And the winners aaaare:

1st place: @hobbitcrackshipahoy

2nd place: @northerntrash

3rd place: @filinprinsessa


1st and 2nd needs to give me their addresses, if you’re fine with that of course, and all three of you need to give me your Steam user names and the details of the fic you’d like from me.

(In the eventuality that there are prices declined by the winners = I’ll roll for a new number so they’ll go to someone else.)

I’ll be poking you again tomorrow if I’ve not heard from you during the night :)

(Easiest is if you leave me the above in an ask or in the chat.)

((Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, I’m planning on making another giveaway in May to celebrate my b-day Hobbit style, so see you then.))


Didn’t he?


HobbitCon 4 Fanbook Project: Art Slots Update!

Dear Hobbit-Fandom,

we need you!

Unfortunately I was just informed that an artist had to drop out, which leaves us now, 25 days before the deadline, with two open slots. One for Dwalin and one for Óin. We would really love to see these slots filled to ensure every character receives the attention they deserve. So please, if you are interested and have the time, then we would love to welcome you to this project!

Everything you need to know you can find in the following links:



Art Slots

A signal boost would be very much appreciated.


A Summary of 2015 in Selfies

Encouraged to share by @fbiluthien (who apparently has more photos of me than I have of myself!) and her lovely summary post.

I don’t take many selfies, but I think my 2015 had a recurring theme:

1. My one and only HobbitCon selfie (note the Hotel Martim wallpaper). That’s my “I haven’t slept and I’m running on chocolate and moonshine” face.

2. I’m cheating because this obviously isn’t a selfie but I climbed mountains and brought this important message with me.

3. I don’t know, I seem to be channeling Fili hair (or trying to).

4. I’ve created a Fili!

5. BEST SELFIE EVER. I messed up the first time and he insisted I get another one - I was like, “sorry, I’m no good at selfies” and he said “who is?” lol sure, Dean.

6. On my way to see the BOTFA EE. When I still had hope. I should’ve taken an “after” picture of me crying on the ride home.

So, did anyone else take Justice for Fili selfies or was it just me?

Singing at HobbitCon

This year will be my last HobbitCon, and probably my last FedCon event for some time, and I’ll be bringing my guitar again this year as well. But would anyone be interested in seeing me sing on stage there (if there is at all any possibility for making that happen)?

For those of you who don’t know me that well, I was the Fem!Kili with the guitar who sang last year.

@juleficent made a little film from it as well which can be found here:


If you’d like to see this happen, would you please do me the favour of reblogging this? It would mean the world to me!!! ♡♡♡