i found out something really cool today

there’s a bird called the hoatzin that lives in south america that looks like this:

it looks really cool kinda like a feathered dragon??

but the coolest part about this bird is the juveniles!! the babies in this species have claws on their wings that help them climb until they’re old enough to fly, and by that time the claws disappear!!

you can see the tiny claws in this pic!! it’s so cool because birds are living dinosaurs and these little baby hoatzins look like baby raptors with their claws!!

idk i just had to post about this bc this is a rly cool birb that deserves more attention!!!

(and it’s done! This was super fun to work with omg ive wanted to do this meme for YEARS and I made a challange to complete it the same day and I SUCEEDED!

Anyway, have a funny cola shake video in an time where Faith can give the biggest fuck you and Ame won’t be affected by it.


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If anybody knows me on my main blog or irl i’m sure you are aware I am an avid theropod enthusiast, I predominantly draw birds. When I first saw posters for Rio I was exited because I did like the first ice age, and I actually did like how Blu looked design wise. I did not see it in theatres, for whatever reason a school friend dragged me to see the 3D yogi bear movie instead (it was horseshit). Eventually I rented Rio on DVD to see with my mom and it was…….meh? and then mostly forgot about it. 

But that was younger me before I critiqued movies and had fermented in bitterness. So being a bird lover with a lot of things to say I decided to crack this into two separate posts because covering the designs alone will make this posts long and image heavy.

Why am I cracking down so hard on ‘realism’ in this movie’s designs? Well mostly because the “theme” of this movie is bird conservation. In a realism-based setting. Unlike, say, Seuss’s original Lorax. it has an environmentalist message but has a well developed Seussiverse where nonsensical creatures fit the nonsensical habitat. With rio however, it is based in our world in our present time. I expect the creatures shown to be based on reality. Otherwise you break reality, making your conservation message weaker by showing animals in this context that don’t even exist. These bird designs come off as lazy recolourings where the story and setting is just under researched.

Most clearly this can be seen with the “blue macaws”. 

Blu and Jewel are in fact supposed to be a real species of parrot, they are Spix’s macaws (which look adorable). They are critically endangered, and only one wild individual is known that was spotted earlier this year. Too bad they look nothing like the design, they couldn’t even at least make Blue a more turquoise tint.

Rio seems to model all of their macaws as Aras, the genus of larger macaws including the stereotypical scarlet and bluegolds. Spixs arent Aras, they are the only Cyanopsitta species, a smaller macaw which would be about under half of Blu’s size and roughly half a pound in weight.
If you took a colourless image of Blu i would assume he is an Ara macaw, or even the giant Hyacinth’s macaw. (In fact, most images that come up when i look for ‘Rio bird species’ places him as a hyacinths.) They also use Ara calls for his noises… 

Call me old fashioned but I think when you’re trying to make a movie about a real critically endangered species, I think you should at least try to competently represent it. Had he been a large species i would have loved his design.

However personally that doesn’t bother me as much as the background birds do. All of the macaws are odd recolours by which i mean hardly discernible species. In the top photo I see what may be a blue and gold, a scarlet or green-wing, and maybe even a red-shouldered macaw… which makes no sense because they are the smallest macaw, at 0.3lbs. BUT THEY ARE ALL OFF COLOUR AND NONE OF THEM INCLUDING BLU HAVE BARE SKIN ON THEIR FACES. i guess for whatever reason they thought it would look ‘too ugly’ :/

I literally had no idea what these bottom ones are, the only bird I’ve ever seen like that first one is a leucestic blue and gold, the green one may be a military macaw???? its just so frustrating to look at. So I went on the wiki and there they called them golden conures and peach fronted conures… that are large macaw sized..

(a golden conure with a large macaw trio, rio’s are the same size and shape..)


Then there’s the stock passerines… these guys are supposedly finches and there’s again a variety of recolours in the movies. but they are all just ‘ball with eyes’, a bird design stereotype that i really hate. I thought the blue one may be fairy wren but those are only endemic to australia soo

Other background birds included in Rio 1 are waders and other passerines or near passerines. I’m alright with the jamie foxx and will i am birds. I actually enjoy the cockatoo design as well as the toco toucan, but there’s more birds I dislike than ones I like. 

 I’m also bummed they had no raptors because south america some really cool ones like the harpy eagle, an abundance of diverse owls, and falcons. Other neat birds include hummingbirds, woodpeckers, herons, guans, hoatzin, cock-of-the-rock, curassows, and the potoo, just off the top of my head. Basically it just feels under researched on blue sky’s part when they set out to have a movie about birds and endangered species, but i’ll talk about my resentment for the plot later…

design nitpick round:

  • the parrots’ feet are missing a toe. parrots are zygodactylous, they should have two toes in front and two in back. so do woodpeckers.
  • the baby parrots are already immediately fledged with all their feathers, just looking like mini adults with a large head. just for once i would like to see nakey altricial birds in cartoons..
  • how did a toco toucan and keel billed toucan mate and have offspring.

yukina950  asked:

Is it possible to create a character with the same bird than another character already created ??

As stated in the FAQ:

We’ll accept different designs for the same bird as long as it isn’t birds that are already registered in the canon storyline. 

Canon siren titles: Bluebird, Burrowing Owl, Fairy-bluebird, Red-crowned Amazon, Hoatzin, and Northern Cassowary


im terrible with character names so could i get some suggestions for a dnd character? theyre a hoatzin-based aarakocra and an arcana domain cleric

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Words of Nahuatl origin have entered many European languages. Mainly they have done so via Spanish. Most words of Nahuatl origin end in a form of the Nahuatl “absolutive suffix” (-tl, -tli, or -li, or the Spanish adaptation -te), which marked unpossessed nouns.


from āchiotl [aːˈt͡ʃiot͡ɬ]


from ahtlatl [ˈaʔt͡ɬat͡ɬ]


from āhuacatl, “avocado” or “testicle” [aːˈwakat͡ɬ]


āxōlōtl, from ā-, “water” + xōlōtl, “male servant” [aːˈʃoːloːt͡ɬ]

Cacao and cocoa

from cacahuatl [kaˈkawat͡ɬ]


from chayohtli [t͡ʃaˈjoʔt͡ɬi]


from chian


from tzictli [ˈt͡sikt͡ɬi]


from chīlli [ˈt͡ʃiːlːi]


Often said to be from Nahuatl xocolātl or chocolātl, which would be derived from xococ “bitter” and ātl “water” (with an irregular change of x to ch). However, the form xocolātl is not directly attested, and chocolatl does not appear in Nahuatl until the mid-18th century. Some researchers have recently proposed that the chocol- element was originally chicol-, and referred to a special wooden stick used to prepare chocolate.


from copalli


from coyōtl


from epazōtl


from āhuacamōlli, from āhuaca-, “avocado”, and mōlli, “sauce”


from huāctzin


from xicamatl


from mizquitl [ˈmiskit͡ɬ]


from mexcalli [meʃˈkalːi] metl [met͡ɬ] and ixcalli [iʃˈkalːi] which mean ‘oven cooked agave.’


from mōlli [ˈmoːlːi], “sauce”


from nohpalli [noʔˈpalːi], “prickly pear cactus”


from ocēlōtl [oːˈseːloːt͡ɬ]


from peyōtl [ˈpejoːt͡ɬ]. Nahuatl probably borrowed the root peyō- from another language, but the source is not known.


from Nahuatl pinolli, via Spanish


from quetzalli [keˈt͡salːi], “quetzal feather”.


from tzapocuahuitl


from tzapotl [ˈt͡sapot͡ɬ]


possibly from xahcalli, “grass hut”, by way of Mexican Spanish. [ʃaʔˈkalːi]


from tzotolli


from tamalli [taˈmalːi]


from tōllin [ˈtoːlːin], “reed, bulrush”


from tomatl [ˈtomat͡ɬ]

Words from Nahuatl, Wikipedia

hm i think i might actually make them a secretary bird, that feels a lot more arcana-y, hoatzin was when i was still leaning toward tempest or war domain..