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Hockey Roster Reference Websites

NHL Teams

The link leads to the Bruins roster. You can change the page to access any other NHL team’s roster by changing the ‘Bruins’ part of the url to the team you want. So to access the flyers roster, change the word bruins to flyers and hit enter.

The website is constantly updated and shows the current roster.

CWHL Teams

The link is set to the Thunder roster, but you can use the drop-down menu (’View Other Team’) to view any other team roster. You can also change the season in the drop down menu (defaulted to ‘CWHL 2015/2016′) to view the roster from previous seasons.

What Your Secondary NHL Team Says About You
  • Anaheim Ducks:You prefer players who've matured past silly things such as being exciting or likable.
  • Arizona Coyotes:You wanna root for a Strome but Ryan hasn't put up numbers you're willing to commit to.
  • Boston Bruins:You're an asshole.
  • Buffalo Sabres:You like Eichel a bit too much.
  • Calgary Flames:You like Gaudreau a bit too much.
  • Carolina Hurricanes:You like Skinner way too much.
  • Chicago Blackhawks:You enjoy figuring out how to make any given conversation about you.
  • Colorado Avalanche:You vaguely remember hearing of someone named "Forsberg" but mostly you like to look at Gabriel Landeskog.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets:You don't want to look like you're bandwagon hopping, but you want at least some hope for the future and a likable goaltender.
  • Dallas Stars:You read more fanfiction than analysis.
  • Detroit Red Wings:You're Swedish.
  • Edmonton Oilers:You have an incredible fear of success and fulfilment.
  • Florida Panthers:You like to piss off Canadians.
  • Los Angeles Kings:You talk about being without a cup for 40 years as justification for the current state of the fanbase despite the fact you started cheering for them in 2013
  • Montreal Canadiens:Your friends are getting tired of doing the triple low-five with you so you had to find new ones.
  • Minnesota Wild:You like the colors green, red, and irrelevance.
  • Nashville Predators:You talk a lot about defensive hockey and goaltending but really you just like watching Shea Weber launch slappers from the point.
  • New Jersey Devils:You got an ill-advised Martin Brodeur tattoo and are really sticking with it.
  • New York Islanders:You want a team that's on the rise but doesn't pose a threat to your actual team in the playoffs.
  • New York Rangers:You want the history of an Original Six franchise without the pressure of recent success.
  • Ottawa Senators:You're trying to disappoint a Leafs fan on a personal level.
  • Philadelphia Flyers:You're very difficult to watch hockey with.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins:You're absolutely impossible to watch hockey with.
  • San Jose Sharks:You look good in teal and decided to give yourself a good reason to wear it.
  • St. Louis Blues:You weren't content with just being an annoying Cardinals fan.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning:You enjoy pissing off Canadians even more than Panthers fans.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs:You want to indulge in misery during the offseason but once the season starts you want an actually worthwhile team to watch.
  • Vancouver Canucks:You love nothing more than a good Cup Final loss.
  • Washington Capitals:You wanted a team without any cups so you could feel like an underdog rooting for them despite Alex Ovechkin being on their roster.
  • Winnipeg Jets:You're a Jets fan who doesn't understand what a secondary team is.