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BTS Private Boarding School Au

*based on the BTS Private Boarding School Profile I created

Part 7 / ?

Tick, tick, tick.

Jungkook grits his teeth at the sound of the clocking ticking. They’ve been at it for almost two hours now and the silent tension in the room was getting on his nerves. His brain was physically wiped out from all the complicated math formulae crammed in his ears. Even his ears felt like falling off after hearing Namjoon clicking his tongue for the hundredth time at another mistake he did.

Internally, Jungkook whines to himself. Oh, how he hated Math with all his life. While Namjoon was stabbing the book with his pen, his eyes wander over to the clock on the wall.

“Kook, this problem requires to ex-”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

“I’m done!” Jungkook wailed out as he flung his arms in the air.

His sudden outburst caused his older friend to jump back in his seat, the flailing arms almost knocking his glasses off. Namjoon rolls his eyes as he packs up the books. By the end of the first hour, he could already feel the kid losing focus, fidgeting every millisecond. A bubble of chatter got him to revert his attention to the opened door. In came Jin and Hoseok sucked in their deep conversation.

Jin looks up only to find that two of the members were present for their meeting. “Where’s the rest?” he asked with a disappointed frown.

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Okay, So I had started writing this, but then @halsteadandlindsay backed up my idea. If you listen to Golden then hopefully you’ll end up with the same feels. I really do hope ya’ll enjoy this little drabble!


Cases like this, like the ones they’d faced today, always hit Jay hard. Erin had noticed from the first case involving kids they’d caught after he joined the unit that he always seemed to connect and take them hard. He wasn’t one to show how much they’d affected him, not really, but he’d had subtle tells and Erin had picked up on most – if not all of them. Today had been particularly tough; three tender-age victims, arson and two extremely uncooperative suspects had Voight sending the Unit home in spells for a couple of hours R&R to keep them fresh enough to find something to nail the guys.

Adam and Kevin had headed out first, bringing back pizza and coffee for those staying when they had returned, Erin had been content to let any of the others go before she and Jay, and the fact Jay didn’t move when Voight had said next two only showed that he wanted to keep at it. It was the pointed look from Voight that had Erin all but gathering Jay’s things for him, around him as he continued to sort through paper work. She had stood beside his desk while he actively ignored her as he read and reread the files right until the moment she put her hand on his shoulder and whispered his name before he stopped and begrudgingly got to his feet, sulking down the hallway to the 300. Antonio had sent her a sad smile and she’d nodded, walking quickly to catch up with him.

He’d wordlessly stood beside the car until she got there, climbing in and belting up before she’d even crossed the garage. Erin always enjoyed the silence, especially when she was with Jay – she’d always felt safe with him, if they were speaking or just sitting there in the silence, she knew he had her back just like she knew the colour of her eyes and the fact that it was 42 steps from her front door to her bed if she included her nightly routine.  Tonight, however, the silence was heavy and filled with something and Erin couldn’t really put her finger on what it was.

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