• stranger: (crouches down to pat my clown) wow what breed are they?
  • me: 1930s traveling hobo crossed with a 1980s washed up carnie - we think there might be some french mime in there on the hobo side
  • clown: (honks a B-flat)

[petalverse reserve] log 09 - fisk 

a wild female hobo clown with a seal like appearance. smells strongly of sea salt and fish, she lived initially at a seaside town and is occasionally brought down to visit the place. she’s rather large and enjoys swimming, often sharing our pool spaces with our other wilder clowns. most bear some resentment for her grumpy nature and her habit of nicking food. she may be a mix of some other breed since she has a strangely leathery texture to her skin and often sports barnacles building up on her neck and back. we think she comes from a more antarctic breed. 

Virgil’s Carnival

Summary: It’s a trip

Pairings: A sprinkle of Prinxiety

Genres: I have no idea what this is

Warnings: sketchy, weird, possible suspenseful, references the devil

Word Count: 1326

Author’s Note: This fic is a product of hexcellent writing advice from  @theonlyjelly-iwillput-inmybelly, a song from @novagalaxy4real ‘s playlist, my old aesthetic, and a heaping helping of The Devil’s Carnival

Virgil opened his eyes, ‘well,’ he thought, 'this is new.’   He’d had plenty of nightmares over the years in many different styles: silent black and white film, realistic, cartoon, horror, and more, but he’d never had a nightmare about a carnival. 

He was standing in front of a ticket booth at night outside what looked like an old, decrepit carnival with a fence around it.  To be fair, he’d never been to a real carnival, but the absence of a sign with the name of the place on it was a bit sketchy.  Another odd thing, the calliope music he could hear from somewhere inside one of the tents was playing some kind of waltz.

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Let me tell you a tale for a penny…

Actually, let tell you about another one of my all time favorite movies: The Devil’s Carnival created by Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich, the people who also created Repo! The Genetic Opera.

I don’t know what it is about these movies but I absolutely love them.

I was so happy when I heard that last year the TDC/Repo tour was coming to Sacramento, ON MY BIRTHDAY. I was lucky to go, I even had Terrance Zdunich sing happy birthday to me in between the movies. 

Probably my favorite part in TDC is the Hobo Clown’s song “A Penny For a Tale"