(trans cr. Taenuto)

1. Jimin couldn’t see anything when he went up on stage.
2. J-Hope was holding him guiding him up the stage.
3. J-Hope held Jimin’s face in his hands to give him encouragement before running off to his side of the stage.
4. They gave us ONE HELL OF A SHOW.

Stan angels. Stan talent.

(Thank you so much to the Agase (IGot7) who shared this. <3)


#HyungSuonaPerNoiUnaVolta #Jiniya 
#FalloConSicurezza #Ah ~
#LuiCheSiImbarazzaQuandoRiceveAttenzioni #Jin”

Traduzione video
JH: Hyung suona per noi una volta!
JK: Jimin hyung 5, 6, 7, 8..
J: È Jin.. (N/B: JK ha chiamato Jin Jimin per sbaglio)
JK: Suona con sicurezza! Oh Jin hyung!!
J: Non riesco a suonare con voi che mi filmate!
SG: La sua faccia è rossa! (x2)
JK: La sua faccia è dello stesso colore dei suoi capelli!
J: Mi imbarazzo se sono al centro dell’attenzione
JH: Un’altra volta!
SG: Allora come farai a suonare sul palco davanti a 10,000 people?
J: Si coprirà col trucco.
JH: Ma prova i giusti sentimenti.

Traduzione a cura del Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Pecio) | Trans ©bts_trans

Highschool AU – Part 2

The second part this AU series. Smut as per usual. Also, it’s a bit angsty. Feedback is always appreciated. Still taking requests for winter drabbles as well. Bias and scenario of choice! I love you all, and appreciate the support you give me every day!


Who is this?

Did you really hook up with that tool? Please say no.

Not like it’s anybody’s business, anyway! WHO IS THIS?

So then you did…

I’m done playing games. BYE.

Don’t go!

Look, I just care about you.

I know you think I’m just some asshole, but you matter to me.

Namjoon doesn’t deserve you.

If I tell you who I am you won’t speak to me again.

I’m not speaking to you now!

But, you just did. So there’s hope!

Aish, goodnight Jagi.

You woke with a pounding headache, and an inconsiderate Hobi bouncing on your bed, coffee in hand. “Hobi, please. Stop bouncing. What do you want?”

Hobi laughed, and put the coffee on your bed stand. He nuzzled his under the blanket you had thrown over your face and wrapped his arm around you tightly, “Come on Y/N!” He whined, “We had plans today! Did you forget? I brought you coffee and pain killers to face the day. Just get up!”

You groaned, shoving Hobi and the blankets off of you. “Let me shower, okay?” Your phone chimed suddenly, and remembering the conversation from last night you jumped to it. “Hobi! Did you give someone my phone number?!” He looked at you confused, and you let him skim through the messages. Without a thought he pulled out his phone and dialed the number, “HOBI! What are you doing?!”

He waved you off, and set it on speaker phone, “this is the only way to find out who it is.” After ringing for what seemed to be centuries the voicemail picked up. Your eyes grew wide at the familiar voice, and sudden annoyance filled your gut. You grabbed your phone from Hobi, and began texting so frantically you had to keep fixing your typos.

               What THE FUCK Jungkook!!!


You tossed your phone on the bed, and stormed to the shower. You scrubbed your hair so roughly, your scalp hurt. God, what fucking nerve that kid has. Why does it matter if I hooked up with Namjoon? He CARES about me?! So many thoughts were swarming your mind, and you couldn’t help but be furious. How did he get my new number anyway?! Ugh, what a psycho!

You walked into your bedroom with your towel wrapped securely around you. Hobi looked as if someone had murdered his grandmother, the way he stared at your phone, “Oh god, what is it Hobi?” You asked, suddenly feeling foolish for even letting him in on the situation.

Hobi looked at you, and sighed deeply before he spoke, “Look, I know you hate Jin and Jungkook, but maybe you should just give them the time of day. They aren’t that bad.” He began rambling, further annoying you, “You know, Jungkook takes shop with me, and he’s act-“

“HOBI!” You cut him off, “just stop already, okay? I know Jungkook better than you would think, and I want nothing to do with that piece of shit. Just drop it already!” You took your phone from him and checked the messages.

               I never meant to hurt you, Y/N!

               If you would just let me explain..

               If this is what you really want, I’ll leave you alone.

Thank God, you sighed to yourself, and Hobi handed you some clothes he had picked out for you before leaving you to get dressed. You felt guilty for snapping at him, really. He was your best friend, and the one person in your life you could truly depend on, but he doesn’t understand the history between you and Jungkook. You’ve never told him what he did to you. Maybe it was the way you wanted to be numb to the situation, or maybe it still just hurt too fucking much to stomach. One way or another, Hobi deserved to know the truth.

Last Summer

Your parents we’re busy people, so during the summer it wasn’t common for them to send you off to your aunts’ lake-house. What you didn’t expect about this summer is the boy next door. You knew his face, and were positive you had some classes with him, but you couldn’t say you knew him. You would though.

You kept glancing out the window until finally your aunt spoke up, “Why don’t you go over there? Introduce yourself? Here!” She handed you some homemade bread she had just prepared, and wrapped, and practically pushed you out the front door. You tried to keep your breathing in check as you wondered over to the boy, but it was apparent your hands were shaking.

The boy called you over and you awkwardly handed him the bread, explaining it was from your aunt next door. He smiled, a big cheeky smile at you, and the two of you talked for hours in to the night. “How have I not seen you around at school?” He asked before looking right into your eyes, “you think I would’ve noticed such a beautiful face.”

That night the buzzing of your cellphone woke you, “hello, Jungkook? Is everything okay?” Your voice was raspy and full of sleep.

Jungkook sounded wide awake, and apologized for disrupting your sleep. “Can you come outside? I want to show you something.” You threw on some sweats and a t-shirt, not wanting him to see you in your moomoo, which your mother insisted you take with to sleep comfortably. You walked outside and he greeted you with that same adorable, cheeky smile. “Hey, sorry I woke you.” He extended his elbow for you to grab a hold of, which you gladly did, soaking in the warmth radiating from him.

“Oh,” you giggled and brushed your hair behind your hair nervously, “it’s okay. Whats up?” He pulled you in the direction behind his house, and the two of you walked to the lake, and down the dock before sitting down.

“There’s no moon tonight,” his voice was soft, and addicting, “you can see every single star in the sky, and they reflect off the lake. It’s almost like sitting in the middle of the galaxy. I figured beautiful girls like beautiful sights.”

He looked at you, and you pushed his chest playfully, “God, you are so cheesy!” The two of you laughed, and you shivered. Without speaking a word he took off his jacket and wrapped it around you. As he adjusted it on your shoulders he leaned in slightly to kiss you. It was the sweetest kiss you had ever had. His lips were so soft, they meshed perfectly against yours. You melted under his fingers as his thumb ran across your cheek. The kiss was the beginning of a summer you would never forget.

You and Jungkook spent every day together for the next two month. Swimming, sneaking out late for midnight walks, kissing next to fires, and snuggling at private picnics. You even met his parents, and he met your aunt. The lot of you had all grown very fond of each other, and had countless BBQ’s together. The last, the most memorable, was the day before you were heading home. Your parents had arrived home, and called to say they would pick you up in the morning. Your aunt decided to have a little party to see you off.

After eating and roasting marshmallows around the fire, you and Jungkook excused yourself to take a walk. You decided to go to the dock, where the two of you had spent your first night together. Your first kiss. Little did you know, Jungkook had been there earlier that day. He laid out a few fluffy blankets on the dock, and secured them with a lantern. You beamed at the sight, “Jungkook-ah! You did this all for me?”

He smiled and gave you a small kiss, “I wanted our last night together to be perfect.”

You blushed and pulled him into you, resting your head against his chest and breathing him in for a moment, never wanting the summer to end. “I mean, I’m going to see you around school, right?” You tightened your arms around him suddenly, as if to make sure this was real. That he was real, and this was happening.

He kissed your head, “Of course, Jagi.”

The two of you laid on the blanket he had set out, kissing as though you’d never get to taste each other again. Jungkooks hand drifted slowly up your thigh, and your breathing broke slightly. He pulled away, apologizing, and you just smiled against his lips as your hand found his. You slid his hand gracefully back between your legs. A moan slipped from your lips as he touched you through the thin material of your leggings.

Your fingertips slipped under his shirt, and you ran them slowly up his chest before slipping his shirt over his head completely. Your lips found his collarbone and you placed small kisses across the skin, up to his neck. His hand toyed with the band of your leggings, hesitantly, before sliding inside of them and dipping his middle finger to your clit. Your nails clawed at the bare skin of his back as he rubbed deep circles before slowly sliding his finger inside of you. A heap of quiet moans and whimpers escaped you as he curled his finger, hitting your sweet spot perfectly.

You nipped at his jaw gently, “ah, Jungkook.” You breathed against his neck, “just like that.” He slid another finger inside of you, his pace quickening slightly as your hips began to roll into his hand. He stopped, and kissed you the moment your eyes met his.

“I want to make love to you Y/N, right here, tonight.” His voice was lower than you had heard it before, but still soft and gentle. Your face suddenly hot, you nodded your head at him, and he kissed you. He pumped his fingers inside of you again, and you felt around for the zipper of his pants. Once you had undone them he pulled his fingers out of you slowly, and helped you to slip out of your leggings before slipping out of his pants and briefs, digging around in his discarded pants for a condom.

He ripped it open and discarded the wrapper, before laying on his back to put it on. He rolled over and hovered on top of you, fixing the blanket above the two of you, and kissing your neck a few times before lifting your hoodie over your head. One hand supported him, the other skimmed over your stomach and up to your bra. He pulled it down, exposing your breast so he could run his tongue across it. You sighed deeply, and slid your hands up his back to grasp his shoulder blades. His mouth met yours again, “are you ready?”

You were too nervous to speak, and nodded your head a little too quickly. He brushed your hair from your face before positioning himself at a better angle to slip inside of you, but you stopped him. “Jungkook, is it- is it going to hurt?” He peppered kisses across your jaw to reassure you.

“A little,” he replied between kisses, “but once we start it won’t be too bad.” He lifted his head slightly to look in to your eyes. “If it’s too much, I’ll stop. You just have to tell me.” You nodded in reply, and closed your eyes tightly. He was slow, and delicate, taking his time to guide his length into you. You tightened your hold on his shoulders, the pain evident, but not overwhelming.

He stopped momentarily, “N-no, keep going.” You half sighed, half whimpered, pulling his chest closer to you so you could nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck. Once he had slid his dick completely inside of you, he gave you a moment to adjust. You made the first move, rolling upward into him. Chills ran up your arms, and you moaned into his neck. He exhaled sharply at the sound and began pumping in and out of you, generously picking up speed. He ran his hand through your hair, tilting your head back so he could kiss your neck. You hooked your legs around his lower back, pulling him deeper inside of you, and dragging your nails down his back.

“Y/N,” he moaned right next to your ear, and your walls clenched around him unexpectedly, “oh fuck!” He breathed, slightly tugging at your hair. Your toes began to curl as his pace picked up, and he bucked his hips into you harder and harder. Your nails dug firmly into his back, and you were biting your lip raw to keep the moans from flooding out of your mouth at the rapidness they threatened to.

Jungkook grunted, and ran his tongue up your jaw, and across your lips. His lips ghosted across yours before sucking your bottom lip between his teeth. He nibbled softly at your lip, and your tongue met his. He pulled your mouth even closer to his and his tongue glided against yours effortlessly. A sudden throbbing ignited between your legs, and your body tensed around his. The moan that broke the kiss was more of a long, and high pitched squeal, and your back arched from the blanket. You felt fluttering move from your stomach to your core as you came around him, letting his name pour from your mouth.

Hearing you moan his name against his lips was all he need to meet his orgasm, too. He thrust slowly into you a few more times, before pulling out slowly. He removed the condom, and rolled over, pulling you tight against his chest and kissing your head. “Y/N,” he said through heavy breathing, “I’m starting to fall in love with you.” You smiled and nuzzled your head closer into him, before sleep devoured you.

You arrived home and began preparing for the school year to come. Jungkooks texts became less and less each day, but you brushed it off assuming he was just busy getting ready for school too. The day before classes started you had shot him one last hopeful text.

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, Jungkook. I’ve missed you.

You tossed and turned all night, waking to your alarm feeling as if you hadn’t slept at all. You grabbed your phone hoping for a reply, and your stomach turned as you realized he had never responded. Maybe his phone was broken. You shrugged it off and got ready for the day. Your mom scolded you for skipping breakfast, but you were just too nervous. The whole ride to school you twiddled your thumbs, and bit your nails. You walked in the front door, and found your locker, tossing everything inside.

There was no sign of Jungkook, at least not until lunch break. Your heart fell into your stomach as he sat alone at a bench behind the school. You began to approach him when you heard squealing, and watched as another girl ran to him, throwing herself into his arms, and kissing him with all her energy. He ran his hands down her back, and grabbed firmly to her ass. “Oh babe! I missed you so badly this summer. I’m so glad you’re finally home!” She was beaming, and basically sucking off his entire face. It was apparent they knew each other well, and it all made sense why he was suddenly ignoring you. You turned to walk back into the school, tears stinging at the corners of your eyes when you heard the sound of his voice.

“Y/N, hey!” He called after you, but you kept walking. Your pace only quickening until you were practically running into the building and towards the restrooms. You locked yourself in a stall, and let yourself cry. You hated him, the way he made you feel. The things he told you before you left him this summer. How much he cared about you, how he was falling in love with you. What a fucking joke. You couldn’t help but laugh at how pathetic you felt for feeding into his lies, letting yourself believe that you were more than some summer lake house hook up.

he is the most beautiful person ever i am just in awe all the time!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

why do i love namjoon and jimin more than hobi they’re not as nice as hobi i don’t trust them as much as hobi i have hobi on my emergency contact list but not namjoon or jimin what’s up with that


and teamwork made the dream work