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Gettin tired of not having anyone to talk to about TV shows I like because then I’ll get too deep into it and then they’ll just look at me weird like I have a strange obsession WHICH I DON’T.
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Gradence , Gravebone or Gredence (I’m still not sure what the offical tag is)

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Brienne x Jamie 

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Sansa x Baelish 

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Jorah x Dany

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Poldark x Demelza

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Also please feel free to talk to me and Fangirl about these ships BECAUSE THAT IS MY FAV SHIT TO DO :)
  • them: why do you have so many gay ships?
  • me: because the female characters are so poorly and/or problematically written, because there sometimes aren't any female characters at all, and because while female emotional fluency is seen as an expected norm, society has taught me to romanticize male emotional fluency as exceptional and special and rare. now pls leave me alone so that I can live in my imaginary world where men actually talk about feelings
Symptoms of reading good fanfic

~ Bloodshot eyes from staying up until 3am (it was just getting good around midnight!)

~ Uncontrollable smiling in public while thinking of your OTP (these dorks. I love them)

~ Giggling (sometimes cackling) at the most inopportune times. (Bus, class, church, bathroom…)

~ A desire to hide somewhere at work or school just to keep reading. (Oh, hi… I was just looking for some staples… For the last hour)

~ Forgetting that this isn’t how it actually happened in cannon… (What do you mean he’s dead? He’s not dead! *hysterical laughter*)

~ Loud sighing once finished with a fic. Followed by immediately looking for another fic.

Slumber Party

Girl 1: So, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Girl 2: I made out with the total loser at school.

Girl 3: My friends and I broke into a pool and went skinny dipping.

Me: I’ve read a 100k+ multi-fandom crossover crack fiction involving all my favorite OTPs at 4am in the morning.

Everyone: ….What?

My feed is feeling empty

I’m into:
- Outlander (books and series)
-Black Sails
-Star Wars (old and new)
-Doctor Who
-Harry Potter
-Avatar/Legend of Korra
-The Walking Dead
-Fanfic/fan art related to any of the above
-Books in general
-Probably more but I’m forgetting

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New friend: So how many OTP’s do you have

Me: Pulls out a scrolled paper, and it rolls out onto the ground

New friend: …

*Scroll’s still rolling*

Me: A lot

New Friend: How many are straight?

Me: OH!! You wanted that list! *Pulls out post it note* Like seven-ish

New friend: Is that other list still rolling out?!

Me: Yeah, it’s over a mile long.


I realized I didn’t do a thing I wanted to do! 
Cosplays of 2014!

These are only the ones worn out at events and conventions and such!  There were a ton more costumes bought but not used yet so hopefully the cosplays of 2015 post will be bigger and better!  :)
Still a great year though, I might say!