Alright, I’mma gonna do this. I can do this! I haven’t painted anything since probably like grade school. It can’t be that hard, but I’ll probably royally screw something up. I’ve sat on all these model kits for way too long to not at least try. I’ve only got so much time off left from work this year, so I’ve gotta take advantage today. 

Bought a model kit tool chest so I’ve got some snippers and some sanders, I’ve got my acrylic paint and mini brush set. Heat Man’s gotta be the easiest. Here goes…

*Three hours later*

First coat…yep, totally screwed this up. Should’ve used tape. Oh crap, it’s blotting! Why won’t this wash off right?! I don’t have the patience for this. These brushes are so tiny, yet they don’t detail well. Wow, I have to drop globs on just to get the paint to coat and stick. Why did I ever think this was a good idea? I see why people spray paint. I would never spray paint, especially if I can’t even hand paint. Where’s the undo button? Redo? Multiply Layer? DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

Meh, it’s drying. I’ll try another coat of paint later. It’s not THAT bad for the first attempt ever. But it still sucks…Just wait until I screw up gluing it together!

Oh sure, taunt his broken, poorly-colored corpse with an E-Tank while a bot is down, Rock! ;p

This has been Adventures in Hobby Rock Assembly 101, Day 1.