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Episode 2 thoughts~ Sunday is now the day I rewatch the new episode over and over again.

  • Who’s holding that candle tho?
  • I wonder if we’ll start each episode in Wendimoor?
  • Wygar came through like a true friend, love him already; Silas continues to steal my heart
  • They are miners. Feels important. No idea why
  • Todd Tinfoil Hat Brotzman is back with the aliens/space theories. Love em
  • “This is a picnic” is now my new excuse for everything suspicious
  • Still don’t get why Friedken was buttoning up his pants when he enters? Was he asleep?
  • Sounds like they couldn’t see Mona on the security cameras
  • Suzie’s got them magic translating contacts suddenly
  • Dirk in the gray shirt…he’s so buff? Give him more time without the jackets plz. I mean I love the jackets but…damn.
  • “You wanna try something crazy?” = the show’s motto
  • Suzie fixing her leg brought me so much joy! Trampoiling!!
  • Hobbs loves cop cars apparently? There’s 3 I see on his desk in the scene with Farah. He’s so endearing, I am so attached already
  • I’m into the theory that Tina researched Todd the day before and is just messing with/investigating him and is actually a good cop
  • But I’m also into her being a super fan and giving Todd more self-confidence because he needs it
  • Shoutout to Todd trying to scratch his way out of a prison cell
  • Dirk’s smirk in the background when Todd calls him annoying= same smirk he has in the light maze. I LOVE HIM
  • Dirk has some very slow processing speed at Todd saying he was out of his medication. This man barely listens
  • I’m expecting Dirk to freak out a bit more once he sees Todd have an actual attack
  • “Dressed like an astronaut” LOL
  • I love how Todd/Dirk walk off all in sync after the “I think these people are crazy bit” My boys are back!
  • The corgi is dirtier in the episode :( I hope they get free of this taxi next episode
  • I thought Panto was the one who broke the door to the house down when he came through the portal (guessing the portal is in the house) but clearly not because he falls from the sky later
  • The red phone Hobbs finds is the same one Dirk is using in the trailer
  • I enjoy Todd brushing off Tina’s romantic questions. I still don’t know who Todd is into and I’m cool with it right now. I am brotzly trash 4 lyfe but also wanna stay realistic
  • Priest keeps messing with the Panic Pete doll-he’s like rubbing it’s nose while talking to Friedken and I totally relate I love to mess with mine-pull on it’s ears, etc.
  • I do wish it squeaked like it does in the show, it doesn’t actually make noise
  •  I just thought about Party Todd and Tina being together in that picture posted on Instagram and now I am concerned about that they’re going to get up to at a party together? Oh gosh
Searched (Chris Evans x O/C)

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A/N: I know this has taken fucking forever, and I’m super ill and stressed and busy BUT I MADE IT. This is happening. It took me a while to figure out just where to go with this story, so we shall see how things play out. Or rather, you’ll see, because I know what’s gonna happen. I have to say a huge thank you to whoever the adorable wonderful person is who is my anon Chris- you have helped so much to pull these next parts of the story together and you’re great and please come back to my inbox please and thank you. 

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