‘Benjamin’ - The last known Thylacine, (Tasmanian Tiger, Tasmanian Wolf) pictured at the Beaumaris Zoo, Hobart, Tasmania. He died on 7 September 1936 - two months after the Tasmanian government was finally persuaded to provide legal protection for the species.


Beaumaris Zoo Hobart Tasmania

Photography Nick Egglington

Located a short distance from the Tasman Botanical Gardens, the remains of the Beaumaris Zoo provides a grim reminder of captive animal conditions during the 1920s. This facility once housed creatures like polar bears, Lions, and Tasmanian Tigers. Today it is an empty field with very few exhibit structures remaining. To learn more about this zoo click here.

Thylacine Remains
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On this day ………… 5th February 2002 The Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, was a carnivorous marsupial living in Australia, specifically the island of Tasmania, up until the twentieth century. Although sometimes known also as the Tasmanian wolf, this animal was neither a wolf nor a tiger, but a marsupial. It stood about 60cm tall, with a body length of up to 130cm, not including its…

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Hobart is turning out to be such a fun place to be. When I was planning this trip I wasn’t sure what the boys and I would do each day, but the more we do the more I find there is to do, and the longer I wish we were staying!

On Friday we went into the city to do some errands and then we met up with Lauren and her lovely owlets for some delightful banana bread with caramel sauce and  dutch hot chocolate (yum! Will be making this at home!!). Lior loved having kids to play with (he always does, and has been asking for his friends while we’ve been away!), and it was nice to meet these people from my computer in real life. ;-)

After some delicious laksa for lunch & sleeping little boys, we headed out to ZooDoo. I’d been warned a few times that this might be a bit of a… weird zoo, but it turned out to be one of the most fantastic zoos we’ve been too! I loved that hardly any animals were in cages. There were lots of paddocks and everything was well spread out.

There was heaps of interactivity at ZooDoo and it was fun to touch so many animals. We even got some selfies with a sheep who then followed us around the paddock the entire rest of the time we were in there! Lior was actually getting a little scared that this sheep wouldn’t stop following us, so we went in to the wallabies.

His favourites were the monkeys, which is funny as I would have sworn his favourite animal is a tiger or lion. He has lots of tiger and lion things because this is really what I thought! Perhaps he just likes pretending to BE a lion or tiger best, but he likes to look at monkeys more… who knows.

Anyway, they do have a tiger and some lions at Zoodoo, and man, I thought they were fantastic!! I was totally in awe of the lion which was so huge and amazing. And the tiger was scary and huge and perfect.

We spent about 2 hours at the zoo and could easily have spent more. We didn’t get to go on the bus tour thing, as we were never there at the right time, and there were other animals up the back we didn’t get to. Lior really wanted to stay longer, but the days are short here in Tassie in July, so as it neared 4pm we had to go before the sun set on us.

On the way back to Hobart we had go through Richmond so we quickly stopped to check out the oldest bridge in Australia! Apparently it’s also the second most photographed bridge in Australia (I’m going to assume Sydney Harbour Bridge is first?!). I got some lovely photos of Eli smiling at Lior, and one of my favourite photos of Lior hugging Eli & I. LOVE!

Lior totally surprised me by picking up the camera and actually being able to point it AT SOMETHING instead of the ground like he normally does. And then he surprised me again because he could actually press the trigger as well! So I ended up with a few photos of me breastfeeding Eli. Lots of blurry and out of focus ones of course, but Lior totally understood when I explained to him that he needed to find something he wanted to take a photo of, aim, and then press the trigger. I mean, I’ve been teaching him this for MONTHS, but this was the first day he got it, so yay! 

For dinner this night I cooked up some sausages at home with a pre bought salad from Woolies. This is a definite advantage of staying in an airbnb place (or any place with a kitchen) – you can save a bucket load of money while travelling just by cooking one or two meals a day (or even just a week!) at ‘home’. Sausages for dinner cost us about $10 for all the ingredients, and we’ll be having the leftovers another night as well, so that’s a lot cheaper than $30+ for dinner out somewhere which is what it costs us nowadays, even for takeaway. I’ll share some good cooking while you travel tips soon. :)

Hobart with Kids – ZooDoo Hobart is turning out to be such a fun place to be. When I was planning this trip I wasn’t sure what the boys and I would do each day, but the more we do the more I find there is to do, and the longer I wish we were staying!