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Salutations gamers, I come with glad tidings! My family is in the process of opening up a new storefront for our long-standing business. The big issue, however, is the funding. That’s why I’m here. I’ve opened up a gofundme project for our business so that we can afford to lease the location for long enough to make sure that we can sustain ourselves for the long run. If you can, consider sending a few dollars our way. If you can’t, please spread the word around. Every little bit helps.

wakuwaku: A shop in Katipunan that makes us go excited and crazy!

wakuwaku (literally means being excited)

Do you want Anime and J-Pop goods straight from Japan? Do you want authentic and in good condition anime and J-Pop goods?

Then go visit this anime / J-Pop hobby shop located at 2nd floor FBR Arcade 317, Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Same bldg. where Yellow Cab is located and just across Ateneo Gate 3!

They were originally located at the first floor of the bldg. but it’s really great they have their very own space now! They’re open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 1-7pm.

Their goods are straight from Japan. The shop keeper, Kuya Joma, goes to Japan to buy goods directly from there! So I’m very much sure that the goods they have are authentic and real great quality!

I’ve been wanting to visit this shop ever since I heard about this place but there never came a chance since I was busy with school life. Although I just study in Miriam College, I’m such a loser college student for not exploring the streets of Katipunan. Only when I became a fourth year student, I was able to hang out at this cool place and met new friends!

It’s thanks to this physical hobby shop, it’s now easier for me to have J-POP goods straight from Japan!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, visit this shop now! ;)

For more information about wakuwaku, don’t forget to like their facebook page!

New job for meeeeeee. After a year and a half of being unable to work due to severe issues with my wrist, I have now found a job that I can easily love and do pain free. I’m starting in 6 weeks (a while, yes, but it’s exactly perfect), and I get to work in a hobby shop! I get to read, do Warhammer, play Shadowrun, run gaming nights, and learn how to build/use RC cars and aircraft- I think I’m gonna buy the giant zeppelin. Fuck. Yes.  

Dear Hobby Store Customers

I first want to state that I’m lucky and happy to work where I do. Hobby stores are great places to work for the most part. Sure, when business gets bad, it gets really bad and you have to deal with late, or bounced paychecks, or both. Sure, you’re constantly tested by the customer base, to see if you’re qualified to work there instead of them. Sure, the people who do apply, and who think they’re perfect for the job, do so in jeans and a t-shirt, also usually cat ears and a tail (though, I admit, that will gain you points here).

And heaven help you if you work here and are female. All of the above happen more frequently (with the exception of the paychecks. We all get screwed by those equally), plus you either get showered with gifts of food and trinkets (which, guys, more often than not, will make someone far more uncomfortable than flattered), or are harassed by awkward and horny customers way too often.

All that aside, hobby stores are fun places to work. You meet kindred spirits here. Co-workers become fast friends, and there’s a real sense of camaraderie between staff and customers alike (well, the good customers anyway). The community is close-knit, and regulars will come by more often to say hello than make a purchase, and that’s all totally okay.

But as with any job, pet peeves will rear their ugly heads, and drive otherwise healthy-minded (this is where you realise the entirety of this tale is facetious) member of the staff will be driven to rant a bit on Tumblr. So without further ado, I’d like to state the following to some of our less socially-adept customers:

Please don’t be offended, when you march up to the front counter, strike a pose, declare “Sailor Moon!”, and are then met with a blank stare while we wait for you to elaborate. There are any number of reasons someone may bring up the topic of Sailor Moon. You may simply wish to express excitement at the re-make of the series slated to come out at the end of this year. You may be looking for the currently-out-of-print series on DVD. You may be looking for the re-print of the original manga, or plush toys, or body pillows, or shirts, or hats, or bags, or bath towels, or throw blankets to do with the series. All of these are things we have to do with Sailor Moon, but I won’t know which you’re looking for if all you say is the title of the series.

Do you walk into a paint shop and say “paint!”, or a cafe, and say “tea!”? I certainly hope not, and if you do, I hope you’re asked to leave. You may think you’re being cute, or funny in front of your group of giggling friends, but you’re really making yourself look pretty inept. Many people do this when we’re already in the process of helping a customer as well, which just ends up being rude.

So folks, please, read the room a bit. If you’re trying to track something down, let us know! We love questions, and helping customers. But when you make helping you into an ordeal of words, it changes the customer service process from “how can I help you?” into “when are you leaving?”.

Thank you.

Today’s post is dedicated to Gerkinman and his Curiosity Shop videos.

Mike and Rachel took me along to the Flea Market a couple weeks ago and I decided to snap some pictures with my phone because the Flea Market is a weird place.

Most of the flea market here in Tampa looks like this. Very small cramped hallways in a sort of elongated barn made of aluminum siding, scaffolding, and sheds. The sheds that hold it all up are also the shops!

Quite literally everything is here. From tools and equipment, to hobby shops, weapon shops, and even doctors of various sorts. All in a very cramped sort of bazaar that doesn’t have too much in the way of fluorescent lighting which gives it a very humble appearance.

On the outside there’s shops as well made up of sheds lined up side to side. Some of the shops aren’t shops at all. Some are just big tables out in the sun of people trying to sell their wares.

Case in point! I don’t know what most of those things are.

Some of the shops are very specific. This is the window of a shop that has only Japanese goods. I took photos of the inside as well. Outside is a bunch of japanese candy. Mike bought some of these japanese KIT KAT bars. They were pretty good.

The Flea Market closes every day at around 4pm. But even during open hours, some of the sheds are full of random bits of junk like this. They never seem to be open but you can still look inside. It’s a bit like looking into a stranger’s attic.

Mike has been looking for a record player. This shop didn’t have it but I took a pic anyway because its full of so many neat knick knacks.

Some very out of date audio! Quite a lot of these!


Funasshi! Inside the japanese store was A LOT of toys and toy machines with neat regional mascots and such.

“Why for the glory of Satan of course!”

Lots of badass models and figurines and figmas in the store as well.

Wish I had money so I could have bought something from here. I can’t remember this yolk character’s name. I’ll have to ask my japanese 8chan friend about it.

Part of the food court. The food court at the Flea Market is basically an intersection where all the various halls converge. Here is a shark nailed to a wall. It serves as a reminder to other sharks that if they talk shit, they get hit.

The food court is also right next to the food market area. Fresh produce and meats being unloaded off trucks from local farms and such.

Outside the flea market is a parking lot. And near that is this ice cream truck. But it sells fish and crustaceans for the eating and not ice cream.

And that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse of the Flea Market here in Tampa.

The Hobby Shop - A Memory

I am sorry to hear the passing of Bev Henderson. Bev and her husband Clem owned and operated “The Hobby Shop” in Smiths Falls for over 40 years till they closed the store to retire a few years ago. It got me thinking of the first time I met Bev, when I walked into their store to have a look around, it was in 1992 and I was new in town, the store was what it proclaimed to be just that; a hobby shop. It was filled with models, paints, yarn, board games, card games, bristol boards… anything that involved hobbies one might say.

They didn’t carry much in role playing games, only a couple of books on a small shelf; Dungeons and Dragons, some Palladium Books stuff. I picked up a Robotech sourcebook and browse through and liked what I saw and went to the cash to buy. Bev asked if I had played those games and I told her I did. I told her I was new in town and was looking for a place that sells rpgs. She told me there was a club or a group that met and played and if I left her my number that she might be able to put me in contact with them. and if there was any game that I didn’t see, that they might be able to bring in.

In that time there had been a few gaming stores that sprung up and all to soon disappeared into the fold but the Hobby Shop still remained. And they had gotten a small chunk of my change over the years, let me tell you. ;) Though, it was a sad day when I walked into the store to hear that they were closing their little store and retiring. 40 years in the business is a good long run… In memory of Bev I will roll a d20 in her honour around the game table. You shall be missed.