• me, thinking about William Poindexter in a cut off sweatshirt that shows off his abs: nice
  • me, thinking about Derek Nurse in a cut off sweatshirt that shows off his abs: NICE
  • me, thinking about Christopher Chow in a cut off sweatshirt that shows off his abs: N I C E !


William Nylander- Knäppgök

Request: Can I get an imagine for either William nylander or Auston Matthews where you’re dating and you get a bruise or something on your neck and he thinks it’s a hickie so you guys get in a fight because he thinks you’re cheating? But then it all works out in the end?

Author’s note: This broke my heart so I hope you’re happy!

Warnings: cuss words. 

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Leon Draisaitl #4

Anonymous said:hi! I was wondering if you could write a leon draisaitl one about being shorter than him and being teased about it and something cute really, please? thank you!

A/N: sooo honestly i just got this idea of working out with leon for an imagine and since you sent in this request i just decided to throw it in somehow. sorry if it’s like not good enough or whatever haha :)) also sorry for saying chin up and pull up and not just picking one lol

Word Count: 1,406

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Never again, like ever, were you letting Leon drag you to Rogers Place this early - to work out. Last night when you two were talking about it, you thought it’d be cute, but now you were on your back and sweating through your t-shirt. Definitely not cute, that’s for sure.

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Imagine: Tyler Seguin - Hickey Prank

Requested: Yes | No

Smut: Yes | No

Word Count: 1,618

A/N: I wrote another version of this on my other account, except it was a Kol Mikaelson imagine, and I really wanted to do it again, but with Tyler, so here it is! I was thinking I could do a part two for this maybe? If you guys want it inbox me!

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Wrong Team - Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by gfhockey

Ok, so I already did this prompt for another player but I took it in a different direction so hopefully you guys still like it!  Also, absolutely no hate to the Canucks, they’re just the team that’s closest to me haha!  I love love love me some Segs (I think he’s one of my faves!) so let me know what you think!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 813

Warnings: none!

Request: “35 Tyler seguin?” - @penguinxii

Prompt: “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

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You were sitting with the other wives and girlfriends watching the Dallas Stars play the Vancouver Canucks.  Yea you were dating Tyler Seguin, but you had also grown up in Vancouver so you had a pretty big soft spot for the Canucks.  You were wearing a Canucks t-shirt and a Stars hat and you were sure you looked a little ridiculous to everyone else but you liked both teams so what can you do!

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Jamie Benn - Jealousy

Originally posted by ohmy-dallas-stars

I love me some Jamie Benn so this was fun for me to write. I’ll do anything for someone who loves a Benn Brother lmao

Request from @boo-boocmf : Can you please write me a Jamie Benn imagine where he’s jealous of how you and Tyler Seguin have gotten. I’d be so grateful. 

Jamie watched as you sat in the grass with Tyler, his dogs jumping happily around the two of you. You laughed as the chocolate lab tried to sit on your lap before conceding to just letting his head rest there. He talked animatedly about something that caused you to laugh and Jamie could feel the jealousy rising in his chest.

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pretend - dylan strome

requested: yes

crxsschecked asked: Hiya! Could you do an imagine with either mitch marner, Dylan strome or Nick caamano where the reader is a huge hockey fan and when she gets hit up at games, she always uses one of them as an excuse as her boyfriend until like one day they’re like behind her and find it hella amusing how into detail she goes about their ‘relationship’ to a dude who tried to get with her, and they start talking? Sorry really long :’)

word count: 520

warning: none :)

a/n: again, i am so so sorry this took me so long to get out, but i hope you like it

*lowercase intended*

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