hockey faceoff

Thoughts of a Hockey Player

  • ‘Win the faceoff, win the faceoff…’
  • 'Get the puck, get the puck.’
  • 'Don’t get hit, don’t get hit.’
  • 'Get the fuck out of the way ref, you two-legged useless zebra blob.’
  • 'I’m gonna get hit, shit, okay, here it comes.’
  • 'We should have JAWS music playing.’
  • 'I’m gonna hit you, better get ready.’
  • 'Why do we even play on ice? Who looked at ice cubes and was like let’s create a sport on a big ass ice cube. Dumb.’
  • 'I’m definitely too old for this shit.’
  • 'That wasn’t goaltender interference, I barely touched him!’
  • 'That isn’t a penalty, I fell and my stick hit him. His face got in the way.’
  • 'I hate this fucking penalty box. It’s like a child being placed in a play pen.’
  • 'Fuck I’ve got the puck, I can score, I’m gonna score.’
  • 'I scored! Wait… I actually scored? Fuck yes. I’m awesome.’
  • 'Is it time to change yet? Can I change after 15 seconds? Fuck it, I’m tired.’
  • 'I have never hated someone as much as I hate you ref.’
  • 'Media wants an interview… Can I just act like I can’t speak english?’
  • 'My jock is pinching my nuts. Can I adjust myself without being obvious? Fuck it, let everyone see.’
  • 'We lost, I for sure don’t want to talk to the media.’

Omg I thought I loved hockey before but these faceoff violations are making me see the game in a whole new light. It’s beautiful. Personally I think a brand new penalty a new fan would never be able to identify is just what we need to grow the game! Please make sure to have lots of them while the rest of the world is watching the Olympics.

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Claude Giroux

Philadelphia Flyers vs Washington Capitals

New image coming off the drawing table. I usually don’t post on weekends but you people got me so hyped with your reblog and likes that I decided to give you an extra one. So there it is. I wanted a really tight composition, focusing on the intensity of a faceoff and the rivalry. No vintage vibe here, but instead a more contemporary and colorful look. Thank you guys for your likes and reblogs!