hobbit pun

Imagine that from the moment you tell Thorin you're pregnant he starts working on his dad jokes

You : Thorin… I’m pregnant
Thorin : hi Pregnant, I’m dad!
You : Thorin, no.
Thorin: you’re right dear…I probably should pregNOT be making those jokes yet.

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Roast Hare and Back Again

“Yes, it’s true, why would I lie? Especially about this?”

“You really called a dwaven lord ‘Harder’ instead of ‘Hargar’ for an entire council meeting?” You couldn’t get your head around the fact that an especially important dwarf such as Thorin Oakenshield could have a regal mishap.

“It sounded like it, what can I say? Now, I regret telling you this. Though I should have realized my mistake sooner than I did at the time, because my father kept laughing at me the whole time and never said a thing. Both of us were getting the strangest looks.”

Never had you had such a grand idea to put the king on the spot by asking him his most embarrassing memory.

“It seems that messing up names runs in the family. Boggins of all things.You shook your head at the fond memory and lightly elbowed your love.

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