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A/N: I am not going to say anything about this preview except for the fact that hobi is a kindergarten teacher~

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“What’s going on?” You heard Hobi’s voice call out. You silently cursed yourself for not expecting something like this to happen. Two enemies coming face to face between the girl they both claimed to love usually only happened in movies, but this was your real life unfolding in front of you. After everyhing that had happened in the past week nothing could surprised you anymore.

Namjoon’s eyes fell behind you, grimacing as he took in the man now standing next to you, “What the fuck is he doing here?”

Hoseok’s chest puffed up, trying to display his dominance over the man you once called your fiance, “I don’t think that’s any of your business.”

Namjoon took a step forward, trapping you between the chests of two angry alphas. And you were the piece of meat. “What did you say asshole?” Namjoon threatened through gritted teeth.

“Can we please act like adults?” You begged, thinking about your baby sister locked in her bedroom. Hoseok ignored your wishes, pushing you aside so that your body was no longer blocking the intending target.

Your best friend nodded in the direction of the rental car parked at the end of the driveway, “You heard her, you should leave.”

His words were the straw that broke the camel’s back. Namjoon lunged forward, knocking you to the ground as he grabbed Hoseok by the collar. The sound of a fist making contact with a cheek rippled through the house. Your best friends tumbled backward, a hand holding the place of impact.

You stepped in the middle, hoping your sudden presence between the two of them would make them come to their senses, “Namjoon, go wait in the kitchen!” You shouted, pointing down the hallway.

“Are you okay?” you asked Hobi as soon as the other man was down the hallway. He shrugged, clearly holding back his tongue. There were a lot of words that needed to be said and you didn’t know where to start. You just knew that you if both men were in the house there would be nothing but trouble.

“I need to talk to him, Hobi” you whispered, unable to look him in the eye as you spoke.

Hoseok’s eyes narrowed, “What the hell do you have to talk to him about? That asshole cheated on you.”

“I know he did, twice.” You respond quietly, wrapping your arms around your waist. “I’ll call you later, okay?”

He tilted his head back, a million assumptions running through his mind as he tried to hold back tears, “Don’t bother. I get it.”

You sigh, “Hoseok, please don’t be like this!” as you chase after him, running behind him to his car, but Hoseok didn’t turn around. He backed out of your driveway without giving you a second glance. Your heart sank, knowing that you had just hurt one of the most important people in your life. 

But there was still one more waiting for you in the kitchen. and you had no idea what you were going to do.

Vhope these past three weeks(October)

Taehyung says Blood, Sweat & Tears is Hoseok’s song

Tae says Hobi is the member doing the most these days

Tae specifically goes up to Hoseok and gives him the bouquet of flowers during encore 

Tae specifically goes up to Hoseok and gives him the trophy in the backstage video

Tae lies down on Hoseok’s leg during encore performance

Tae plays with Hoseok’s ears in the music show

Tae mimics Hobi when he is dancing to I.O.I

Tae and Hoseok sit together at almost every fansign

Literally click hundreds of selfies together

Jam to Cypher 4 together many times

Tae kisses Hoseok’s head during 21CG

Tae fluffs Hoseok’s hair and dances with his hips extremely close to Hobi’s ass having no concept of personal space whatsoever

Dance together to Very Very Very during rehearsal

Tae continuously compliments Hoseok’s producing skills during Love Game radio

Tae tells Hoseok to introduce himself when the MC asks the members to speak in the order of sexiness

Hoseok writes “Hyung likes you” on a post-it note regarding Taehyung’s name

Tae puts a heart sticker on Hoseok’s nose

Hoseok puts a heart sticker on Tae’s hair

(I’ll stop here because it’s getting too long but there’s so much more)

ALMOST THIS WHOLE FANDOM: why :( is :( vhope :( so :( dead :( i :( miss :( vhope :(

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part: 1/?

warning: angst and smut 

word count:3415

author: admin Jazzi 

Hoseok was easy to date. He made every day life exciting and romantic. He would invite you to the practice room or the studio, if he was working long hours and didn’t see you all day. He always called you to let to make sure you were eating well, even when he was away.

So when things suddenly changed it was really out of nowhere. Hobi suddenly didn’t call you at all, nor did he look excited to see you. If you tried to surprise him at work, he’d tell you to leave.

It was like he was forcing himself to stay with you. But you just couldn’t understand why he started being this way in the first place. It went on for a month before you decided confronting him would be best. He was being cold towards you, and you needed to know why. You couldn’t even remember the last time he said he’d loved you. You couldn’t take it anymore.

You asked him to meet you for dinner. You hadn’t been out together in, and you thought he was going to turn you down, again. It was like he didn’t want to spend any time with you at all.

As you sat across from him, your heart was broken into a million pieces. He wouldn’t even look up at you. He didn’t even try to talk to you. When you tried to speak he wouldn’t respond.

“Hoseok what’s wrong?” You asked him. Again there was silence. He didn’t even look up at you. He was ignoring you, with a cold expressed.

“Let’s break up then.” You said softly, putting down your fork and standing up.

You walked out that day and he didn’t even try to stop you.

You were so angry and you wanted to cry. You and Hoseok had been together for a year and the last month of it was hell for you. You didn’t know what prompted him to act this way.

Three weeks later you found out that you were pregnant and You nearly lost your mind. Everything came at out so quickly, it was hard for you to think properly. You wanted to tell Hoseok but he wouldn’t answer your calls or texts. You told him it was important and he still left you on read.

You were forced to do it on your own. You made the decision to keep your baby. You couldn’t stand Hoseok now, you had no love from him in your heart, because he obviously had none for you. He stopped caring before the night you broke up. He didn’t want anything to do with you and you came to accept that.  It hurt at a lot in the beginning but you came to accept it. You didn’t want to be sad all the time. It wasn’t good for your health or your baby’s  health.

You accepted that your life wasn’t about you and it was about being a mom.

When you saw your little girl, your heart was filled with sunshine. You named her Avery.

She was beautiful with curly black hair, light brown skin and cute little dimples just like Hoseok’s. She also had his eyes. She may have had your skin color but she looked just like Hobi and it was honestly precious.

She was a handful though, she wouldn’t sleep at night unless you played rap music, mostly J.Cole. She was the funniest new born on earth. The little queen of facial expressions. She was the love of your life.

Since it was just the two of you, even though things were difficult, you worked hard to provide for her. You didn’t have time to think about Hoseok’s absence in your lives. You worked all day at came home just in time to give her a bath and put her to bed. By her fifth birthday you decided to take her back to Korea. You wanted her to experience school life there.

You could afford to send her to a good school. It brought you joy to you to see her smiling and in awe when she got on the plane. You loved hearing her questions about the new place she’d be living in. She was bright, smart and very talkative. Listening to her describe things were vivid and adorable.

You wanted to take her all around Korea, just like you’d done your country.

Honestly, Avery was your best friend. She made every day joyful with her smiles, and you were even grateful for her tantrums.  Because she was being a kid. Watching her grow was your greatest joy. Avery made you incredibly happy.

Avery loves parks so the first place you took her when you landed and settled in, was the park. A nice walk made her happy. You held her in your arms, watching her beautiful smiling face.

“A birdie, mommy!!” She giggled at a pigeon. You nodded, “Yep ave that’s a bird.” You giggled kissing her cheeks.

“mommy?” You heard from behind you.

You turned to see SeokJin, Taehyung, and Hoseok.

You turned Avery so she couldn’t look at them and nodded in response.

“Hi guys!” You forced a smile. You didn’t look in Hoseok’s direction. You hadn’t seen him since your break up. Even though years had passed and you got used to seeing him on tv, you didn’t want to face him in person. It especially hurt knowing that Avery was so close to her father and didn’t know it.

“How old is she, Y/N?” Tae and Jin asked as they crowded around you trying to get a peek at her face. Just like the sunshine she was, she feed on the attention. She reached for Tae with a smile.

“She turned five today” you said softly as you let Tae hold her.

She immediately took to him. He was so good with kids it was crazy. They always loved him as soon as they met him. He was great around them.

“What’s her name?” Tae asked excitedly as he walked holding her in his arms. You found yourself walking with them. Tae and Jin kept the distance between you and Hoseok. Hoseok didn’t speak and it was obviously awkward between you.

“How long have you been back in Korea?” Jin asked you, he was always really sweet and comforting. You made friends with him easily when you and Hoseok began dating.

You regretted not telling him that you were leaving; but when you decided to leave, you also decided not to rely on Hoseok. You didn’t need him to raise Avery, so he didn’t need to know about her being his.

“I got here a few weeks ago. I thought it would be good for Avery to go to a Korean school, since she’s already experienced American kindergarten.” You found yourself explaining to Jin ( Taehyung and  Hoseok ) your plan to expose Avery to her other culture.

“So her father is Korean?” Jin spat out.

You softly nodded, wondering if you had said too much.

Your eyes trailed over to Hoseok. He wasn’t looking your way; but Jin and Taehyung were staring right at you.

It looked like Jin was about to ask you something, something you probably couldn’t answer.

You quickly grabbed Avery from Tae. Even though she begged to go back to him you made up an excuse to leave. Of course it wasn’t very believable, but it got you out; But not without a curious Jin following you.

He called your name and it was hard to pretend you didn’t hear him, with Avery reaching for him.

“Y/N? Hey I’m calling you. “Jin said as he grabbed your arm.

“Oppa, please don’t ask questions about Avery, okay?” You looked at him desperately.

Jin knew you well, he was able to figure out when you had a secret, and he had probably done the math.

You never got things past him and this certainly wasn’t one you’d pull over his eyes.

He looked at you, as if he didn’t know what to do.

You didn’t know what to do either. Everything felt so rushed. You knew that you wouldn’t be avoid Hoseok’s existence; but you didn’t expect to meet him, or meet him with Avery right in your arms.

It angered you that he didn’t figure things out as fast as SeokJin did. You spent a year with him, he was your first everything.  

You were trying your best to get over him completely and it was hard enough living with Avery, his spitting image.

Jin let you go, without any other questions, only making you promise to meet him for dinner.

Later that night you find yourself remembering your first time with Hoseok.

You and Hoseok always met up at his dorm (since he wasn’t allowed to date). For the month since you’d started dating you spent the night with him nearly every weekend. He’d trick you into watching movies all night and he wouldn’t let you go home, because he wouldn’t let you walk home.

One night, after a Disney movie binge, he cuddled you in his bed. The rest of the boys were away or sleeping.

You actually made the first move. You’d told him you’d surprise him when you felt you were ready. You rolled around onto his lap, looking down at his bright smile. He seemed to find it cute that you were being forward and spontaneous.

He lightly caressed your sides, “Are you sure, baby girl?” He asked you, the excited look never left his face though. He sat up carefully, wrapping his arms around your waist, squeezing you lightly.

He carefully laid you down onto your back. His eyes carefully studying your body, as his hands explored it.

He leaned in, gently kissing your neck. He left soft kisses up and down your neck, a soft moan escaped your lips. He pressed himself against you, and you could feel his erection through his shorts.

“Tell me if I hurt you, baby.” He whispered into your ear. His voice was low, but soft. He slipped of your shorts and panties in one quick movement. You looked over and watched them hit the ground. Your lower half was completely exposed to him. His eyes were lustful and he was biting down on his lip, as he ground himself against you. A louder moan fell from your lips. You felt the warmth pooling at your core. Suddenly, Hoseok began rubbing circles against your clit. With his other hand he grabbed a condom, from the nightstand.

You pulled up his shirt, leaning up and gently kissing his chest. He let out a low groan, as your ran your hands down his body and over the bulge in his shorts.

You took the condom from between his lips, as you pulled down his shorts.

You really didn’t want to wait any longer. You carefully helped him slip it on. You could feel the soft pulse of his member in your hand.

Hoseok buried his face in your neck as aligned himself with your entrance. You quickly gripped the sheets, bracing yourself for what was to come. He rubbed himself between your folds, his free hand gripping your ass. You let out a soft gasp as he pressed the tip inside you. He slowly guided his length inside you, being careful to give you time to adjust.

He slowly started moving his hips, with long thrusts deep inside you. You gripped the sheets tightly, the slight pain was quickly flooded by pleasure, as he rubbed your clit. His thumb rubbing a circular motion on your sensitive area.

You moaned out his name, your eyes shutting tightly. He gradually picked up speed. You wanted to scream his name as he started thrusting harder inside you; but you remembered the sleeping boys.

You felt yourself clenching around him, as you neared your climax. Hoseok moaned out a string of profanities, he thrusts became harder. He was gripping your hips tightly as he pounded into you. Your back arched off the bed and your nails into his arm. Hoseok moaned your name into your skin.

Hoseok, hungrily, kissed up and down your neck. You felt your climax suddenly, your eyes rolled back and your toes curled. Your body shook from the pleasure, your legs suddenly feeling weak.

Hoseok soon followed your climax, filling up the condom.

He carefully slipped himself from inside of you. He threw the condom away and he pulled on his shorts. He re-dressed. For the rest of the night he showered you with kisses and praises. Neither of you could sleep. Just being next to each other after that made you excited. You spent the night in a mixture of giggle fits and more rounds of sex.

Tears formed in your eyes thinking about that night.  Hoseok told you he loved you so many times that night.

You still loved him,even after the time that passed; But something happened and he didn’t feel the same, if he ever did.

You were snatched from your day dreaming by the sound of Avery calling for you. She often had bad dreams. She wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night.

You usually say up and watched a Disney movie. Her favorite was ‘The Princess and The frog’

The next night you left Avery with Taehyung while you went to dinner with Jin. You honestly worried about what Jin would say to you. You wondered what he would tell you.

He was quiet for a bit, mostly stuffing food into his mouth. Then he suddenly blurted out.

“Is Hoseok your baby’s father?”

You stuffed your face, obviously ignoring his question.

He didn’t let it go, not even a little. He asked you again at least six time sighing 10 minutes.

“Yes! He is, now can you stop asking me questions it’s ruining my appetite.” You stuffed your face with more food.

“Y/N? You should tell Hoseok.” He said.

You looked down at your food. “I’m not telling him anything. Avery is none of his business.” You told him.

“How is she none of my business?” You heard from behind you. You didn’t bother looking back; because you knew Hoseok’s voice.

He walked into your view, staring down at you. “How is she none of my business if you say she’s mine?” He asked you.

You glared up at him. The first time he’s spoken to you in years and he’s scolding you instead of apologizing for the way things ended.

You stood up, “I’m raising her. If you answered my phone calls instead of just leaving me with no explanation maybe things would be different. But instead you chose to treat me like crap and ignore me. “

You tried to keep your voice calm since you were in public.

“It wasn’t like that Y/N the company told me to break up with you.” He finally admitted.

You stared at him, it finally came out.

“So you dropped me for your career without even letting me know, fuck you Hoseok.” You said as you gathered your purse.

You knew he wouldn’t come after you. There were too many people around and he wouldn’t cause a scene.

The cab ride home was difficult. You tried to hold back your tears but they fell anyways.

You would never want him to choose you over his career. It wasn’t important to you that he lived his dream; but he chose to break your heart, like you wouldn’t understand him.

A year of dating and he didn’t know you any better, and he decided to tell you as if that would make your current situation any better.

You got yourself together when you got to your door. Walking into your house, everything seemed peaceful. It was unusual, since this was the time of night Avery would be up crying because of her nightmares.

The light of the tv glowed from the living room. You made your way inside to see Taehyung and Avery , peacefully, sleeping on the couch.

You smiled softly, she seemed to be having a peaceful and happy dream. You carefully picked her up and took her to bed, tucking her in warmly.

Since he was still sleeping you carefully placed a blanket over Taehyung.

You looked over his face. He hadn’t changed much in five years. He still slept with his mouth open and his personality was still bright.

“Y/N? How’d dinner go?” You heard Tae ask. He held onto your hand.

“Hoseok showed up,he found out that Avery was his.” You placed your chin on your hands, forcing a smile.

“How did he respond?” He asked. You sighed deeply sitting down completely on the floor.

“It doesn’t really matter. He may have helped me create her but Avery is my daughter.” You told him.

Taehyung stared at you for a while. He seemed to be thinking about something deeply.

“Avery needs a dad.” He said

You chuckled softly. “Hoseok won’t do anything that might hurt his career. He wouldn’t suddenly say he has a five year old child. She needs a dad that wants to be with her in public

He hesitated for just a moment, probably unsure as of how you’d respond.

Your eyes widened as he said  “I’ll do it.”

You were too shocked to say anything. “Tae…”

“I’m not asking your for a relationship, or to marry me Y/N. Just let me share Avery. Let me be her dad. I’m willing to risk it if she can grow up happy.” A pure smile across his face as he continued explaining how he thought about it well, and he thought it would be a great idea.

“You won’t need to worry about her growing up without her dad. You said it yourself Hoseok won’t say she is his.” He sat up, staring into your eyes as you thought it over.

You didn’t think Hoseok would be public with her, and if you told her he was her dad, would that help anything, if he’d hide her?  

“Deal.” You looked up at him.

“Let’s give Avery an amazing childhood.” He smiled brightly.

After a long talk, mostly about what to expect from fans, and how you’d raise her, you settled into bed.

Your thoughts couldn’t leave Hoseok though. As if you weren’t heart broken still, he came back in and crushed it into a thousand pieces.

Your face became wet with tears once more.

You didn’t hold back, forgetting Tae was even around, you let out your cry.

Your head under the blankets you cursed yourself for letting him hear you say that, You cursed Jin for not telling you he was behind you cursed Hoseok for breaking your heart.

“Aigoo, you’re going to wake Avery.” You felt Taehyung slip into the bed and under the blankets.

“I’m…okay.” You said between sniffs.

“it’s okay to cry, just don’t do it alone.” He said wrapping his arms around you. You relaxed into his arms.

“Alright let it out so we can go to sleep. We have a big day in the morning. I wanna take Avery to the amusement park.” He said.

You laughed through your tears, “Tae she’s too young for that.”

He chuckled, “ I guess I’m getting too excited huh?”

You both laughed at him.

He told you tons of things he wanted to do with Avery, and then you took out the things she was too young to do. He agreed to just take her to the playground whenever he could, as a start.

You felt better after laughing at Taehyung, so you soon fell asleep. Only to be awakened by the sound of knocking and the doorbell.

You carefully slipped away from Tae, stopping to check on Avery, then opening the door.

Hoseok stood in front of you, stared at for him for a moment. He was silent for a while before handing you an envelope.

“What’s this?” You asked as you opened it. The envelope was filled with money.

“A baby isn’t a secret I can reveal. Can’t you go back?” He said, “you told me it was none of my business, then-”

The envelope was snatched out of your hand. You looked to see Taehyung glaring at Hoseok.

A tension filled silence, came over the three of you, before Taehyung said “You’re right, hyung, she did say it’s none of your business. So don’t worry about either of them anymore. They’re my business now.”

a/n hi everyone! thank you for the support and for the requests. I hope you enjoy reading this! This one was longer than what I usually write so I made it into a series. I hope you all can enjoy it 💓 Admin Jazzi 🥔


HE IS SO PRECIOUS. We could give him all the stars in the world and it still won’t compare to how much he deserves. 300000000 TRILLION HEARTS FOR HOBI


how bangtan members relieve stress
  • Namjoon: goes to the roof of their building, puts in earbuds, and acts out music videos to songs he listens to
  • Yoongi: sleeps or produces
  • Jimin: he has no idea how to relieve stress since he can’t stress-eat so it all just kind of builds (but then says he’ll start relieving his stress by hitting Hobi)
  • Jungkook: he doesn’t know when he’s stressed or not??? (to which Jimin says this is why Jungkook is everyone’s enemy damn son)
  • Tae: used to meet up with his old friends and talk to them about their lives and his problems but is too busy so he just calls now
  • Hobi: also sleeps but looks at their collections of toys (probs his bearbricks) and that calms him somehow because they’re organized nicely???
  • Jin: doesn’t get stressed, or if he does he gets over it after five minutes (Hobi is jealous of this) (x)