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darlingbenny  asked:

TOP 5 freebatch moments???

This took me so long because while it might not seem like it, there’s so much material and I couldn’t decide what to pick but here I go

5. This night here before the Emmys anf of course the Emmys 2012, they looked so comfortable and happy together just look at them.

4. That bit from Sherlock bts when they were so casually chatting in between the takes and Ben called Martin sweetheart and they were so so so happy literally looking like husbands playfully bickering a little while having breakfast

3. TGG Commentary! They flirted so much and Ben was like ‘I want to live there with Martin’ and ‘I love that sigh of yours’ and poor Mark was trying to be serious and they were keep on talking to each other… and then of course… Ben tried to do Martin in the end

2. Those two Hobbit DOS premieres. Which means - ‘I am going to give you my phone so you can talk to my dad’ and ‘I am going to pinch your perfect arse cause you’re not paying attention to me’…. and since it’s also Hobbit related, count that one time Ben had a flight across the world just so he can see Martin in New Zealand


I don’t think there is any caption needed

I guess I cheated? This is way more than 5… and yet, no room left for neither the applelock nor setlock but I just freaking love all those moments ;_;

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