sighing his Jersey men the world to him you’re his favourite player.”

Auston gave a smile 

‘Well I better go find him before he does anything else By Auston it was nice to meet you.”

“You two but I never caught your name.”

“Y/N.” she said as she skated away with number 34 watching

I hope you guys liked it and if you want another part of it just message me okay :)