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If you’re on Twitter, you may have seen these pictures above, of Misha examining my GISHBUS fan art that I was able to hand to him personally at the GISHBUS Event at SDCC16:     (prints now available on Society6)

(those of you with a sharp eye will notice I also have the Attack Dog!Cas print in that folder I handed him):

But Monica went above and beyond, and she was nice enough to send me photos of me when Misha gave me a firm handshake when I told him “Thank you” for portraying Castiel’s depression in a subtle, realistic way that’s helped me a lot.  (My lil sis didn’t catch that on our camera, so this is the only photographic evidence I have of that!)

LOOK AT THAT IDIOT FACE I’M MAKING….  *buries face in sand*
I was so surprised and honored that he’d shake my hand, and JOLTED when he gave me such a firm handshake. His hands were even bigger than I imagined.
Monica, you really did catch that perfect moment!!! Thank you so much!
I hope you know I smile like a fool every time I look at these pictures!

We are definitely having a Hug-War next time, Monica!

If you ever see Monica at a convention, please attack-hug her and tell her it was from me ;D (JUST BE MINDFUL OF HER CAMERA!)

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Somtimes life socks

Characters: Castiel, Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester (mentioned), Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Murderous socks?, Frustrations over nothing really going your way, fluff, not much really, everyone can read this. 

Word count: 900ish

A/N: This is for @one-shots-supernatural hiatus challenge. Thanks to Franzi @faith-in-dean for telling me a story that made me laugh and I could twist into a fic. Thanks to @adriellej for betaing for me.

You tossed and turned on the air mattress. You hated squatting. Not that cheap motel rooms were much better, but you missed the bunker. You missed your own bed and you missed your angel, who was off doing God knows what God knows where.

Cas didn’t sleep. When you were at home he usually stayed in bed with you anyway, but when you were “borrowing” an old run down house or spend the night in some motel room, he usually took of, since he knew Dean was creeped out by him watching over you all, when you slept.

Tonight you wished he would have ignored the older Winchester though. It had been a long day. Walking from house to house interrogating witnesses. Your damn socks and your new shoes (helped along by the heat) had scrapped all the skin of your heel. Laying under the covers now it itched and burned.

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Dean had only been living in the city for a month now, long enough to finalize the treaty and arrange living quarters for his new husband. He and Castiel certainly got along all right, but there was a distance there. He hoped it was just because Castiel was getting used to everything, and not because he was unhappy.

That being said, he could see the signs that his family group in the city was beginning to get close to their cycles. He knew he would sync up with them eventually, probably sooner rather than later, but for now it was almost lonely to watch as everyone began showing more affection. His scent hadn’t changed, because he was still synced up with his battalion back in the countryside, and so his family group unintentionally ignored him most of the time in their affections, though he could tell when they were thinking about it, because they would make a point to come over and run a hand down his arm or brush their tail over his.

Nevertheless, he was feeling a tad left out.

Dean was moving down the hall towards the kitchen when he saw Sam. He started to call out to him, before he noticed that Sam was leaning over Castiel, talking quietly. Cas’s wings were relaxed and down, a thing Dean had learned meant he was comfortable and very interested in what was going on. He hadn’t learned everything about wings yet (they were so expressive! They moved so much!), but he was working on it. Hesitant to interrupt whatever was going on between his husband and his brother, he stayed back, watching. He wanted them to get along, after all, and Cas had tended to stick close to him at first, since he was the only one in the Naga city that Castiel knew. It was nice to see that he was branching out and comfortable being alone with Dean’s family.

He was just about to move into the room when Sam reached down and lifted Castiel up into his arms. Cas wrapped his legs around Sam’s waist and settled his head comfortably on Sam’s shoulders.

That… oh. That was… His brother was holding his ma– his husband. He wanted to hold Castiel like that. Have him wrap his legs around his waist. That’s what…

Dean backed away. All right. He could handle this. Castiel’s marriage to him was one of politics, and there was never an expectation of actual mating or… or anything else. He could even probably find a way to allow the two to officially mate, and still retain the treaty. It would be what is best for his brother and his… his husband. He could be happy for them. After all, Castiel is alone in the Naga kingdom, and it’s good that he found someone to love him. And Sam, well. Sam deserves the best in life.

Over the next three days, Dean couldn’t seem to avoid finding Sam and Castiel cuddled together somewhere. Most often it was with the whole family group, and he would be invited to join, but he just couldn’t. He couldn’t lie there and watch as Sam gently petted Castiel’s wings, or arranged Cas’s head better on his shoulder. He knew this was just prolonging the time it would take for him to sync up with his family group, and that his family would soon grow concerned about him, but. He wanted to be the one who could lift Castiel into his arms at will. He wanted to lie back with Cas curled against his chest. He wanted to be in the middle of his family group, settled gently with Cas wrapped around his torso and his family completely accepting their relationship.

He would be happy for them later. When their family’s cycle was over, and everyone, especially Sam, was less affectionate. For now, he stayed away.

Castiel watched Dean slink away for the third day in a row, and buried his head in Sam’s shoulder. “I don’t think he likes me being here,” he said softly.

“I. I don’t know what’s the problem, honestly. He might just be missing his soldiers. He’s been with most of them for years now, and it can be hard to come back into the group. You’re not the only new face for him. Charlie’s gotten a new mate since the last time he was here, and so did Benny.” Sam sighed, giving the angel a gentle squeeze.

Castiel had come to Sam three days ago asking quietly why everyone surrounding the Winchesters was suddenly touching not only each other, but also him. Castiel didn’t want to be rude, but he was confused. As far as he had seen or read, Nagas were a very standoffish people, needing a large personal bubble and preferring to never actually engage in physical affection. He’d been very careful, then, around Dean. Barring one incident after dark, when they’d gone out for a walk and he’d become overwhelmed with how very dark and unfamiliar the whole place was, he’d not touched his husband at all.

But three days ago not only had he noticed everyone touching and sliding tails together, but he found that he was being included in this physical affection. He’d originally thought to go to Dean, but he wanted to look knowledgeable in front of his husband. Cas desperately wanted Dean to… well, to like him, and he felt that asking a question that might be considered common knowledge would end up reflecting poorly on him.  So he’d quietly pulled Sam aside in the kitchen and asked him what was going on. Sam had explained that when Nagas went into heat or rut, they tended to do so as a family group, and that barring couples intent on conceiving children, it was considered a time of family bonding, and that everyone in a particular family group would spend their time being as physically affectionate as they could.

Castiel had thought this odd, but wanted to be considered part of Dean’s family, so he had agreed to actively participate. Sam had offered that if Dean was unavailable, Cas could stay primarily with him during these group cuddles, both to bond with Dean’s brother and also to have someone he was comfortable with and knew well (or as well as he knew anyone after a month here) to cuddle with. Castiel had been grateful for the support, because compared to the Nagas he was small and delicate, and especially once he saw their cuddlepiles, he was worried that without the support of Sam he would have been accidentally squashed. He was grateful that Sam was looking out for him.

Cas couldn’t help but be upset, though, every time Dean refused to join the pile. Was it him? Had he made the wrong choice in deciding to join their family bonding? Perhaps Dean was upset because they were only married, not mates. It was only a political match, after all, and perhap Dean did not intend for him to become so close to his family.

If it weren’t so very difficult to extricate oneself from a pile of snakepeople discreetly, Cas would go to his room. But he had Sam partially wrapped around him, with Charlie and her mate nestled under his wings and gently stroking them, and he wasn’t sure who else curled up around and under him. Tomorrow he would stay in his room, and allow Dean time to bond with his family. He wasn’t, after all, real family to anyone here, and it wasn’t fair to include him if it meant Dean excluded himself. Decision made, he settled in for now.

Dean didn’t see Castiel the fourth day, but he was still hesitant to join the cuddles. It took Sam bodily pulling him in before he submitted to their demands. He had to admit it felt good to curl up with his brother and their family group, though he wished Castiel… Well. It was good to be here.

“Where’s Cas?” Dean asked, winding his tail around his brother’s and leaning up to look him in the eyes.

“He said he’d prefer to stay in today,” Sam said. “I think this is all a little overwhelming for him.”

“He… He didn’t want you to keep him company?” Dean hated himself for asking, but couldn’t seem to control his mouth.

“Apparently not? Though honestly I’d assume he’d rather have your company than mine.” Sam shrugged.

“You’ve seemed awfully close the last few days. I just figured he’d gotten… Well, I mean. You know I want you happy, and if he does it for you, then…” Dean trailed off, beginning to pull away. He’d already said too much.

Sam wrapped his tail tighter around Dean, preventing him from escaping. “What do you mean? Dean, did you think…? I would… he’s your husband, I would never take that from you. He’s just so small and fragile looking, and I wanted to make sure that if he bonded with us, someone was making sure that he was safe. We’re all so much bigger than him, after all.”

“But I… I saw you two in the kitchen… It was just you two, and you picked him up…”

Sam blushed, and Dean immediately looked away. “Dean, I… Well, he offered that, but also I was… curious? About how an angel would fit with a Naga, I mean. I… I wasn’t sure with his physical features… I mean, his legs… that he’d be able to participate at all. I mean, I like him, but as a brother, you know?”

Dean finally looked up at his brother, and for a moment just searched his face, trying to decide whether or not to believe him. Eventually he nodded, and leaned back into Sam’s embrace.

“You should go talk to him, you know,” Sam said after a moment. “He thinks you’re mad at him. He’s afraid you didn’t actually want or plan to include him in your family group, that he overstepped his boundaries, and that’s why you wouldn’t bond with us before.”

“That’s not… I mean…” Dean stumbled to a stop, and Sam uncurled from around him and shoved him away.

“I know, dumbass. Go talk to him.”

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Title: Cars and other problems

Summary:  Dean and You are fighting when the impala has a popped tire leaving you in the middle on nowhere for the night

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 874

Warnings: Angst, Some low key swearing, Fluff, implied smut

A/N: Hullo! This is just something I came up with I hope you enjoy!

“I just don’t see why its my fault!” You yell, whacking the dashboard in frustration. Earlier that day you, Dean and Sam had been on a hunt roughly 100 miles from the bunker when the car got broken into and all of the resources (guns, holy water ect.) had been stolen; you and Dean were driving back to the bunker to reload supplies while Sammy pieced together the hunt.

“You were the last one out of the car!” Dean shouts gruffly not taking his angry gaze off the road. You scoff loudly “you had the freaking keys!” Your voice raises slightly. “You where the one who forgot to lock it!!!” Deans shout shakes your body his gaze still not moving. “Why do you blame everything on me!” You yell crossing your arms in a childish stance. “Maybe its because every stupid thing you do is wrong-” Dean is interrupted by you as the fight gets heated. “Well… Maybe you’re just projecting onto me- just because daddy’s little solider did everything wrong doesn’t mean other people do!!!” Your howler moving your arms in exasperation. Deans green eyes are still clear on the road, not once have they averted their stare. “I’m projecting! I’m projecting!?” He yells “Your just jealous because your parents never gave a shit enough to show up!” His voice echoes in your ears and silence fills the car.

About ten minutes later Dean speaks up his stare finally looking at you side on “Listen Y/N, I didn’t mean that, I’m sure they had a reason, I-I’m sorry” He stutters looking at your angry profile. You don’t answer keeping your gaze on the road. Deans looks back at the road quickly but then looks back at you “Y/N I really am-” He is stopped as you shout out seeing a large piece of metal debris on the road- its too late and the front wheels of the impala are impaled and the car swerves, the breaks screech and the impala come to a stop on the side of the road. You are both quiet for a while not moving or saying anything, Deans hand does not move from its protective stance in front of your torso. Deans gaze suddenly turns to you breaking out of the trance “You okay?” He moves his hand touching your shoulder, you nod, flinching away from his touch. He undoes his seat belt, opening the door and observing the door, his phone emerges from his pocket. “No service. You?” You break out of the daze grabbing your phone and receiving the same message as dean. You shake your head in response. “Son of a bitch” He whacks the roof of the car before getting back in. “The wheels are stuffed and I only have one spare. Nearest town is 20 miles, and that’d take days.” He mumbles.

“What do we do” You finally speak “we… we don’t have any weapons” Dean is quiet “do we have to stay here until someone drives past?” You turn and look at him. The tension could be cut with a knife. “There’s no way in hell we are splitting up, demons, werewolves, vampires, Scarecrows! I ain’t letting you meet up with any of them. We have two choices leave or stay.” You are both still silent, the lack of sound is unfamiliar and strange. “I think we should wait and see if another car comes past.” He says in false confidence “Ill fix one tire and wait for another car to come buy so we can borrow another” You nod watching as he opens the door “get some sleep”. He walks into the night grabbing the tool box hidden under the back seat and paying attention to the tire.

You curl up in your chair your heart beating fast, the urge to sleep has run away and you sulk in your thoughts. Why did you say that? You didn’t mean that, you loved him, he knew that right? But how could he shoot a blow that low. Your parents were a no go zone. You stayed in your thoughts unable to sleep when Dean got back into the car in the seat next to you. You sit up properly showing you are awake, You look at each other. “You shouldn’t have said that” You said not breaking eye contact. “I know” He states. “You shouldn’t blame me fore everything” you say. “I know he states. “You shouldn’t listen to anything I say” You say. “I know” He states laughing. “I didn’t mean to say those things” You say to him leaning you head in the nook of his arm as he puts it around you.  “Me too” He says kissing your forehead. You lean up, his lips finding yours his hand traveling to your waist.

 Both asleep in the back seat, legs tangled together when a knock comes on the window. You shoot up being the light sleeper that you are and see an older man outside.

“I noticed your wheel- I’ve got a spare if ya like- you can give me the cash” You nod slowly at him and Dean grunts groggily sitting up. He smiles at you, intertwining your hands and you know its all going to be okay again.

Forget Me Not - 5

Chapter 5


“Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.” – The Joker

For all of my angsty Cas girls out there in hiding, this one’s for you.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader (referenced-eventual)

Warning: ANGST. This is my break from fluff. There will be blood, gore, nightmares, mental illness, swearing, physical violence and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, please do not read this. I have had this idea in my head for a while but was always hesitant to go through with it. If you would prefer something lighter I have a few different fics on my masterlist that you may enjoy instead.

WARNING: This chapter contains detailed descriptions of torturing. 

Word Count: 5,305

This will be a slow burning angst fic.  All of the requests that you guys sent will make their way into the upcoming chapters in some way or another.

Chapter 1   Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4

Listen to the song that inspired me here.


When Sam and Cas arrived at the motel, Sam pulled the car into a parking place several spots away from the room that Dean had rented. “Hey, Cas, why don’t you just wait here while I go get Dean. We’ll be right back.” and before the angel could say anything Sam had hurried out of the car and slammed the door, walking briskly toward the room. He couldn’t risk Cas hearing what was going on.

With a quick knock Dean let his brother into the room before closing and locking the door; not that it would do any good if an angel wanted to break it down.

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Safe and Sound

gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word Count: 1,231
Warnings: none? 
Song: Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift
A/N: Here’s the fourth fic in mine and Nicole’s (@iwantthedean) Taylor Swift collab! The song for today was Safe and Sound. Be sure to read her fic here! You can check out all of our fics for the collab on the master list: here! I’m kind of in love with this one. Feedback is cool!

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