recently facebook has been bombarding me with memories from hobbitcon and I came across this pic of @bittersuites and I as thranduil and his wife <3

I loved cosplaying an elf tho personality wise I am more of a hobbit and this dress was one of the first things I made that I actually felt was technically not a piece of shit.

hobbitcon and the hobbit have been a massive influence on my journey as a sewer and cosplayer so it not excisting anymore and the films being over is still a very weird feeling to cope with.

So if you excuse me for a minute I’m gonna go unwind with an old fashioned bathroom cry 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。


Mark Hadlow said that Dori hogs the bathroom to do his hair and beard, and poor Nori and Ori are not allowed in until he’s completely done. He also redoes the whole style if it isn’t perfect.

(The real reason Nori left home was that he just didn’t want to deal with bathroom schedules)


My question to Ken Stott at Hobbitcon (yeah it’s the Bagginshield one)

So, for those who weren’t there, and wanted to know the context of Ken’s quote, here’s what happened:

Me: Hi, I have a question for Ken. In the end of “The Battle of Five Armies” when Bilbo is about to leave Erebor, he says goodbye to Balin and Balin tells him that “Thorin Oakenshield will become a legend”. And Bilbo says “To me, he never was. He was…” and then Bilbo doesn’t quite finish his sentece and doesn’t say what Thorin was to him, but Balin gives him this this look, as if he knew what Bilbo was about to say. I was wondering, what was going through Balin’s mind in that moment?

Ken: Well… Balin knew what Thorin felt for Bilbo.

*audience cheers*

Ken: And I think he wanted to let Bilbo know… that Thorin held him in such high regard… That’s what I think he was doing.

Leaving Bonn today and going back home to Norway! Hobbitcon was such an amazing experience, so many amazing costumes and people, I’m just so happy that I decided to go! I’m definitely going to go into a coma for a couple of days though, but in the very best way of course.
Here’s the first picture of my Starlight Gown from the cosplay competition (with my amazing Kili Ingridbeast) taken by Dornhoefer Photography!