hockey east

guys i’m so angry there was this ref at my college hockey game who literally allowed the other team to get away with THREE illegal head hits, did not call one penalty against the other team and called 6 bullshit calls against us, allowing the team to score three power play goals. Every goal the opposing team scored was fucking handed to them, and even though it ended in a tie (fuck college hockey and their tie games) it was still so ridiculous. We later found out this ref literally hates our coach for no reason. It’s so bad to the point where the entire student section wants to gather and all contact Hockey East about him.

Your fave is unproblematic: Sidney Crosby

- Did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge…TWICE?
- Is doing a hockey camp in his hometown this summer for only Nova Scotians
- Has camps for kids at the Consol and buys them hockey gear
- Wears east coast lifestyle, a product from Nova Scotia
- was given captain at the Olympics but offered it to Jonathan Toews because he thought that Jon deserved it more (Jon turned him down but still)
- shops at a local supermarket (that nearly every maritimer has been to, believe me I am one) and whenever anybody spots him, will take pictures with them.
- is the cutest