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Love your blog i was wondering what is your biggest proof that convinced you Hobrien was real :)

Hey, sweet! Thank you, I’m glad you like coming here! :)

The biggest proof, wow. There are just so many, I don’t know if the one’s I’ll choose are convincing enough to you. But, I’ll try to pick some:

1º - SDCC 2013 and their body language, aka THE GREATEST CON EVER. That was when I started noticing everything. The body language, sneaking touches, the soft looks, being comfy around each other, the fondness towards each other… Please, you need to watch the videos ( x , x , AND THIS ONE AT 4′39′’ ) , because TOO MANY MOMENTS, and TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

2º - The mirroring. It’s on ANOTHER LEVEL. Usually only people who have a lot of intimacy and spend a lot of time together reach this level of mirroring.

3º The beards, I mean, the girlfriends. Both Brittany, both blondes, with similar physical characteristics. Both don’t look even remotely interested when around them. In Tyler’s case sometimes he looks positively annoyed. In resume, PR relationships to promote filmes and MTV stuff.


Compared to this….

4º I don’t even have words anymore…

THE POPCANDIES VIDEOS OF SDCC 2014 OMGGGGGGG (watch 1, 2 and 3) that night they all went out with the beard.

I’m gonna post some more stuff but you got me rolling. I decided I might start a HObrien reblogging spree. 

none of the gifs are mine

Hobrien fans please help

Is there a picture of Dylan sitting on Hoechlin’s lap at Alpha Con in Vienna? I could swear that not only have I seen this picture, but that I have reblogged it also. If this picture does indeed exist, could someone please link me or at the least let me know I’m not crazy?????