hobolunchbox  asked:

You got a Benz, I got a busket, give me a dollar!

Thanks for the reference from the 1998 movie Suicide Kings, a scene which contains my url. You may be surprised to learn that movie was not the origin of my name, in fact, I’ve never even seen it. You see, in 2012 and 2013 I was a big fan of the indie hit video game Bastion along with several friends. We found this video by video game joke man Bro Team. The opening line of the video states, “Busket is a game about rolling around and getting blown.”, before comedically criticizing the game. This video became something of an inside joke within the fandom andmy group of friends, so referring to game as “Busket” became popular as a reference to the video. Bro Team may have called the game Busket instead of Bastion as a reference to Suicide Kings, but at the time I’d never heard of that movie. Now this was back when I hoarded urls, and I was surprised to see that the url of busket.tumblr.com had not been taken. It was such a simple url, so nice and clean, though meaningless to anyone who was not apart of my friend circle at the time. So I took the url and hoarded it, along with busketisagameaboutrollingaroundandgettingblown.tumblr.com, which I’m still not sure why I thought that was valuable enough to take. At the time, my url was still superkianagalaxy. Today I’m not a big fan of urls that are several words smashed together (no offence, hobo lunch box) but at the time this was a good url and I didn’t mind it. But for whatever reason, I was beginning to suspect that family or irl friends had discovered my blog, and at the tender age of 18, I didn’t want that. I changed my url to the busket url, just as a temporary name until I thought of something better to replace superkianagalaxy. But, I forgot. Or kept putting it off. Either way, busket as a permanent name began to stick, and I felt like changing it would hurt my brand in some way. I got in to gravity falls around this point and got my first 1k followers, people had begun to know me and refer to me as busket so I didn’t see any reason to change it. And it was a good url, vague enough that hardly anyone knows its a reference to something, but not completely random and meaningless either, and nice and short and to the point. This is why when people ask me the origin of my url, I link them the Bro Team video and say “busket is a game about rolling around and getting blown.” I don’t even like Bro Team’s other videos at all.