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My headcanon of these two kitties (slightly edited for more info/more clarity from these three asks that I sent; the base I used can be found here):

Glunkus legitimately doesn’t realize that they’re creepy. They just want love. Their purr sounds like the dial-up sound, but their meow is actually a perfectly normal meow. Their attributes: glitchy appearance, enthusiastic personality, power level √-1. Their memento is a metal sculpture of a Calabi-Yau space (in all 6 extra dimensions!).

Hobo’s the evil one, but in a sort of lovably ineffectual way; think Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. Their attributes: filthy appearance, “evil” personality, power level -5. The quotation marks on “evil” are required. Their memento is a perfectly preserved dried flower crown.

Hobo actually befriended Glunkus as part of an “evil” plan, but soon actually made friends with them for real. 

Happy holidays, @suprememeep! Both of these cats are incredibly cute!

10 of my favorite characters

@kvobo-the-hobo​ tagged me in this and it seems fun so Im doing it lol xD thank you for tagging me really :3


Tell us your favorite character from ten different fandoms and tag people

DONT feel limited to anime, you can do movies, books, k-dramas, j-dramas, tv-series. Anything. I did it anime since it is the only thing I’ve watched willingly.

omg I have so many characters and fandoms well I’ll choose the ones Im most active on

Akihito Kanbara - Kyoukai no Kanata, Im forever a fan of this series, it’s so beautiful. Kyo Ani man you did it again for me

Kurose Riku - 10 Count, okay this was my very first yaoi manga and I just fell in love by then so I had to include it. I wouldnt be in this hell if it werent for this so thank you :3

Oh Sangwoo - Killing Stalking, judge me so hard :3 I actually love him so much cuz he’s fucked up to the core and those are always my favorite characters. I just love a good, heavy driven background, an interisting person, no matter how fucked up they are. There’s always light at the end of them, I mean he loves Bum, that’s the peak of his goodness in a sense.

Katsuhira Agata  -Kiznaiver, I even drew the man lol he was such and intriguing character, the quietness and the aloof sort of personality got me from the get go.

Kusakabe Hikaru- Doukyuusei, The artsy style of animation and basically the way the story plays out so straight forward was my pull into this animation. I didnt really like shounen ai nor yaoi so for anime this one got me to watch a lot more of it :3 Nakamura Asumiko is God really

Satou - Ajin, well I love villains what can I say, I just find him un-fucking-believable how invincible he is!! I aint reading the manga but oh my God this season 2 ending was amazing, I cant wai for more

Asogi Rin - Mnemosyne, lol this anime is one of my favorites dont ask why xD and dont watch it and judge me cuz it has some pretty sexual scenes, and the whole world development was the thing that made me stay

Pino - Ergo Proxy, she was the cutest kid of all times :3 the way she said Vince in the japanese version was so heart warming I just couldnt take it, I love this lil’ girl :3

Twelve - Zankyou no terror . Ah man, this anime hits home it’s so beautiful and I love dramas a lot so the sensibility of the story and the heartbreaking feeling it leaves after finishing it was my drug during the year of release.

Yoshiki - Himegoto Juukyuusai no Seifuku. More people should be reading this manga, it’s so beautifully raw and real to the core of a 19 year old freshman experiencing the difficulty of closeness, and self discovery of their own sexuality. Yoshiki is so much like me in all senses, and that’s why she’s my favorite character since I could relate to her all the way.  

Thank you for reading and if you want to do this as well feel free to join in and add me as your tagger even if I didnt tagg you xD lol I just dont want to put binds to just some people, I mean it’s fun so if you want to do it just go ahead :3 @lukello @yoongi-exe @softykook @mygeniuslab @minnellie @whatsfreewillspoint @biscuityoon @minsuswag @tiamojimin

and people say Miyuki and Takuma don’t look similar to one another.