hobsonville point


Not far from me (if you look at the final picture, my neighborhood is on the right side of the bridge in the distance) is a former airbase that is being redeveloped as housing.  There are four different companies building for all they’re worth, and the air force housing that was already there is being refurbished as well (these houses were surrounded by construction today,  it looks like they are putting additions on at least some of them, as well as any work being done inside.)  Much of this housing is ‘dense.’  So far this has mainly meant what is called ‘terraced’ housing here.  When Americans (or at least this American) think of houses up against each other,  they think of New York brownstones and the Huxtables;  British people think of Mill workers housing left over from the industrial revolution—the working class digs on Coronation Street.  I imagine these homes will be somewhere in the middle. 

It has been interesting to see how the development ‘feels’ as different stages are completed.  I think a cafe and a weekend farmers market in old air force buildings opened along with the first houses, and a playground followed soon after.  This seemed like a marketing ploy but kept things from looking like a residential wasteland. Then a primary school opened, which seemed excessive for the number of houses that had been built at that point.  But now the primary school feels obvious, and the amount of retail inadequate.