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Thorin, Thorin, wake up. The eagles…the eagles…the eagles are here.

Imagine Thranduil flirting with you when the group arrives and Thorin gets defensive

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Thranduil: “And what is she doing with your group, Dwarf”

Thorin:”Leave her alone you, Tree hugger”

(Y/N):”Thorin, he holds the key to our future please don’t insult him”

Thranduil:”Yes, listen to the pretty maiden”


(I left your race to be open to what ever you decide be an orc if you want)

Imagine... walking through Mirkwood forest with the Company and finding a baby Ent (or baby Groot)

“Are we even going the right way? We lost the path ages ago…” you complained. 

“… Course we are! We are heading East!” Thorin stated firmly, despite the look of confusion on his face. 

Biting your tongue, you look at your surroundings - *sigh* - gloomy forest here, gloomy forest there. ‘Hmm. What’s that?’

In the corner of your eye you spotted a small figure, trying to hide behind a rock.

As you approach the rock slowly, you hear a quiet whimpering. ‘Aww poor little thing - its scared!’. You crouch down a few feet away from the creature. 

“Hey little guy. Its okay, I won’t hurt you“ you cajole. A small head popped up from behind the rock. “Are you lost too?” you ask softly.

“I am Groot…” the creature answered, looking miserable.

“Hi Groot. I’m (Y/N). Do you want to come with u-” you looked around, finding no trace of the Company “-with me, then?”

“I am Groot!” he exclaimed gleefully, running towards you with open arms.

“Well then, Groot” you say as you place him on your shoulder. “Lets hope we can find my friends again.” 

“Hold on!” Dwalin grunted, “Where’s the (lass/lad) gone?” 

He watched as each member of the company, began to spin around search for their missing companion. One member in particular becoming the most distressed.

“When was the last time anyone saw (Y/N)?. We need to go ba-” Thorin ordered.

“Here! I’m Here!” you yell. “Look what I found!” you state proudly, holding out Groot. You enjoyed the looks of baffled expressions of the Company. “Isn’t he cute!” you gushed as Groot waved at the dwarves and Bilbo. 

Walking past the group, towards you, “(Y/N)… What is that thing?” Thorin questioned slowly. Furrowing his brow at the creatures offended expression. 

Bilbo interrupted. “I do believe that it may be an Ent. Although I read that they were meant to be much bigger. Perhaps he is a young *ahem* ent…” the hobbit trailed off.

“His name is Groot…” you grinned. “He’s lost too, and will be joining us”. 

Your One

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Summary: You visit Thorin as he heals and you notice that his hair is an absolute mess. Ballin suggests you clean it for him.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

Requested by: @deepestfirefunHi! My request, thorin x reader (dunedain) after BOTFA Thorin is healing from his injuries, unconscious and reader notices that his hair is a mess (orc blood, dirt etc) and askes Balin if someone would wash it. He gestures that she could do it, but she is reluctant because she knows how intimate that is and that only one to allowed to touch dwarfs hair is their mate/their One. Little does she know that Thorin has recognized she as his One. Lot of fluff when he wakes up and learn what she’s done.

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The Amazing Way the Fellowship’s Theme Grows (Part 1/?)

The Lord of the Rings soundtrack uses a lot of “leitmotifs”, or bits of music that show up lots of times and represent specific characters, places, and things (the Rohan theme, the One Ring theme, the Shire theme, etc.)

What’s really amazing, though, is how these leitmotifs grow as the films go on. As a character grows, their theme music grows with them. As a kingdom changes, its theme music subtly changes too.

One example: the way the theme music representing the Fellowship grows over the course of the films.

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 There’s way too much to fit one in post so I’ll spread this out over several posts (in the next days weeks) tagged #fellowshiptheme.

You know the epic music a lot of people call “the battle music” or the “Lotr theme song…?” ( DUNN DUNNNN, DA DA DUNNN!- The music that plays in the very beginning of this soundtrack)?

You might know that’s the theme music (leitmotif) that represents the Fellowship. 

According to the composer, this theme plays whenever the fellowship is bonding, or coming together to do something that none of them could have done alone.

We hear the Fellowship’s theme scores of time over the course of the trilogy, but it’s different every time, reflecting the state of the fellowship at that point in the films.

The first time we hear it is in Bag End, as the the title “The Fellowship of the Ring” shows up on-screen.It’s played slowly and softly, just an echo of what it will become: musical foreshadowing.

 You can hear it at (0:30) of this clip.

(*Links to soundtrack:
OST:his piece isn’t on the OST soundtrack. 
Complete Recordings: The Shire)

But the second time we hear the Fellowship Theme, and the FIRST time it’s actually applied to the characters– is in this scene (at  0:30 of this clip)

*OST soundtrack: The Treason of Isengard.
Complete Recordings: Three is Company

Sam hesitates. “One more step, and It’ll be the farthest away from home that I’ve ever been.”  Frodo walks by his side, gently encourages him, and they journey on together. We hear the Fellowship theme for the second time.

 The composer (Howard Shore) could have easily debuted the Fellowship theme at the Council of Elrond, when the Fellowship is actually formed. Or when the Fellowship sets out from Rivendell. Or during the huge battle in Moria.

 But instead, as Howard Shore wrote in his book on the soundtrack, the theme music begins where the Fellowship itself does…It begins here. 

The  love and heroism that will bind the Fellowship and save Middle-Earth isn’t born in a world-shaking battle, but in a small moment of friendship.


The Fellowship’s theme music, like the Fellowship itself, doesn’t begin in moments of epic flashy heroism….but in lil humble hobbit-y scenes in the Shire.

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Fiesty Little Hobbit

Warnings: Swearing, So much sass

General Summary: Imagine you are Bilbo’s little sister.

Chapter Summary: Your mouth gets you into trouble as usual

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 5

“We will camp here for the night,” Thorin calls out and you sigh, relieved to finally be resting.

You wait until Bilbo gets off before you follow your brother. You hear Thorin getting into an argument with Gandalf, but you ignore it, opting to tie your pony to the tree.

“Gandalf? Where are you going?” you hear Bilbo ask and that catches your attention. “To seek the company of the only one around here who’s got any sense!”

That causes your brows to crease.

“Who’s that?”

"MYSELF, Mr. Baggins! I’ve had enough of dwarves for one day!” Gandalf replies and you watch him go.

You follow him to see where he’s going.

“Gandalf?” you ask quietly. He stops and sighs. “I will be back Ms. Baggins. Do not worry about me,” he says and you nod, turning back around to go back to the dwarves.

By the time the sunsets, Gandalf is not back. “Y/n, be a dear and take this to the lads,” Bofur tells you, handing you two bowls. Bilbo takes one from you and you smile at him in thanks.

When Gandalf left, you did not want to talk to anyone, but Bilbo. You both leave to find Kili and Fili. You find them easily, but they’re just staring at the ponies.

“Whats wrong?” Bilbo asks and you sigh.

“You lost the ponies didn’t you?” you ask them and Kili turns to you in surprise. “Please don’t tell Uncle,” he pleads. “Well, someone has to tell him,” you reply as Bilbo takes a look around.

“As our official burglar, we thought you two might want to look it,” Fili says and you narrow your eyes at him. Biblo will undoubtedly fall for it.

“Well, it looks like something big was here,” Bilbo says, looking at the fallen tree. “That’s what we were thinking,” Fili says and you roll your eyes. You look around and you see a light.

You move forward, shoving the bowl into Kili’s chest. You jump over the broken trees and move closer to the light.

"Trolls,” you mutter. You duck as you see another troll carrying Myrtle and Minty.

“They’ve got Myrtle and Minty!” Bilbo says, coming to stand next to you. “We’ve got to do something,” Bilbo says and you sigh. The boys were going to tell him to do something and he did.

Needless to say, you were all captured by smelly trolls and luckily for you, you were put in a sack and not tied on the spit.

“I’m going to murder you both as soon as we get out of here,” you tell Kili, trying to wiggle yourself out.

“It was your brother’s fault for us getting captured!” Kili exclaims. “It was you two dunderheads that didn’t notice a fucking troll stole the ponies. What were you even doing to not to notice it?” You ask annoyed and he shuts his mouth.

“Oi. You two quit your griping. We’re trying to figure out how to cook ya’,” one of the trolls says. “Oh shove off you cotton headed ninny muggin,” you retort, opting to just lie there instead of wasting your energy.

“You wot?” The other asks. “None of your business you swine,” you reply and you’re immediately lifted up by your foot and turned towards the trolls, blood rushing to your head.

“I don’t like you,” he says. “Get in line big fella! Half of my people don’t like me,” you say. “What are you then? An oversized squirrel?” He asks and you roll your eyes at the same question the trolls asked your brother.

“I’m a hobbit you twat,” you say, trying to get the blood flowing properly but you can’t given the fact that he has a tight grip on you.

The troll grabs you by the waist and rights you and you thank valar for that.

“What is a hobbit? The other one was a buglarhobbit. Are you some kind of offspring?” he asks again. “What are you going on about? There’s no such thing as a buglarhobbit you daft bimbo,” you say and that causes him to lift you above his mouth.

That’s it. You were going to die right there. You weren’t even halfway to the mountain yet.

“Wait! You can’t eat her! She’s got worms. In her — tubes,” you hear Bilbo says and suddenly, you are tossed into the other dwarves landing unceremoniously unto Thorin.

“Are you alright?” Thorin asks. “Just Peachy,” you reply, trying to sit up. “Yes. They’re all infected with parasites,” Bilbo says as you see Gandalf running in the background. Ah, so he’s buying for time.

“We don’t have parasites, you’ve got parasites,” Kili shouts and you kick him. He looks at you and you glare at him. He turns back to the trolls. “I’ve got huge parasites! The biggest there is!” he shouts and the company starts agreeing with Bilbo’s words.

“What would have us do then? Let them all go?” the troll spinning the spit asks. “Well,” Bilbo says and you laugh at your brothers silliness.

“I know what you’re trying to do! This little ferret is taking us for fools!” another one says, poking Bilbo in his stomach.


“The dawn will take you all!” another voice interrupts and suddenly the trolls are turned to stone.

It takes you all a while, but you are all packed and ready to go by midmorning.

You glare at Thorin as he blames Bilbo for getting them into trouble in the first place.

“You are forgetting, Mr. Oakenshield that it was your two nephews that lost the ponies in the first place,” you growl out, poking the king in his chest.

He looks at his chest in surprise. A hobbit would dare poke him?

“I suggest you change your attitude towards Bilbo because he was the only smart one that had the nous to play for time, you cheeky little shit. Now, if there are trolls here there must be a cave nearby,” you say, looking around and leaving the dwarf and wizard behind with stunned expressions. You were such a feisty little hobbit.


have you ever thought about how in Lord of the Rings...

Bilbo spares Gollum’s life. Years later, Gollum will become Frodo’s guide to Mordor, and when Frodo takes the ring in Mount Doom Gollum will fight him for it, leading to the ring’s destruction. Without Gollum, the ring would never had been destroyed

Gandalf says in The Hobbit that “it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay, simple acts of kindness and love…”

Alone in the goblin tunnels, Bilbo finds his way blocked a pathetic monstrous creature who he has every reason to kill. No one would blame him for killing Gollum. Many of Middle Earth’s greatest warriors would do it without a second thought. But instead…for no other reason than simple, hobbit-y kindness and pity…Bilbo decides to spare his life

And by doing so, he saves all of Middle Earth

Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite.

FINAL Chapter Summary: You and Thorin discuss, well, you and Thorin and you meet Dis.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 21

A/N: I know I said two more chapters, but this is the last one. Thank you guys for sticking with my sassy little badass hobbit! It’s been an amazing journey! I really don’t want it to end which is why the ending is crap so a series of one shots revolving around this character will probably happen eventually so keep your fingers crossed. Thank you all for everything! You can check out my other works at my Master List. Peace.

Drabbles - Imagines

You open your eyes slowly, the sleep from the previous night disappearing. 

You let your eyes roam over the shirtless body before you and questions of what is going on between the both of you pops into your mind.

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Daily Dose of Led


Word Count: 1348

Category: Fluff

Rating: G

Character(s): Kili

Pairing(s): Kili x Reader

Warnings: Nothing really, could possibly be one swear, but most likely not. Total Fluff and Classic Rock if those are even warnings.

Author’s Note(s): Okay, so this was probably one of my favorite one-shots to write EVER. It was really fun, and through the whole thing, I listened to Classic Rock. Which wasn’t that hard saying that I do that almost every day hehe. But I truly hope you enjoy, and please, please, PLEASE, give feedback. Have a good read!

Overall Summary: You are relaxing after finally coming back to your home on Earth from being in Middle Earth. Of course, things happened and the Company ends up being tagged along. While you are, Kili comes in and stumbles upon you listening to some strange music.

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Moi : *attend de pied ferme des images d’archives de bébé BH en justaucorps de gym, en mini-short de tennis et en kimono trop grand pour lui de judo*

Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite

Chapter Summary: You come across an old friend.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 9

Next Chapter: Chapter 11

A/n: This is a sort of filler chapter. As you can see, I’m doing a lot of time skips. No ragrets. ALSO GUESS WHO’S DONE WITH THEIR SECOND YEAR OF COLLEGE?!

The door to the isolated house slams shut behind you and you sink to the ground, clutching your wound. Running from orcs, you could handle but running from Beorn? This was not in the job description. You bring your hand to your wound and your hunch is proven correct: your wound had reopened.

Since the escape from the goblins you had decide to not speak to anyone except for Oin and Balin. You had kept your distance from everyone no matter how hard Bilbo tried to speak to you. He deserved the silent treatment.

“Oin. I need some help,” you say, tapping the older dwarf on the shoulder as Gandalf goes on to explain who’s house you were currently in. You didn’t care to listen as you already knew the skinchanger. Lets just say you had a lot of secrets. Oin nods and the both of you move over to the steps.

Bilbo comes over to the both of you as Oin accepts the needle and thread from you. Bilbo crosses his arms, thumping his foot and you knew he was fed up with you. He never thumped his foot unless he was irritated.

“Are you just going to ignore me for the rest of the journey?” He asks. You ignore him.

“Lay back, lass. This is not a good angle for me,” Oin prompts and you do as you’re told, putting your hands behind your head.

“This is absolutely childish, you know that? How many times do I have to say I’m sorry before you actually respond?” Bilbo asks, looking at you with furrowed brows.

You don’t answer him and opt to stare at the roof instead as Oin starts to stitch it back up again. Your wound had opened up so many times that the pain was nothing to you.

Bilbo huffs throwing his hands up in the air.

“This whole thing is your fault so you have no right to be mad at me! If you hadn’t gone off to follow these dwarves, you wouldn’t have been stabbed!” Bilbo shouts causing the house to go absolutely silent,” you are a disgrace to us Baggins.”

With that he stomps off. You feel a tear slipping down your cheek and you know it’s not from your wound.

“All done lass,” Oin mutters, glad that he had not had his trumpet in his ear. Going by your expression, whatever Bilbo had to say was not good. You sit up and nod at him. You shift through your pockets and you find the wrap. You wrap it around your waist, ignoring everyone’s stares.

By the time you’re done, everyone has already found a place to sleep. You look at your hands and you could not go to sleep bloody. You look around for a pail of water but you do not find one so you go through the way you came.

You knew there was a well there; Beorn had two. You find it and immediately set out to washing your hands.

When you are done, you make your way into the house. Everyone had made themselves at home in the stable area so you just decide to sleep in the dining room. You make yourself at home on Beorn’s chair and fall asleep easily, dreaming of what it would be like to be important.

When you wake up, you are covered by a large blanket. A blanket that was three times your length and a very large pillow. You felt quite small in them. Beorn must’ve placed them there. You stand, deciding to leave the folding to him and find the dwarves standing at the back door anxiously.

“What is everyone doing?” You ask. “Waiting to meet the skinchanger,” Thorin states.

“Ah y/n. Good morning. If you don’t mind joining Bilbo and I, that would be great,” Gandalf states and you nod moving through the group of dwarves. Bilbo looks away from you with a huff and Gandalf leads you both outside.

You walk on Gandalf’s left and Bilbo on his right. You see Gandalf fidgeting a bit and you realize he’s nervous.

“You’re nervous,” Bilbo says. Gandalf looks down at him as Beorn chops another piece of wood.

“Why would I be nervous?” He asks shakily and you decide to be a little shit.

“Good morning Beorn!” You shout and Gandalf winces while Bilbo hides behind him as Beorn rounds on you, reAdy to attack. He lowers his ax as he recognizes you.

“Y/n. It’s been a while,” Beorn says as you walk closer to him.

“It has! Ten years I should say,” you reply stopping five feet away from him.

“I still do not understand what business a halfling has in these parts,” Beorn says before looking at your companions.

Bilbo has come out of his hiding spot and has gained Beorn’s attention.

“I get bored easily. Anyway this is Gandalf and Bilbo,” you introduce.

“Bilbo? Is he the Bilbo you’re always telling me about? The one that your parents loved more?” Beorn asks and you falter a bit.

“The same one,” you mumble, “anyway. Thanks for housing us. We’d be warg food if it wasn’t for you.”

“What is three more mouths to feed?”

That causes you to shuffle a bit.

“You see. Uhm funny story. It’s not only the three of us,” you say and you flinch as he picks up his ax again, looking at something in the back of you. You turn and Dwalin and Balin have come outside.

“Dwalin and Balin. At your service,” Dwalin says, giving a short bow before straightening out. Beorn turns to glare at you and you flinch.

“You flinch too much. How many of you are there?”

“16 of us total,” you tell him.

“Very well. I will play this game of theirs,” he says and two by two each dwarf comes out and Thorin. Thorin comes out last and Beorn recognizes him instantly.

The lot of you are shuffled into the dining area for breakfast. You take a seat between Thorin and Fili. Beorn pours you milk.

“Y/n. When I had seen you sleeping on my chair, I had not known that you had a few more guests,” Beorn states.

“Forgive me, Beorn. Like I said earlier, we were in need of shelter from the orcs chasing us,” you say as he walks away, “thank you.”

“But why did you make a bed on my chair. If I had sat down, I do not think you would’ve survived,” Beorn explains, moving to fill everyone else’s drinks.

“Family problems,” you say and immediately Beorn’s head snaps towards Bilbo making your brother flinch. “Tell me Mr. Baggins. What have you done now?” Beorn asks as Thorin nudges you with his foot. You turn to him.

“How do you know the skin changer exactly?”

“We go way back,” you tell him, “I was once travelling to. You know I don’t even know. Anyway, I remember he had saved my life. Without him, I would probably be dead.”

Fili laughs.

“How does a hobbit travel so far?” he asks. “I’ve been to the Iron Hills once. Dain is quite a nice lord,” you say and Thorin’s brow furrows in confusion and he opens his mouth to say something, but Beorn interrupts him.

“So you are the one they called Oakenshield. Tell me. Why is Azog the defiler hunting you?” Beorn asks, taking a seat on his chair.

“You know of Azog? How?” Thorin asks, surprised, but you ignore the conversation opting to eat the only food you’ve had in a while. You already knew of Beorn’s story. You didn’t not want to hear it again. You look up and make eye contact with Bilbo. He looks a bit sad so you look away. Whatever Beorn had told him, he deserved to know because it had hurt you. You needed some type of compensation.

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Blue and Gold

Word Count: 809

Category: Fluffy as a newborn bunny

Rating: G

Character(s): Thorin

Pairing(s): Thorin x reader

Warnings: Nothing.

Overall Summary: You and Thorin get some ‘us’ time.

A/N: Sorry it took so long for a post, high school has been really fucking hectic… Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story! It was inspired from an imagine by @thorins-magnificent-ass, thanks for letting me use this!!!



“What if I took it off before your meeting tomorrow?”

“I said no.”

You huffed, crossing your arms as you let your hip jut out. Giving Thorin a small glare, as he continued working. Thorin continued his work as if you weren’t there. His light blue eyes pacing back and forth against the letters written onto the paper, his face staying completely stoic, except for the small furrow of his brow. A habit he had when he worked.

“But it’ll look good!” You whined, letting your hands flop to your sides. The sudden outburst making you sound like a child.

You bit your lip, glaring at Thorin, even more, when he let out a small chuckle. His head shaking before he finally set the quill down and glanced over at you. His eyes were shining in amusement as he tried to fight a grin from spreading across his breathtaking face.

“Why do you want to paint my nails so badly, Amrâlimê?” He asked, standing up and slowly walking towards you. His hands gently lying on both on your hips softly as he looked up at you.

“Because it would look good?” He chuckled at your question-like statement. “Please, Thorin? It won’t be the end of the world, I promise! Not to mention we haven’t had some ‘us’ time in ages, it would be nice, no?”

“I don’t know…” He mumbled, the look of slight hesitance gracing his face as you slipped from his grasp.  Walking to a small wooden box that held all of your nail pigments.

“I have blue and gold!” You sang, giggling when you looked behind you to see his eyes light up.


“So how long does this take?” He asked, smiling down at you as you carefully painted one of his nails blue.

“Well, we’ll let this coat dry, and then I have to put on another coat. After that, I’m gonna paint your ring finger gold.” Huffing, Thorin shifted in his seat, stopping instantaneously when you looked up at him with stern (E/C) eyes for a solid ten seconds, before continuing on painting his nails. “Don’t move, Dear.”

He shivered, causing a giggle to bubble up from your lips. Thorin knew that when you called anyone “dear,” it was usually a warning. It only took him and the rest of the Company roughly a week to find that out, and definitely wasn’t the group’s finest hour.  All thirteen of them cowering in fear as you stood above them, your hands on your hips, and an earth-shaking glare set on your face. Gandolf smoking behind you and chuckling. Even Thorin was intimidated by you at that moment. You were a kind-hearted, caring person, who, even though was often sarcastic, never said anything too harsh. However when someone pissed you off? You were a blunt and well-spoken person and would tear anyone and everyone down, with a single well-worded sentence. It was the night that Thorin realized that you weren’t just some pretty faced idiot. As well as the night that he began to slowly fall in love with you.

“I love you.” He hummed, watching as you paused mid-stroke and glanced up at him. A small, soft smile gracing your features as you looked him dead in the eye. “More then I’ve loved anything really.”

It took a few seconds for a response, but the looked of adoration covered your features and your smile grew. Turning your attention back to his nails, you fought the grin from getting any bigger. Didn’t matter how often he told you that, it still brought pride of happiness to your heart.

Once you were done with that nail, you looked back up at him. “I love you,” You stated. “I love you more than anything I’ve ever loved. I love you to the moon and back.” Not once did you take your eyes away from his, and minutes passed by with you two just staring deeply into each other’s eyes before he suddenly kissed you.

Thorin’s arms wrapping around your waist snuggly and tugging you onto his lap so you were sitting on his thighs. A low, rumbling chuckle leaving his lips when you squeaked out. Thorin quickly burrowed his head in your neck, making sure to move his beard so it would tickle you.

“Thorin!” You gasped, obviously startled. “You’re going to smudge your nails!” Laughing, he let his beard brush against your neck, even more, causing you to hit his arm playfully and laugh. Squealing in shock as you tried to escape his hold.

“Let go!” Wiggling around, he lifted his head from her neck, looking into your eyes deeply. Effectively shutting you up with a love filled kiss.