hobby drill

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Hey everyone! I finally finished my Retribution Class Battleship for my Imperial fleet!

So, bit of a story… This was an eBay purchase back in June, so it was already put together as you see it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to paint all the details hidden underneath some of the side panels since they were already glued in place. You may also notice the one gun deck is bulging out a little bit due to all the glue the previous owner used.

Anyway, it was already permanently attached to it’s base, so rather than remove it and worry about attaching a new one later I left it and painted around it. I even covered it when I sprayed the base coat because I wanted to leave the bases clear. Then during one of the last paint sessions I had on this the stem snapped… I must have been twisting it a little too much and it was just way too brittle. So, I ended up needing to figure out it’s mounting all over again. I also had to use my hobby drill to bore out the previous stem that was in there since it broke partway down the stem. Got it figured out though as you can see, and it’s probably for the best that it’s not permanently affixed to the base its on now.

Just needed to vent that. Otherwise I’m glad this one is finally finished and I’m happy with the way the fleet is coming together. It’s definitely nice to have a sizable fleet painted!

Now I need to decide whether I want to continue my Imperial fleet (next on deck would be two light cruisers) or try to get some of my Chaos fleet done.

Hope you like this one and will want to see more. If you want to suggest what I should work on next feel free to let me know.