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just hobbit stuff in this rec, i’m afraid, bar one! but i make up for it with quantity?

Heart of the Mountain by esama (post-botfa, everyone lives, gen, kiliel; drama, friendship, political) neat as heck (unfinished, but still neat as heck) aftermath-of-the-everyone-lives-outcome piece, following bilbo and the dwarves’ efforts to piece things back together post-betrayal and bloodshed and all that unpleasantness

The Winter of Discontent by Brass_Brassicas (universe alteration, bagginshield; drama, hurt/comfort, slow burn) wonderfully characterized universe alteration wherein bilbo reluctantly plays host to a pair of displaced young dwarves and ends up with far more on his plate than he knows how to handle

The Haunting of Bilbo by EinahSirro (post-botfa, canon compliant, bagginshield; supernatural, angst, drama) because you can’t go wrong with ghost!thorin, let’s be real

I’m Not Sure This is Actually a Coffee Shop by bendingsignpost (alternate universe, gen; drama, humour) aka this is not the trope you were looking for

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