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anonymous asked:

im torn. Ive been working at AC LESS for about 2 months now and i love it. But there is a Lob of Hobbies opening up and they say they pay $10.45 an hour. Can anyone at that works there confirm this? I want to apply because its $1.45 more than what im currently making and i can use the money.

You could use the info to ask your boss for a raise. If he doesn’t want to risk losing you to at least match what they are giving. 


 It’s not funny that people are so concerned about a zygote but stop caring when a child is born. That people are more concerned with their religion than basic human rights. That Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to provide birth control, but if you can’t get it up they will give you Viagra for free. That men are having sex with other men, women with other women and they are so concerned about that, but allow guns to kill 20 first graders and don’t do anything about it. It’s not funny. Its wrong and people need to get this in their heads that birth control shouldn’t be anywhere on their radar. It is none of your business if people take birth control, and no one should have any right to stop someone from taking the medicine they need.