hockey autographs

nothingrolly  asked:

Oh! Do you think you can do a Frostcup with Jack being the captain of his hockey team, and Hiccup is that nerd who always come to watch their training? (Sorry if it sound stupid!)

Not stupid at all; I actually made it where Jack’s a new recruit on the hockey team that Hiccup’s obsessed with. Hope you like it ;)

To say Hiccup was a hockey fan was an understatement. As far as he was concerned, he was the king of hockey fans. Ever since he was five he’d loved watching the athletes glide smoothly over ice. He was seven when his dad took him to his first hockey game for their hometown of Berk. Hiccup adored the black jerseys that they wore, the cool red and black helmets with dragons on them, and most of all, he loved the name; Berk Night Furies. It was cool and intimidating, not to mention epic.

As he grew up, he collected everything having to do with the Night Furies so his room practically screamed ‘obsessed fan’. He had pictures of all the players with autographs, hockey sticks from real hockey legends, pucks from actual games, and jerseys.

Now one would think that Hiccup took a shine to playing hockey once he became old enough to skate. Unfortunately for him, he was a true klutz on the ice. He was so bad he actually managed to lose a tooth and break an arm…and he hadn’t even skated two seconds.

After that, he decided to just stick to watching the sport. It was still manly in his dad’s eyes at least.

He was taking college courses when he turned eighteen when he was feeling like he’d had every players autograph on the team. That was until they recruited a fresh new member. Hiccup knew next to nothing about the player except that he came from Burgess and was called Jack Frost. The minute Hiccup saw him skating on TV, conquering the ice like it was nothing and taking the game almost singlehandedly, he was thrilled. He had to get the guys autograph and meet him, he had to! He was already a legend for crying out loud!

Because the player was so new there were no real pictures of him yet and Hiccup hadn’t gotten a chance to see his face, but he figured he could just have the guy sign his hockey stick instead, all good players signed it. And since he had saved tickets and bought passes to meet the players, he had no trouble getting in. Most of the players knew him considering he never missed a home game.

He hoped to get in early enough to meet the players but unfortunately his pass was meant for after the game. He was bummed, but was willing to wait.

He was just about to walk away when he turned and bumped into someone.

“Sorry!” he mumbled. Figuring the guy was also here for the same reason he stared at the floor as he told him, “They aren’t letting anyone back yet.”

“That so?” the guy said in a cheery voice, “Hey Phil.”

The guard looked up and smiled, “Frost.”

Hiccup’s head shot up so fast he nearly got whiplash. He stared at the guy he’d come to see and gawked.

He was used to players who had muscle, were burly in some way, and who were a little older. But this guy was his age! Had to be, he was so young looking. His hair was a shocking white, with ends sticking up every which way. He was lean and tall, his jeans and black t-shirt clinging to what little muscle he showed. His blue eyes were piercing and…and…

“Beautiful…” Hiccup breathed.

The Jack Frost grinned and winked, “Glad you think so.”

Hiccup blinked when he realized he’d said it out loud, “Crap! I’m sorry, uh…I actually…”

“You a fan of the Furies?” Jack asked him kindly.

He looked so normal when he talked to Hiccup and he couldn’t help but feel almost at ease with the guy, “Yeah! I come to every home game.” He boasted, “Actually…can I get your autograph? I have everyone’s but yours.” He admitted.

Jack smiled at him and took the hockey stick and the marker from Hiccup before signing his name, jersey number, and then…something else.

Jack winked when he handed Hiccup back his hockey stick, “See you after the game.”

“Yeah!” Hiccup nearly gasped, he felt so excited, “Thanks!”

Jack left, taking his duffle bag with him.

It was then that Hiccup began to admire Jack’s signature; flawless. And his jersey number of course was 04. But what were the other numbers he wrote underneath his jersey number. It took Hiccup only seconds to deduce what else Jack Frost had autographed for him when he turned beet red; he’d signed his phone number.