Imagine the Dwarves seeing you naked

Short Imagine I thought of…. May turn it into a longer Fic

Slightly implied Thorin X Reader


You had always appreciated cleanliness, especially since you were part elf. After the debacle with Goblin town and the ensuing fight with Azog, you were quite filthy. Deciding a bath was in order you secretly snuck away from the company, finding a small watering hole. Removing all your clothes before walking into the cold, crystal water. Slowly washing your hair and enjoying the alone time you began to relax. So lost in your thoughts you didn’t notice the 13 dwarves gaping as you walked out of the water, stopping short as you looked up…

“She doesn’t have hair….. anywhere.” Ori spoke in shock just as Dori’s hand came up and hid his younger brothers eyes. The scandalised looks of the older dwarves differed from the younger ones.

“Aye Lass what a lovely sight you are to see.” Bofur chuckled while quite obviously having a good look.

“Here take my cloak!” Thorin thrust his cloak into your arms, his face flushing a delicious shade of pink.

“Nobody needs to see that!” Dwalin spoke gruffly while looking with disgust at the half elven maid.

“We don’t mind!” Both Fili and Kili spoke, exactly at the same time.

“How does she not have any hair?” Ori spoke again as everyone moved away from the mortified maiden.