hoarding all the talent and looks

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I'm like, 99% certain that Robbie would absolutely teach all the kids how to do dramatic eye makeup. Like in lazy town there's just a hoard of kids with great eyeshadow, sportacus would be awed and confused in equal measure.

yeeesss… stephanie once asked him for help w her makeup for a dance show she was having, and he was just?? so happy that 1) anyone would ask his help ever and 2) his talent is finally noticed! tbh steph was pretty doubtful at first but the makeup turns out great, and she goes to show everybody how heckin! pretty it looks!! all the kids are in awe, and stingy is probs the first one to say that he wants that too, so they all proceed to go to rob’s lair and he’s so into it that he keeps a dang lecture about makeup for them… rob is now the official makeup dad of lazytown

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mortal.  ok  but ?  you’re  always  so  sweet,  sending  these  things  &  i  know  there’s  been  some  i  haven’t  answered  bc  i  mostly  hoard  chain  messages  to  look  at  them  when  i’m  feeling  all  bleh.  i  do  appreciate  each  &  you  are  amazing  with  the  things  you  create  &  i  just  —–  a  favorite,  how  do  i  even ?  thank  you  so  much !  let  me  give  you  a  virtual  hug  ok  ♥