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Attention all my geeky girls!

I am doing a project for my psychology of women/feminism class on being a girl in geek culture. So if you are a girl who enjoys geeky games, comics, cons, cosplay, movies, or tv and have a story to tell please let me know!

It can be a story about any experience you’ve had as a girl in a situation involving geek culture and how you felt around it as a women in a generally male dominated group.

You can either message me the story, reblog this and it write it on the post itself, or you can ask for my email and send it in that way. Honestly anyway you can get it to me is fine!

It would be so much appreciated if anyone could help!

Please and thank you!!! And if you don’t have a story but could reblog this to get it around it would be so helpful as well. :)