BTS working at McDonalds
  • Jin:is the shift leader, always nags and orders his co-workers around and corrects their working behaviour. Is also the prettiest and secretly binge-eats on burgers they have to throw away because they're past the allowed selling time
  • Yoongi:has to work in the kitchen because Jin got pissed at him for slipping his mixtapes into children's happy meals. Also because he kept giving sassy answers to customers or looked too grumpy
  • Hobi:works at the till and makes everyone's day better. He actually is the happy meal. Always polite towards customers and shows his eye smile. Sometimes dances randomly while filling up the cups.
  • Namjoon:is only allowed to work in the kitchen or to collect the trash and clean the tables since he kept spilling drinks, throwing burgers to the floor or actually once ran into Jin with a tray full of hot coffee.
  • Tae:in charge of the McCafé counter, makes great coffee while singing to himself or to whatever song is on the playlist. When he's working at the regular McD till he gives children or people with dogs free happy meal gifts even if they don't buy one.
  • Jimin:works at the till to spread happiness and love with Hobi. Always gives free extra dips and sauces or adds a chicken nugget to your order. Gives you free refills as well. The girls love him and often knock over their drinks on the tray at the till.
  • Jungkook:is in charge of the breakfast and desserts. Mainly hands out kookies and cream ice cream. Is sometimes spacing out at work or making weird memefaces. When he's too loud with Jimin, Tae and Hobi, Jin forces him to clean the restrooms.
Second Choice

Bts ! Jung Hoseok

Bts scenario

Angsty.~. light fluffy Smut .~ Cheating…

Sorry for the angst lol, I was really feeling the mood. I’m going to try to do a version for each of the members… so look out for it :)

You and Hoseok had been close friends ever since you were introduced to him. And in your time of knowing him, he has had a girlfriend, Sooyoung. A pretty, cheerful girl whose eyes lit up so beautifully it was like staring at the stars.

But over time, their relationship started to get complicated, with him being on tour, practicing so hard and spending more time in the studio then with her, they started to argue. And he would run to you seeking comfort and guidance.

And that’s when it happened. ~ You were really good with words. You were always good with calming him down, making him feel so much better.

You became his stress reliever, and he started to confine in you a lot. Your words of inspiration would help him when he would pace back and forth, annoyed with the whole world. Eventually, you found another method for him to feel recovered. Starting with those five words:

‘Take it out on me’.

The first time you said it, startled, he stared at you as if you had said something simple minded. ‘Are you sure that’s a good idea?’, Of course you assured him it was fine, that it would benefit the both of you. Convincing him to just try it before turning down your offer, he did.

That’s how you got Jung Hoseok to be lying next to you right now. That’s how you got him to kiss you with such a burning passion that it made your legs weak. That’s how you got him to rip your clothes off your body, touch you so intensely that it engraved a memory for sure. Savoring every moment.

“I should go.” You looked up at his face, flushed and panting from being fucked so hard, your legs were weak. He had to go, but you didn’t want him to.

‘Okay’. Okay was the answer every time. The same thing over because neither of you knew what to do after you finished. Watching him scurry to find his clothes which were scattered all over the place, and the bed felt so cold without his warm body next to yours.

“Thanks for that. I really could use it.” ~ That was it? A warm smile was placed on his face, grabbing his jacket he left… A tear fell down your cheek and you quickly wiped it away until more fell and you just laid there letting them.

It wasn’t that he left. It was that you were in love with a guy who didn’t feel the same, you were in love with a guy who didn’t want to feel the same. Hell, you didn’t even blame him, this was all your fault and you should end it before it gets to far. ~

Weeks past, avoiding all his calls, text messages and trying your best not to be home to avoid him showing up. Knowing Hoseok, he was persistent and wouldn’t stop until he got through to you. But of course, of course you had to be home today.

The knock at the door made you freeze, you weren’t expecting company until later~. “Hello?”~ Walking towards the door, you hoped that maybe it was the pizza man but then you realized you didn’t order anything.. Looking through the peephole, you were shocked to find Hoseok there. His head leaning down on the door and his hand resting on the wall.

You gasped, covering your mouth. Hoping he would leave but nope. “Y/n. Come on I know your home” Hoseok shouted from the other side. You bit your lip, walking over to the door slowly as his banging continued. You knew that if you didn’t open it, the neighbors would complain about it being to clamorous late in the night.

“Hobi wh-what are you doing here?” ~ You tried to pull the innocent card but you failed. Hoseok pushed his way passed you, running his hands through his brown locks as he paced back and forth around your living room. One hand in his hair and the other was clench together. He looked so indignant.

Quickly closing your door back, you leaned against the wall, not pleased with the space you gave yourself from him. “Why weren’t you answering my calls?” ~ His voice was unbending, and his eyes were sullen, and it made you jerk out your skin.

“I-I was busy… I didn’t mean to avoid you.” ~ He then turned around to face you, his chest puffing up and down. “I don’t think we should see.~”, “You better not finish that sentence!” ~ You bit your lip, cursing to yourself as he closed the gap between your bodies.

“Am I suddenly to much to handle?” ~ He chuckled, not at all amused. Shaking your head ‘no’, it wasn’t that you couldn’t handle him because you could, it was just that you couldn’t do it anymore.. “No. I just.. We can’t see each other anymore. You won’t ever feel how I feel and i’m holding on to something that was never anything.”

It felt good to let out, looking down, you didn’t know what to do next. Now that you said what you should have said a long time ago, you expected him to leave. To understand..  Instead he crashed his lips to yours and you didn’t expect it at all. No No No.. Your heart was beating so fast you lost track of how many beats it took.

Your mind was racing and your hands were shaking. There goes that tingling sensation again, there goes that wetness that was staining your panties. As much as you wanted to end things and you thought you did, you thought you made it clear that you wanted to end this one sided relationship, but you were in fact kissing him back.

“Hoseok.” ~ Your breathing was hitched as his body became heavy on yours, sweat and then you smelled it.. Liquor.. He was drunk, gosh, of course he was. He pulled away from you, staring at your heavy breathing body. Your swollen lips that were in fact moue and missing his. “Baby your kissing me back. And you do that thing with your lips that lets me know you want more”~

Fuck. Why was he doing this? “Hoseok please. Its so wrong. What about Sooyoung, she~”, “Fuck her, i’m with you now. She left me. Fuck how was I so damn stupid. I should have chosen you.” ~ Your eyes lit up, was he really serious right now? You weren’t sure what was happening right now, you weren’t sure what he was saying was accurate. “Hoseok, what are you saying?” ~

His hands went to your face, cupping it and pressing his forehead against yours. “I’m saying I want you. I need you..“ ~ Only if you knew he wasn’t talking about what you thought. You weren’t even thinking about similar things. His lips then pressed back on yours as you kissed him back with the same amount of force he gave you.

His hands skimmed up your legs, resting on your thighs, giving it a light squeeze before he lifted them up wrapping them around his waist. Your hands automatically wrapped around his neck as he carried you to the bedroom, laying you down on the bed. This time felt different, it felt real. You hated yourself for being so selfish but you were waiting for this for forever, this very moment.

Even though you guys had intimate moments before, it was never like this, the way his fingers touched your hot body. He was ice to your fire, numbers to your clock, and you were in fact greedy. You wanted him to yourself, since the moment you met him and the first chance you got, that maybe you could have him, you aimed for it.

It felt like time had slowed down, that maybe you were dreaming. He wasn’t being rough with you like he usually was, he didn’t order you around, pull your hair, fuck you into the sheets. He simply took his time with stripping you off your clothes. He took his time fingering you, making sure you relished every vehement touch , he made sure his two fingers were gliding smoothly against your velvety soaked walls. 

And when he stripped off his clothes, he made sure to kiss your skin so lovingly that you almost forgot who was touching you. If it wasn’t for his smell, that you inhaled when his body was on yours, you would have pictured another man. Hoseok left a series of love bites on your neck, breast and inner thighs before he slowly entered your wet sex.

His movements were slow but deep, which had you moaning his name as he filled you up. Indeed, you were grateful for his wonderful hips, which gave you such a blissful pleasure. You wondered if he was telling you the truth, if he truly cared about you like you did for him. He was making love to you, holding your hand as he thrusted into you, kissing your lips and temple as he told you how beautiful you were.

And when you both finally reached your climax, your body was exhausted and as you closed your eyes, Hoseok was right next to you, his arm draped around your waist. 

But the next time you woke up, the bed was empty and as the sun shone in your room, the bed lingered of his smell and not a trace of him to be found.

You slowly sat up, hugging the covers to your naked body in attempt to make yourself fell better but it didn’t work. You felt that emptiness that made your heart shatter into small microscopic pieces. And when your phone chimed on the table stand next to you, you wanted to throw it far somewhere until it broke. Well, that was until you read the message that rested on the screen.

‘Good Morning baby girl, how do you like your coffee’ ~ Hobi


jin is my favorite meme

Kissing your cute friend Hoseok on the cheek when he’s in the middle of rambling to you… Him losing his words, getting red and touching the cheek you just pecked… He’d turn to you w his red tinted face and just chuckle, getting redder when he looks you in the eyes… the tension..