hobbit premiere


Is it true that you trained for six months for that (Smaug role)? x

I just love these two, I would kill to see them in a rom-com, in this clip they show such a lovely chemistry! 😍

Besides I’m so happy I found the clip, I was looking for it for so long! Yay me!



Can someone please explain where this “Martin and Ben don’t get along” thing came from??? I mean … I haven’t followed those internal fandom news since 2014, but I remember at that time their relationships were perfetly fine, and I remember them beingsort of besties during The Hobbit, they were always goofing around together and talking warmly about each other in interviews. Even we can take that case when Ben’s dad called him at one of the Hobbit premieres and Ben passed his phone to Martin so they could talk. Omg, I mean… Ben can even recognise his feet on a picture!

Has something changed since then and HOW do you know?? People keep saying they can’t stand each other and this is why Martin doesn’t want to be in the show for s5.

pleeeease please please I need answerssssssssssssssssssss