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To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

Get to know me
  • 1. Middle name?
  • 2. Weird phobias?
  • 3. Favorite movie?
  • 4. Favorite song?
  • 5. Favorite color?
  • 6. Favorite TV show?
  • 7. Do you speak more than 1 language?
  • 8. Hobbies?
  • 9. Dog or cat?
  • 10. Chocolate or vanilla?
  • 11. Winter or summer?
  • 12. Where would your ideal vacation be and with who?
  • 13. Anywhere in the world you wish to visit (for the first time)?
  • 14. Anywhere in the world you wish you could go back to?
  • 15. What did you want to be when you grew up as a little kid?
  • 16. Favorite subject?
  • 17. What do you want to study/are studying in college?
  • 18. Have you met any celebrities?
  • 19. If you could host any awards ceremony, which one would you choose?
  • 20. Favorite sport to play?
  • 21. Favorite sport to watch?
  • 22. Zodiac sign
  • 23. Do you have/want any pets?
  • 24. Do you have/want any tattoos?
  • 25. Do you have/want any piercings?
  • 26. Would you like to study abroad? Where?
  • 27. Favorite food?
  • 28. Tell a personal funny story.
  • 29. If you could choose any place in the world, where would you like to live?
  • 30. Language that you wish to learn.
  • 31. Do you like to cook?
  • 32. Favorite book?
  • 33. What are you usually doing on a friday night?
  • 34. Favorite drink?
  • 35. Do you think you could be married soon?
  • 36. Do you want to have kids?

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furealdo64  asked:

How would the RFA react to MC being the biggest memer on the block. Like, They got the finest memes in their crib (idk why im asking this please spare me)

craving that mineral


• everyone has their hobbies, he is very surprised about their interest in memes. Of all things memes?

• he had enough of Seven’s meme adventures and now he is living with a person with the finest memes there is

• silently says yikes and then moves on. It’s just memes, it’s not like they are a cat collector- so he is alrighty with it

• soon he is smitten with memes as well and unconsciously throws out memes to his co-actors and everyone is like ??????????? what’re u talking about


• he isn’t a huge memes but he knows enough about them, he was/is after all in college. Can’t avoid memes

• he is very amazed by their fresh fine memes and is all like “YO SEVEN LOOK AT THIS” seven got nothing on them, seven lost to their fresh avocado memes

• he browses their meme folder on their computer with them and just.. wow such memes. such fine

• he suggests that they make a meme calendar for seven’s birthday 


• she does Tina’s “everything is okay face” from bob’s burger 

• whenever her lover goes about and 420 blazes it she just sighs and looks away but they can see that little smile. WE CAN SEE IT

• she prays that Seven won’t knock on their door one day with new fresh memes and woo them away with the promise of a wonderland of memes 

• she grows used to their meme love and is okay with living with a meme lover, love is strong after all


what are…. me-me’s? mem- meemes?

• very confused but he do recalls Seven mentioning these called… me-mes in the chat ones or twice 

• is pretty indifferent after learning about their meme hobbies but find the cat memes kinda funny

• they seem to enjoy the memes so as long as they are happy he is alright with it


• When he found out he was so floored because what their memes are better than his memes?! now they are partners in crime, pen-apple-apple pen. 

• if you think they won’t have nicolas cage meme’s posters in their house you think wrong

• they put a huge poster of him in the toilet and Yoosung got the scare of his life

• they throw memes at each other all the time and on days off create more memes. 

A tag thing

So I was tagged by @billy4life to do this tag thingy so why not

1. Relationship status: Single

2. Favorite colour(s): Orange, Baby blue and Teal

3. Pets: 2 cats, 1 boy, named Pickle and 1 girl, named Cookie 🐱

4. Last song I listen to: I don’t know :O

5. TV show: Steven Universe

6. First fandom: Idk maybe Gravity Falls

7. Hobbies: Drawing, sleeping, looking at cat photos 🎨

8. Books I’m reading: I’m not really reading any at the moment but I just read Ghosts which is a graphic novel by Raina Telgemeier

9. 9 people I want to tag:


@comiclpaper, @jayjaydadrawer, @chibijiri, @thatartcaster, @xtreambrush, @jam861, @cinderus, @dynamotoon, @yeethebee (Put me as that one who tagged you :) )

And whoever else wants to do this tag thingy is welcome! 😀👍

K bai

mizstorge  asked:

I admire the focus of your blog. Most of the time when I see a post that makes me think, "Hey, I should tag this @petermorwood!" it turns out you either posted it or already reblogged it. Cheers!

Writing’s my work, history’s my hobby, cats are cute, food is fun and swords were a collecting bug.

I’ve stopped that because I noticed they weren’t doing much more than hanging on the wall gathering dust, with an occasional outing to an SF-convention panel every year or two. I couldn’t for instance take them down the pub on a sunny afternoon, because if I did, I could do nothing much when I got there except worry other customers to the extent of maybe having an unwanted conversation with the Gardai.

So now I collect fountain-pens, and have so far handwritten about 40% of a new novel with them.

Sometimes down the pub, on a sunny afternoon.

Team 8 3rd Anniversary Book -- member profiles

Hiroshima Prefecture

Tani Yuri

(1999/7/19, Blood Type AB, 152cm)

Catchphrase: “I came from Hiroshima. What do you love~? Oysters and~ (Momiji manju!) High school third year, 17 years old, I’m Tani Yuri!

You’ll want to be by her side with her loads of charm and bright smile, she won’t lose in love for her hometown!”

Nickname: Chantani

Hobbies: Petting cats

Specialty: Laughing

Strengths: Positive

Weaknesses: Light-hearted

Charm point: Smile

Favorite word or phrase: I love you

Favorite food: Oysters, momiji manju, tofu

Least favorite food: Spring onions

Person you aim to be like: Yamamoto Sayaka-san

Animal you would describe yourself as: Cat, hamster

Phrase you would use to describe yourself: Simple

Thing you want the most right now: The ability to speak English

What do you do to relieve stress?: Sing “BELIEVE” (Ending theme to NHK’s “Ikimono Chikyuu-kikou”) really loudly ♪

What was the most memorable event of this past year?: My first solo event (“Marugoto HIROSHIMA Hiroshi ~ Hiroshima Family Park ~ in Futako Tamagawa Rise”)

What are you most proud of in this past year?: My solo event

What was the disappointing thing for you in this past year?: “47 no Suteki na Machi e” lost in taking first at Request Hour

Goal for this year: Become an adult!

Goal for the future: I want to be able to reflect on my life while living in a city and being a lovely lady.