hoarding url

things tumblr should get on:

- being able to follow people on your side blog
- having a separate dashboard for that side blog
- sending asks from side blogs
- literally improvements to the side blog feature that makes it more than just a url hoarding system come on now guys

tumblr tips

  • have a second main acct for hoarded urls, dont keep hoarded urls as sideblogs on ur actual account
  • if u ever wanna delete a sideblog, transfer ownership of it to ur second main and delete it there, bc there’s a glitch that will sometimes delete ur main when u try to delete a sideblog
  • if u ever get anon hate or annoying anons, turn off anon for like 2 days. after that point u can turn it back on bc whoever it was will probably have lost interest

hi everyone! one of my good friends, skye (@apgujeon) recently got her account unfairly suspended by tumblr for supposed url hoarding. she’s currently working on getting it back, but it may not be resolved in time for the upcoming comeback :-(

so if you guys could please reblog this post to spread the word and let her followers/mutuals know, we’d really appreciate it! for now, she can be reached at her sideblog @hahni

anonymous asked:

Okay man like is this blog a joke? Because if not then please leave meme mom alone, girl probably didn't do nothing to you.

Yes, this blog is 100% a joke. Someone sent Kylee an ask from a blog title i-love-kylee-henke and I said to myself, “hey, you should go get ihatekyleehenke so it can’t be used for evil.”

So I did. I actually hadn’t planned to do anything with this url, but then Kylee reblogged the post where I said I was hoarding the url and said she “hoped I lovingly roasted the shit out of her,” so here we are.

the tumblr experience
  • sixteen year old girl making a joke: why do people swim in the ocean? like, ever heard of frostbite? sharks?
  • overly aggressive tumblr vegan: oh you hate sharks, b*tch? you hate innocent creatures who have never attacked ANYONE EVER just because you watched jaws? stop fucking fearmongering, you worthless piece of shit. do your parents even love you? is that it, c*nt? is that it, b*tch? also have i mentioned im vegan
  • superwholock blogger who's somehow still active in 2017. either 12 or 38, nowhere inbetween. icon varies, but it's always unsettling and often involves a flower crown: OK WHATS UP FUCKERS LET ME LEARN YOU A THING!!!! SHARKS ARE SMOL PRECIOUS BEANS AND HERES WHY: [information copy-pasted from wikipedia] !!!!!!! SEE????? THIS IS HAPPENS WHEN TUMBLR GETS THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET AND TV AND MOVIES!!!! READ BOOKS!!!!! MY FAVE IS JOHN GREEN!!!! ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED IM SAPIOSEXUAL
  • reylo blogger with a red and black theme who's hoarded more hamilton URLs than lin-manuel miranda himself: it's people like OP that make me know i was born in the wrong generation -_-
  • that one feminism blog that adds unnecessary comments to everything: ^^^^THIS!!!!!!!!
  • 60 different people who dont know how to use the tag function: [various gifs]
  • meninist butting in for no goddamn reason: not all men
  • aesthetic blog that's entirely reposted instagram art: hey im tyler promo my art [flower emojis]
  • the post is nine miles long and only halfway converted into the new format. it has 800,000 notes. you've seen it thirty four times. OP deactivated

good ending: woody collective somehow take @staff, tumblr never recovers, site is taken down. we’re all their favorite deputy.

bad ending: tumblr finally actually enacts its rules about URL hoarding, banishing the woody collective on sight. someone poisons the water hole.

true ending: the woody collective disappears into the night, and the eternal memery of the internet, to be remembered only as a once in a lifetime phenomenon, fondly remembered when we find snakes in our boots.