built a trellis for my dragon’s tongues today. i didn’t have any experience with these or any plans for it or anything. i measured the base lumber at 3’ high and the cross/stability lumber is somewhere from 2.5-3’ also. all of it is scrap wood from either the raised beds or shit my pappy had left over from things he used to work on. i noticed the little guys are starting to bloom like crazy, so they’ll be ready to climb really soon. i’m enjoying all the honey bees i’ve been seeing gettin down on some pollination with the little purple flowers. the bed closest to the camera contains my diy irrigation system which is really just two old buckets with holes drilled 1-2" from the bottom and buried about 2.5-3" in the bed. you can’t see it in the picture, but there’s an old glass gallon cider jug turned upside down for a gravity water feed also. that bed has okra, watermelon, and butternut squash, so it definitely needs more water than the others. these were all transplants that i didn’t raise from seeds, so i was having an extremely difficult time getting them to perk up (especially with the hell weather we’ve been having), but the buckets and gallon jug finally did the trick and i only ended up losing one of the melon plants overall to drought/heat. everything else is looking great and i’ve got about 20 tomatoes currently getting nice and big on the vines of some of the plants (which are turning into hulks). my broccoli seedlings are doing AWESOME, and get significantly bigger every day.

p.s. i added a link to the “hobbitology” tag on my main tumblr page, which contains all of my garden and other photos as well as the occasional ramble post. just in case you’re a new follower and interested in the progress the plants have made.

not drinking has been going well. i also quit smoking cigs, which is a big deal. going to open mic night and not getting super drunk will be weird. i’m just going to get wasted on juice and tea. i ran today for the first time in months. i took calli with me. i’ll probably go again tomorrow. in other, garden related news: i’m drowning in kale (and other greens from my csa), which is the best kind of problem to have. 


1. the red romaine lettuce is starting to turn red

2. harvested sunflower seeds

3. the envelope chock full for next year’s sunflower garden

i highly recommend baker creek, the seed company i ordered from for spring and summer. i went with a different seed company for my fall garden initially, but didn’t have any luck. two of my kale seeds sprouted. it could have been some error on my part i guess, but it was really disappointing either way. i ended up planting a late crop of spinach and the red romaine, both from baker creek (leftover from my spring order), and no problems this time around. i planted all heirloom this year, and am satisfied with the seeds i chose to plant and the harvests i got. i’m really considering constructing some low tunnels for winter.