hobo lyf


Waited over 24 hours for our ride

He finally shows up and takes us to the car

It’s a white Subaru Escort

We get introduced to our new travel companions; there are 5:

A greasy haired 30 something dude named Ryan, he’ll be riding in the trunk

His girlfriend, Daniella, our driver

A couple, I can’t remember their names, but the girl is wearing a petal pink ballroom gown, chandelier earrings and high heels. They’re sharing the front seat, she’s on his lap

A traveling crust punk kid named Hex, and his dog, Kimora the pitbull

And now me and Luke

The 7 of us plus dog all hop in and it smells like soap and farts so we crank the windows down and we’re off

We make it two blocks and stop to spend a couple hours making money

Too weird not to share

I should be drunk