hoc contraxi

do you ever just have that one hyperactive lab partner who insists that making shit explode is way cooler than whatever experiment you’re supposed to be doing and you just agree wholeheartedly well that’s exactly how i imagine piper and leo’s friendship first bloomed in canon and here’s how it went down in a hogwarts au scenario

anyway this is old i drew it like a month ago enjoy


toot toot all aboard the athenaboat bound for long island, ny 

based on a conversation into which the question of the atlantic ocean was brought. like how do they plan on crossing the ocean if nico can only shadow jump like a couple hundred miles at a time with this enormous hecking statue

the statue would probably be able to float?? it’s made more of wood than stone 

(adventures in crap backgrounds :D ))

this is the first really obviously shippy thing i’ve ever posted i think which just proves how bloody ridiculous it is how much i’ve invested in these nerds in the space of like one week but anyway„

this was going to be a small project to alleviate stress and art block but i underestimated how much i missed drawing pjo/hoo and especially these three so have a team statue drawing

(i had a ridiculous amount of fun with this rip))

sand. just sand. sand and sand and sand forever and ever and ev er

i figured that i could use a little bit of an art style upgrade so i’ve been trying some new stuff out using the magisterium trio as guinea pigs sorry kids

(speaking of magisterium though these three are callum, tamara, and aaron. the first book is called the iron trial by holly black and cassandra clare and i would hiGHLY RECOMMEND READING IT IT IS SO GOOD AND SO WORTH IT I SWEAR ON MY LIFE)