Lataste’s Viper Vipera latastei latastei, Spain | ©Matthieu Berroneau

Common names: Lataste’s viper, Snub-nosed viper, Snub-nosed adder, Vipère de Lataste, Víbora hocicuda, Víbora de Lataste.

Vipera latastei (Viperidae) is a terrestrial, venomous and, occasionally, cannibalistic snake, endemic to extreme southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa. V. latastei latastei, one of the two subspecies currently recognized, occurs in most of the Iberian peninsula south of the Pyrenees.

This viper is characterized by a pointed, up-turned snout, and like most vipers, has a triangular head and two apical pits. It has a variable body colouration, ranging from grey to dark brown, and a darker zig-zag pattern adorns the upperside, acting as a warning signal to avian predators that this species is venomous. A set of dark spots are also visible on the sides of the body.

The species is classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.


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