A Guide to Backing Up Your Tumblr Blog

(Alternatively: Eheu, Tumblr! Eheu, NHL! Eheu, my weary index finger…and other beseechments uttered at two A.M. in the morning).

With the sudden deletion of a popular and much beloved giffer’s Tumblr this week, I would strongly recommend that all content creators in hockey fandom backup their blogs. 

While no reason or forewarning was given to @sheercompulsion (now @sheerc), one possibility is that the NHL could be cracking down on people who are making game gifs (which may involve copyrighted video), so giffers may want to backup their gifs and other posts so they won’t lose several years’ worth of memories and work in the case of a sudden deletion. 

In essence, when you’re leaving your work up to the whims of a company’s database, it’s best to take the time to make sure it doesn’t all get lost.

EDIT: I have tagged all the gif makers I know of; please feel free to tag others not mentioned here: @carnavaldhiver, @kanerboo, @glovesdropped, @seabsieboys, @allthebros, @sheerc, @eberbae, @jamiebenntrash, @starafar, @blackcherrycoke, @tazertantrum, @swt-serendipity, @kanerily​, @stars-benn,

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