fangirl challenge: [1/?] actresses → evangeline lilly 

Because The Hobbit was my favorite book as a little girl, and the Silvan Elves were my favorite characters in the book, it would be a dream come true to play one… So I agreed very quickly. And then they said to me, ‘Your character’s not in the book.’ And I took a great pause, as a great Tolkien fan. I kind of gulped and went, 'Whaaaat? Everyone’s going to hate me.’


from audition to the big screen ± dean/fili

“…I came to it 3 or 4 months after everyone had started. It had its challenges, I think, because there was this thing that was happening and I was like ‘what’s going on’, like 'what do they do, what’s happening with the prosthetics’ and I was sort of walking around like a deer in the headlights.”