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Summer in Savannah

My saltmate is one year older which means gifts of fic must be written! Happy Birthday @wrathofthestag​!!! xoxoxoxo

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Savannah had been his mother’s idea.

You’ll love it! She said. There’s so much history—everywhere you look!

Fresh off a disappointing end to the Falconer’s most recent bid for the Stanley, Jack needed to get away. He wasn’t a beach person, although the solitude of a private hut somewhere tropical held its own brand of allure. Europe had been his first choice, somewhere he could blend in, where his face wouldn’t run the risk of recognition, where he could meld into crowds and explore, untethered to the Jack Zimmermann hockey legacy.

Trust me, his mother had laughed. Georgia might as well be another country, and you’ll love the people.

As it turned out, she wasn’t wrong.

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hockey edit meme | 5/10 players: nick leddy

[On which Hockey Great he’d spend a day with] “Bobby Orr would probably be one of them. I’d like to go grab a couple beers with him and play some golf.”